Al Aan Presentation June 10


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Al Aan TV presentation that encounters a slight description about our programs and activities

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Al Aan Presentation June 10

  1. 1. Do You Want to Know?<br />
  2. 2. What matters to you <br />Al Aan TV is a Pan Arab Satellite channel based in Dubai. It is presented in an innovative infotainment format. <br />The channel aims to educate as well as entertain while addressing the needs and aspirations of a young, dynamic and modern Arabic woman and family audience.<br />Al Aan programs are originally designed to add value to the viewers’ lives. <br />Whether its home and family life, health and nutrition, fashion and trends or daily news, Al Aan delivers it as quality content. <br />
  3. 3. Our Availability<br />Al Aan TV is available free to air on MENA Region through Nilesat Frequency 12,341 MHZ & Arabsat Frequency 12111,08 MHZ.<br />In E-vision packages<br />In ShowTime Channels Bouquet <br />On du Telecom Network – DuIPTV<br />In Intercontinental & Habtoor Grand Hotel chains in MENA region<br />Also you can watch Al Aan TV worldwide online through<br />
  4. 4. Programs<br />Sahhi W Saree<br />Ghenyeh W Khabrey<br />Wujuh Wa Qussas<br />Chic Now <br />Beinna Allo<br />Shu Fi Mafi<br />Amira<br />Hayyakum<br />Al Maraa Al Namozaj<br />Kafa Onf Al Malaff<br />Shellatna <br />Al Saudiyyat Gheir<br />Haifa Al Aan<br />Kalam<br />Al Youm<br />Al Laila<br />Akthar Min Anwan<br />Al Qaeda Al Mahjoura<br />Al Iraq Al Aan<br />Akhbar Al Aan<br />Upcoming programs<br />
  5. 5. Sahhi W Saree<br />Daily program provides recipes for healthy food, tips for a balanced diet and precautions for health related issues. It provides tips on kitchen care in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. The presenter goes beyond conventional cooking shows by giving tips on how to buy food products from a dietician’s perspective. <br />Presented by Monique Bassila Zaarour<br />Duration: 45 Minutes<br />Format: Recorded<br />Day: Daily<br />Time: 12:00 PM KSA<br />
  6. 6. Ghenyeh W Khabryeh<br />Daily program carries the latest music albums, video clips, concerts, interviews with celebrities. The show also includes a special segment on discovering new talents. <br />Each week the program highlights on a big star profile.<br />Presented by Eliana Abi Daher<br />Duration: 45 Minutes<br />Format: Recorded<br />Day: Daily<br />Time: 13:00 PM KSA<br />
  7. 7. Wujuh Wa Qussas<br />A daily program that tells stories of successful people who are not under the spot but they are heroes in their lives. <br />The documentary will narrate in each episode a story of a woman or man who had significant achievements in spite of all the difficulties and sufferings that encountered them.<br />Wujuh Wa Qussas focuses on humanitarian related issues.<br />Duration: 45 Minutes<br />Format: Documentary<br />Day: Tues to Fri<br />Time: 10:00 PM KSA<br />
  8. 8. Chic Now<br />A high-end weekly fashion show covering the latest trends, jewelry, accessories, interior design and beauty giving trendy and elegant fashion lines.<br />The show highlights on ultimate hotspots including secret tips for being “Chic”. It also covers the glamorous runaways from the capitals of fashion and meets with famous designers.<br />Presented by Cynthia Zeinoun <br />Duration: 45 Minutes<br />Format: Recorded<br />Day: Wednesday<br />Time: 9:00 PM KSA<br />
  9. 9. Beinna Allo<br />A weekly show focusing on mobiles, high-tech phone gadgets, laptops, digital devices, cameras, information and mobile entertainment. The show features a roundup on what’s happening in the cell phone market while showcasing a new product every week.<br />There is an interactive segment that involves the viewers and gives them a chance to win prizes.<br />Presented by Heba and Majd and produced in KSA.<br />Duration: 45 Minutes<br />Format: Recorded<br />Day: Sunday<br />Time: 9:00 PM KSA<br />
  10. 10. Shu Fi Ma Fi <br />Weekly program that focuses on what is going behind the scenes in the world of music, television and cinema. It shows successes, and records every movement of celebrities both locally and globally and answers questions such as: How is the life of stars under spotlight? Who gets the highest fees? Who is arguing with whom?<br />Presented by Cynthia Massaad<br />Duration: 45 Minutes<br />Format: Recorded<br />Day: Friday<br />Time: 9:00 PM KSA<br />
