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2016 Retention Strategies


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Presentation to retention steering committee

Published in: Education
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2016 Retention Strategies

  1. 1. CRICOS 00111D TOID 3059 Professional Development@ Swinburne
  2. 2. Redesigning Informal Learning Spaces
  3. 3. Formal on-campus teaching spaces Informal on-campus learning spaces Online learning and teaching spacesBlended Learning On-Campus Learning and Teaching at Swinburne
  4. 4. Learning Analytics
  5. 5. Learning Analytics • Retention • Success • Feedback to teachers
  6. 6. Semester 2, 2016 Implementation • A design for the pilot was created and circulated with relevant groups. This pilot includes some initial training for around 20+ units followed by four main intervention points throughout semester 2 of 2016. These four interventions are listed below: • An intervention to ensure students are logging into and understand the use of Bb • An intervention to contact students who failed or missed handing in an initial assessment task
  7. 7. Semester 2, 2016 Implementation • An intervention with staff to offer PD on interpreting the Analytics reports and creating a list of actions for teacher follow- up • An intervention inviting staff to apply what they have learned over the semester in reflectively examining their practice within the unit.