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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. WE SEEBRILLIANT FUTURES REGARDLESSOF PLACE AND TIME.WE PROVIDEALL-INCLUSIVE eLEARNING.EducationFinderWho? What?EducationFinder is company that is specialized in The internet has made it possible to abandon anAll-Inclusive eLearning, offering learning freedom, education structure that limits education possibilities forcontextualized solutions for customers’ needs and citizens. EducationFinder’s main offering – All-Inclusivepackaged learning content. eLearning – can be used as a standalone online education tool or in parallel with traditional education. All-Inclusive eLearning offers the freedom to study everywhere, anytime in different languages, decreasing the amount of training and travelling costs and making learning more effortless and equal for everyone. Examples of our courses: Teacher Training, Special Education, Tourism, Environment.Why? Interested?All-Inclusive eLearning: For more information, contact:• offers individual freedom with accessibility• cuts costs Mika Eskola• uses digital everyday gadgets Advisor• supports special needs texts with voiceover email:• supports bilingual education phone: +358 45 1273 452• decreases the amount of dropouts office: Piritanaukio 3 B 19, 00150 Helsinki, Finland• is scalable. Mohamed MohamudEducationFinder’s customized interface gives a bird’s- Expert, All-Inclusive eLearningeye view of the students’ activities and provides full e-mail: xarbi@mkfc.sevisibility to all learning materials for teachers and phone: +46 8 21 64 26administrators. The system allows the use of embedded fax: +46 8 22 14 17textbooks, simulations, games, video clips, support fordifferent languages and even bilingual courseware. www.educationfinder.comDedicated dashboards are provided for teachers and foradministration.With EducationFinder, e-learning can be offered tostudents in parallel with ordinary classes. This gives thefreedom to access and interact with the learning materials,peers and tutors at anytime, regardless of location.