Breast Cancer Hogging Spotlight


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Breast cancer is taking the spotlight, and getting more money than any other type of cancer. Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer in women and prostate cancer is the most prevalent cancer in men, so you'd think that they would get equal fundings toward research and prevention; but they don't.

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Breast Cancer Hogging Spotlight

  1. 1. Breast Cancer Hogging the spotlight?! By Morgan Kesseli
  2. 2. “ Some advocates for research into other diseases, and some scientists, worry the breast cancer movement is hogging the spotlight – and the money – at the expense of other worthy causes. In the world of cancer charities and government fundings, breast cancer is queen.”
  3. 3. Everywhere we go, there's always one thing on everyone's mind.... MONEY
  4. 4. But, one thing we usually don't think about is... -Where does it all go? -We know where our money goes when we buy things like clothes, food, or other necessities. -But, where does all government money go? What is actually getting funded by the government? -How do they decide what to fund and what not to fund?
  5. 5. -The government funds many different things. Such as cancer and other diseases. -They decide where the money goes based on things like; how many people are affected by the disease, what is the mortality rate, and what it's come down to is how popular the issue is. -Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer among women and Prostate cancer is the most prevalent cancer among men. With that being said, you'd think that the government would fund them equally, right? WRONG.
  6. 6. VS.
  7. 7. -Breast cancer gets a lot more money toward prevention and research than any other cancer in the world. Breast cancer even gets more funds than lung cancer, which is the leading cause of death in both men and women and the funds just don't add up. You hear more about breast cancer than any other cancers, and there are a lot more people that have “support breast cancer” items than any other support cancer products. -Phillip A. Dennis, a lung cancer researcher, pointed out that in 2004, breast cancer received nine times the funding per death as lung cancer. “Important health issues such as diarrhea, influenza, and lung cancer may not be sexy, but they deserve the publics attention and commitment from policymakers and the scientific community he wrote. The downside is some diseases don't lead themselves to generous fund raising. I don't think you will see the way of a 10K run for urinary incontinence.”
  8. 8. -The National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) are large industries that both give huge amounts of money towards cancer research. -The NCI has proposed a $6 billion budget in the war on cancer. -In 2006, there was a review for NCI that proved funding for the 5 biggest cancers showed a large disparity in amounts of money spent relative to each new case of cancer and each cancer death. -Breast Cancer: funding per new case, $2,596; each death, $13, 452. -Prostate Cancer: funding per new case, $1,318; each death, $11,298. -It was estimated that for 2009 the NIH would spend $4,446,000,000 for female-specific cancers which include breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and cervical cancer; and $299,000,000 for men's cancer which is prostate cancer. The difference of their spending is 15:1 in favor of women.
  9. 10. This was once to be thought of a “man's world” but breast cancer and pink ribbons has surely taken it over.