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Building a team culture


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This presentation examines principles and processes for developing a successful team culture for research projects. It focuses on developing a vision, values and principles for creating a productive team.

Building a team culture

  1. 1. Building a Team Culture USQ Research Day November 25, 2013 Professor Mike Keppell Executive Director Australian Digital Futures Institute Director, Digital Futures - CRN
  2. 2. Overview n Begin with the vision n n n Develop values Role of project director/leader How teams can work
  3. 3. Vision nTransforming the knowledge and skills of society through fostering digital literacies
  4. 4. Mission nTo innovate, research and collaborate to explore and influence digital literacies that impact society.
  5. 5. Digital Classroom Six Regional Universities NATA Five Tertiary Education Associations ADFI Improving access to Higher Education DF-CRN 90 Staff
  6. 6. ADFI Values n Innovative n Transformative n Inclusive n Collaborative n Connected n Evidence-based n Impact n Open
  7. 7. NATA - Guiding principles n Collaborative Advantage: Partners create/co-design new value together as opposed to mere exchange through their involvement in the NATA project. ! n Strategic Alignment & Communication
  8. 8. NATA nIntegrity: Partners work with each other in the spirit of mutual trust and respect… ! n Sustainability: The NATA will contribute to integrated, generative and future-focused strategies….
  9. 9. Set Clear Expectations Start with the end in mind Think winwin Maintain Project Leader Enlist diverse team members Trust Never Compromise quality Be consistent
  10. 10. Scaffold
  11. 11.
  12. 12. The Digital Rural Futures Conference 2014 Hosted by the University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba 25 – 27 June 2014 Regional Futures - maintaining healthy, resilient and vibrant regional communities. Agricultural Futures - increasing productivity, sustainable use of resources and embracing digital technologies to optimise Australia’s farming future. Digital Futures – building capacity to design and utilise emerging digital technologies and embrace their opportunities The conference is a Regional Universities Network (RUN) initiative For more information now, visit: Official Conference Website: (Go Live from December 2013)