  11. 11. Shellatna<br />A weekly youth talk show presented in Khaleeji look and feel. The show will have segments like a debate which will carry out general social and personal subjects and stuff that buzz. In addition to segments like shopping, technology and video games, songs and movies, favorite cars to Saudi and gulf people, and family segments to include marital life, weddings, raising kids, parents and children relationships, etc<br />Duration: 45 Minutes<br />Format: Recorded<br />Day: Tuesday<br />Time: 9:00 PM KSA<br />
  12. 12. Amira<br />NEW<br />Amira Show focuses on inspiring stories and issues that engage viewers, particularly women. It sheds light on the different opportunities and helps them release their potential by empowering them. <br />Each episode has segments on cases from real life, health issues and entertainment. <br />The show will also feature top Arab celebrities in a way that highlights on their humanitarian side while giving them a forum to share their insightful experiences. Presented by Amira Al Fadl<br />Duration: 90 Minutes<br />Format: Recorded<br />Day: Monday<br />Time: 9:00 PM KSA<br />
  13. 13. Hayyakum<br />NEW<br />A new daily morning show focusing on women's activities in Saudi with a skew to their daily lives.<br />It dedicates a space for current stories and illustrates on their influence on the society.<br />The show also reviews the prominent Gulf newspapers, focusing on the most important and debatable articles / news and discusses them with the writer or the source. <br />Presented by Saudi media personality Ghada Musalli.<br />Duration: 45 Minutes<br />Format: Recorded<br />Day: Daily<br />Time: 11:00 AM KSA<br />
  14. 14. Al Maraa Al Namozaj / The Distinguished Woman<br />NEW<br />The program is jointly produced by Arab Producers Union and Al Aan TV. The objective is to spot light on Arab women who have distinguished achievements and contributions.<br />The program specializes 4 episodes for each country to showcase four distinguished experiences.<br />Each woman will have a documented short film depicting her experience in presence addition to a celebrity guest.<br />The audience will vote to whoever they see as the Distinguished Woman.<br />Presented by Rehab Zein Eddin, Ambassador of White Hands<br />Duration: 45 Minutes<br />Format: Recorded<br />Day: Weekly<br />Time: 11:15 PM KSA<br />
  15. 15. Al Saudiyyat Gheir<br />Understanding the Saudi female remains the most interesting subject that no research has managed to effectively explore<br />A new program that will focus on the Saudi Female lifestyle from all its angles<br />Topics to be discussed like: driving, religion, shopping, fashion, beauty, education, domestic violence, careers, sports, media, harassment, weddings, family, etc<br />Presented by Heba Jamal<br />Duration: 45 Minutes<br />Format: Recorded<br />Day: Saturday<br />Time: 10:00 PM KSA<br />
  16. 16. Haifa Al Aan<br />A fitness show presented by Haifa Haddad. The idea consists of creating a special friendly ambiance for a sport program where Haifa will present a morning gym show inviting spectators at home to join her. <br />In every episode Haifa will receive a special STAR to join the team.<br />A preparation for a healthy refreshment will appear on screen with nutrition tips for all sports people. <br />Duration: 35 Minutes<br />Format: Recorded<br />Day: Daily<br />Time: 8:00 AM KSA<br />
  17. 17. Kalam<br />A weekly program that introduces and educates the viewer on how to interact with it.<br /> is a video generated website that offers a lot of sole opportunities to users to become TV professional seeders. <br />The show will offer weekly prizes for the best uploaded video which will be selected by a jury comprising of directors, actors or producers<br />Duration: 45 Minutes<br />Format: Recorded<br />Day: Friday<br />Time: 4:00 PM KSA<br />
