Assignment 8 storyboard


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This assignment is about storyboard and its potential use in learning.

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Assignment 8 storyboard

  1. 1. Presentation through Storyboard<br />What is Storyboarda storyboard is a visual tool to help understand how a film, animation or even a presentation will be created. It is a planning tool. Storytelling can positively influence the learning environment. This occurs through the creation of a greater focus on personalized information, glimpses of real-life experience, a connection with a topic as participants recognize similarities in their own personal experience and knowledge, and connections between different topics. Stories initiate useful conversations about unexplored struggles within practice, such as the emotional dimension of an issue or what it means to be professional. Students are motivated to participate in storytelling through an external focus on others (i.e., helping others to learn) and an internal focus on self (i.e., seeking a connection with others to promote social dialogue).<br />Being a kindergarten teacher, we develop basic skills and social behavior by games, exercises, music, and simple handicrafts. Teacher provides various manipulative materials and activities to motivate children to learn. I feel storyboard is always entertainment for my learners. Every day I tell one story to my class. Whenever I want to start the story i use to sing story time.. Story time…..its story time..All the children start sitting nicely and very attentive as they are showing their concentration. Singing theme can use for reading, writing etc. (All my learners are Arabic speaker so this is also a way to improve their English language skill). <br />Stories and poems that have a familiar structure can create a supportive context for learning about the writing process, building students' background knowledge, and scaffolding their creation of original stories. My learner love The Apple Bird story and most of the time they ask me to read this story for them. After reading material about storyboard from Google and other links I feel the best story for this activity must be: a simple, well-rounded plot, a clear beginning, middle, and end, an underlying theme, a small number of well-defined characters, dialogue, repetition, colorful language or catchphrases <br />It’s a small story of Hungry bird. I always tell this story verbally I don’t have any pictures. For making the sketches and drawings (I took help from my colleague and friend Mrs. Arshi sultana, as she is very good in art and sketching.) She made sketches for me and also give me an idea to make all this on different color paper, it will more attractive for the learners.<br />First of all I take my learners to the AV (Audio video) room for demonstration. (it was our open day and we decorate the AV rooms for the children, there was layout of a garden)<br />I ask my learners who will tell the story to all; all want to listen from me. I told them I will show you the pictures of the bird all were so excited. One smart boy of my class said he will tell story to all. <br />After that I show all the pictures of the story. And I explain all the scenes. All were clapping and cheering. All want to come to white board. I call them in small groups. All were coming and holding the pictures with the sequence, as they know the beginning and end point. <br />Here is the storyboard.<br />Once there was a hungry bird. He flewHe saw one apple falling from the and there to search food. He wassitting on apple tree.<br />He immediately flew there and saw aHe took one bite of apple and feel it is very fresh red apple there. He thinks tovery yummy. He thought to bitetaste such appetizing apple.again.<br />He starts eating and eating the apple.He ate more than half of apple and still wants to eat more. As it was so tasty.<br />Then…when the apple finish what birdHe planned to sleep there. Because he saw. His tummy just like the apple. Hecan not move. He sleeps nicely and snoringenjoyed a lot and no more hungry. Healso wants to fly again. But his tummy sofull even he can’t take a ride.<br />Storyboard is a prewriting technique that combines children's love of drawing with their ability to tell and write stories. I made the worksheet of the story for all learners. I gave them for coloring, with this there eye-hand coordination will improve and sense of colors also. <br />All learners were so excited to color all the worksheets, because it is the similar sketch which I show them for storyboard. Once they learn the story, they were able to color worksheet very nicely as according to the situation and they also knew the sequence.<br />In end when learners finish their coloring I retell the story, retell the story in detailed form and i use voice variation and gestures to tell the scenes. I feel the storyboard is useful tools to improve English. Learners use storyboards to preview a story before reading to get the gist of the story, they sequence a set of story boards after reading to review the events in a story, and drawing story boards after reading because they can often share their understanding better through art than through language. Storyboarding allows students to draw their ideas before writing them in words. This helps visual students access the pictures in their head and gives them an opportunity to translate their picture ideas into words.“<br />