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Adequate nutrition requires caring practices,
such as exclusive breastfeeding, the protection
of child health and adequate food and water
security and pregnant mother care programs.

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Mkfc Sharing Awareness

  1. 1. Sharing Awareness Mother and Child Health Care Programme Greatest Cause of Child Death in Ghana is Malnutrition Sustainable programs in child and pregnant to reduce deaths and severe illnesses for mother care with focus on nutrition would young children and pregnant women. avoid massive numbers of child and pregnant MKFC Stockholm College has practiced the mother deaths, a tragic dulling of mental Community Actions Plans (CAP) for villages capacity and huge losses in economic in Ghana. Sharing Awareness Mother and productivity. Child Health Care program is an extension of the CAP program. Introduction Ghana statistics indicate that about 28% Nutrition outcomes of children under five years of age are The major health consequences of malnutrition underweight. The main nutrition problems are mortality and morbidity. Most at risk are include inadequate intakes of energy and children under five and pregnant women. protein, iodine deficiency disorders, iron Malnourished children have impaired immune deficiency anemia and vitamin A deficiency. systems which increases their risk of sickness and death. In Ghana 28% of under five Adequate nutrition requires caring practices, children suffer from being underweight. such as exclusive breastfeeding, the protection of child health and adequate food and water Malnutrition on child mortality study has security and pregnant mother care programs. estimated that in Ghana about 45% of all child deaths beyond early infancy are due to protein- SHARED AWARENESS CAP Actions energy malnutrition, making this the single The unit of Health Care at Turku University greatest cause of child mortality. But only one of Applied Sciences in Finland has together out of six nutrition related deaths are due to with MKFC Stockholm College in Sweden severe malnutrition. So significant reductions developed and now offer the programme in mortality can only be achieved 1
  2. 2. by preventing even mild and moderate of children under five years, 69% pregnant malnutrition. Another important nutrition women and 17% of non-pregnant women are related determinant that contributes to young anemic. The Volta region also shows 56% of child mortality is breast feeding practices. school age children anemic. International experts recommend that babies should be exclusively breastfed for the first Stunting due to protein-energy 6 months with no additional water, liquid or malnutrition foods given. Stunting occurs when children do not get enough food to eat during the first, two years However, in Ghana only 6% of mothers of life. Currently about 39% of all Ghanaian exclusively breast-feed their babies for the two year olds are moderately or severely first 6 months. In addition, women who are stunted. Stunted children grow up to become malnourished are more likely to face serious stunted adults. reproduction health problems which can lead to maternal and infant death. Sources United Nation Population Division - 2000 World Anemia during pregnancy, estimated in Ghana Population Prospects: Population Database: The 2002 to affect close to 70% of pregnant women, has Revision, implications for maternal mortality. Ghana has WHO Statistical Information System (WHOSIS): Country high maternal mortality rate of 214/100,000. Official Health Indicators Demographic and Health Survey in Ghana (1998) About 20% of this is due to anemia. Human Development Report, UNDP (2003) HEYWARD RESERVE LIBRARY Development of brain Iodine atCentre for Social Policy Studies University of Ghana. Good nutrition is a major determinant of Legon NUTRITION IN GHANA: INVESTING NOW FOR THE educational performance for children. YEAR 2020 Iodine, for example, is essential for the development of the brain during fetal life. Pregnant women living in iodine-deficient areas are likely to give birth to mentally retarded children. The mental impairment on children resulting from iodine deficiency is permanent, having considerable impact on children’s educability and drop-out rates. Anemia Iron deficiency Iron deficiency anemia reduces the learning ability, cognitive development and educability of children. In Ghana, iron deficiency, is most common in young children and in women. National surveys indicate that about 81% 2
  3. 3. The sustainable health program CAP Ghana through schools and local has been implemented in the village of Nily- communities ungdo. The grassroots project has been carried The unit of Health Care at Turku University out by local village people and includes micro of Applied Sciences in Finland has together finance, figthing malaria, clean hands, clean with MKFC Stockholm College in Sweden water, improved nutrition, education, sanitation created the piloting program CAP Sharing and power supply through sustainable systems. Awareness programs for actions in schools and rural communities. Citizenship fostering healthy children This program is carried out through Teacher Content Training in service. The goal is to get well School awareness program through citizenship educated teachers who can handle basic subject learning skills in Survival Kit including clean Nutritive support for children and adolescents water, clean hands, sanitation behavior and Program designed to improve maternal health health through right food. care Prenatal care, Optimal breastfeeding, Medicines Appropriate infant practices MKFC Stockholm College offers you the Program designed to improve child health course: What all of us should know about Medicines. Coordination with CAP programs Household food and water security Income generating activities Increased household food production Appropriate food utilization practice 3
  4. 4. Reaching your vision In contribution to the fullfillment of your vision we offer you extensively an effective and scalable model to educate adults and children in villages and cities. Through schools and teachers we reach students and families. The teachers will learn how to provide health education and maintain health inspections in the schools. Contact Information In co-operation: Contact person: Käymäläseura Huussi ry Tuomas Erkkilä ry MKFC Helsinki College MKFC Helsinki College MKFC Stockholm College Piritanaukio 3 B 19, 00150 Helsinki More information: Local Ghana MKFC Representative: Kay Obiri-Mainoo phone +233 249 694 020 4