  18. 18. Al Qaeda Al Mahjoura<br /> A new documentary series aims to reveal the plight of the extremist’s families and particularly Al Qaeda Senior leaders to point to their struggles, social and political mistreatment.   <br />The program will direct the spot on these abandoned families and give them an opportunity to tell their stories after being left behind without a guardian and without a shelter for the sake of a religious or political ideology.<br />Presented by Nisreen Sadek. <br />Duration: 45 Minutes<br />Format: Recorded<br />Day: Thursday<br />Time: 8:00 PM KSA<br />
  19. 19. Al Youm<br />A morning live show that covers several topics and discusses latest happenings in the Arab world through several segments and interviews.<br />It gives a brief about the latest political, business, sports and entertainment news along with revealing opinion pieces from major publications commenting on important incidents.<br />Hosted by the Channel’s news presenters.<br />Duration: 60 Minutes<br />Format: Live<br />Day: Daily<br />Time: 9:00 AM KSA<br />
  20. 20. Al Laila <br />A live current affairs show broadcasted 4 days a week offering a kind of breadth analysis and insights into the news of the day.<br />It comprises of daily interviews with a political or social figure to discuss interesting subjects.<br />Hosted by the Channel’s news presenters.<br />Duration: 60 Minutes<br />Format: Live<br />Day: Sun - Wed<br />Time: 7:45 PM KSA<br />
  21. 21. Akthar min Anwan<br />A weekly current affairs program that will go beyond the usual to go deeper into the topic or personality being hosted. <br />It will discuss with a high profile guest the latest about a certain international or national issue, but will also get to know the personality of the interviewee from a human perspective. <br />Akhtar min Anwan will also have special files about countries or certain human international interest<br />Presented by News presenters<br />Duration: 60 Minutes<br />Format: Live<br />Day: Thursday<br />Time: 9:00 PM KSA<br />
  22. 22. Al Iraq Al Aan<br />Al Aan’s new current affairs show, dedicated to issues in Iraq. Including interviews with notable politicians, economists, etc, the show will highlight on Iraqi women, their opinions, hopes and aspirations whilst also tackling tough subjects like health, education, democracy, terrorism and the involvement and influence of other countries in Iraq’s development in order to display Iraq and the Iraqi people’s bright future.<br />Hosted by Rafah Al Saad.<br />Duration: 60 Minutes<br />Format: Live<br />Day: Saturday<br />Time: 9:00 PM KSA<br />
  23. 23. Koree Mesh Koree<br />It is a short program integrated with Korean Tourism Organization to promote South Korea as a favorable tourism destination in an entertaining way. <br />Presented by Wan Hu Change, a Korean young man who was born and raised in Middle east.<br />Wan Hu will experience funny situations when he arrives to Korea with his crew. <br />It is a 3 min show aired 10 times daily between programs<br />
  24. 24. Akhbar Al Aan<br />News Headlines on the hour every hour. light focusing on the impact of events and issues surrounding them. Shorter stories enabling more headlines and stories to be covered. Breadth of news rather than depth of analysis. 15 min. covering politics, business, entertainment, weather and sports<br />
  25. 25. Some of our Awards<br />UAE Health Ministries awarded Al Aan for their successful Anti Smoking Awareness campaign<br />Al Aan's breast cancer awareness campaign was awarded the first prize by the pharmaceuticals giant Roche <br />Fujeirah Monodrama Festival honored Al Aan TV for best TV coverage<br />Saudi Rally Union awarded Al Aan TV for extensive coverage of Hail International Rally<br />
  26. 26. Our Website<br />Al Aan Official Website<br />Unique views / Mon: 950,000<br />Page views / Mon: 3,800,000<br />Avg. time on site: 6 min 59 sec<br />Akhbar Al Aan<br />Unique views / Mon: 175,000<br />Page views / Mon: 360,000<br />Avg. time on site: 4 min 35 sec<br />
  27. 27. Our PR coverage<br />Al Aan enjoys outstanding relationship with the media locally and regionally. The channel and since its inauguration has witnessed insightful interest from the media in its programs and presenters. This is leading to more than 500 press clippings monthly range between press releases, interviews, feature stories, opinion pieces..<br />
  28. 28. Thank you<br />