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Money Saving


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Money Saving

  1. 1. What can a managed service offer you that nothing else can?
  2. 2. Each process improves the next one With every process managed under one service, improvements are built on at every stage. All-inclusive Service Efficiency Cost Risk service = lower costs = efficient processes = mitigated risks. Supply Chain Management E Time Job Requisition Custom Reporting Consolidated Invoices Expense Tracking Approval Quality Assurance Interview/Offer Candidate Sourcing
  3. 3. Makes life easier for everyone Support needed at every stage can be easily accessed by anyone, through one point of contact – the managed service provider. Greater coherence = smoother operations = peak performance. Hiring Managers  Simple systems  Effective pipelining  Experienced and  dedicated support Key Stakeholders  Accountability  Quality assurance  Management information Suppliers  Ability to farm  Quality assurance  Efficient payment  process Candidates  Access to roles  Availability to support  Consistent approach
  4. 4. The benefits of multiple processes. The simplicity of one. You get the end results, not the administrative burden. Rigorous quality control at every stage by a managed services provider = high quality candidates delivered to you. Resource Planning Requisitioning & Approval Talent Acquisition Screening & Selection E-timesheets & Invoicing ERP/HRIS Consistent Approvals Auditable Process VMS v ATS Workflow Visibility Auditable Process ERP/AP System Consolidated Billing Single Invoice Process Management & Management Integrated/Automated Feed Point
  5. 5. You could be saving more than you are Save money where didn’t realise you were spending any. Invisible costs revealed through process transparency = tangible savings achieved through process efficiency. Pricing/Financial Demand Management Administration Process Improvements Pay Rate Management Supplier Fee Alignment Supplier Negotiations-Buying Power Hours to Days Conversions Term Discounts Gain Share/Shared Savings Time & Expense Validation Right-Skilling Tenure Limit Policy Temp to Perm Conversions Over-time Management Resource Forecasting Decreased Time to Fill/Contribution Volume Discounts-Reducing the Tail Agreement Compliance Speculative Supplier Management Supplier Management Supplier Payment Administration Supplier Scorecards/Innovation Timesheet Reconciliation Expert Legal Support+ Record Auditing Reporting Purchase Order & Invoice Process Dedicated Compliance Function Speculative Candidate Screening Expense Processing Market Intelligence Successful Implementation Internal Communications Availability of Data Improved Time to Hire Risk Mitigation & Indemnity Supplier Relationship Management Invoicing & Billing Process Hard Cost Savings Soft Cost Savings
  6. 6. Your competitors are already enjoying its benefits Market analysis shows that every year, more companies are opting for a managed service model. If competitors are already making savings and optimising their processes, can you afford not to? MSP Model Used to Manage the Contingent Workforce1 [0000] Energy/Clinical Tech/Telecom Manufacturing Finance/Insurance Retail/Consumer Business Services Healthcare Gov’t/Education Logistics X X X X X X X X X [0000] X X X X X X X X X 12% 10% 8% Implementation 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years Savings Achieved Contingent Labour Management MSP Users Non-MSP Year-over-year cost savings on contingent labour spend Time-to-fill an open requisition Compliance to federal and internal Labour policies 9% 9.0 Days% 52% 6% 12.5 Days% 48% Source: Staffing Industry Analysts, Contingent Buyer Survey 1 Aberdeen Group, September 2009 2 Contingent Progress Performance2 Contingent Progress Performance2
  7. 7. Everything works the way it should Every link in the supply chain is vetted to ensure maximum standards are kept as a minimum requirement. Optimal compliance checks = optimal compliance standards. Risk Mitigation Areas MSP Services VMS Support Roles Supplier Credentials Verification  Qualification verification  Reference checks  T&C Flow-down  Performance assessments  Standards for URU, background, aptitude, employment and other checks  Enhanced checks available  Standard job descriptions/catalogues  Briefings on changing employment law  Tenure tracking (assignment and overall)  Performance Management  On and off boarding programs  Site inspections  Safety training via on-boarding  Safety manuals  Training Contract Credentials Verification Employee Classification (AWR) Co-Employment Safety Compliance  Records of action completion  Audit reports  Permissions tied to supplier  profiles  Records of action completion  Audit reports  Job description library  Classification records  Records of action completion  Audit reports  Records of action completion  Audit reports
  8. 8. All these benefits combined for your company While companies may enjoy one or two of these benefits in isolation, a managed service gives you access to them all. Everything you need = all in one place. Cost Reductions  Hard cost savings  Rate standardisation  Leveraged buying power  Sophisticated commercial model  Visibility of spend  Increased productivity  Reduced resource overhead  Reduce cycle time Quality Improvements  Single point accountability  Dedicated expertise  Reduce time to hire  Guarantee satisfaction  Supplier relationships  Candidate care – Arrival calls for the first day “starts” – Quality assurance process, with quality checks conducted during the 2nd day after the first week and at monthly intervals thereafter – Customised orientation for associates engaged Response Commitment  Compliance with proposed SLA’s and KPI’s  Formal escalation process  Real-time reporting Streamlined Monitoring of SLA’s  Monthly reporting – Order cycle time – Temporary performance – Issues response – Billing accuracy  Quarterly business reviews  Ad-hoc / customised reporting
  9. 9. Interested in finding out the specific benefits your company could enjoy? Please feel free to contact our advisors: Tel: +44 (0) 203 096 4450 www.