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Magic 1920


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A small presentation on major points in building and presenting your presentation. Its not rocket science but often overlooked when putting a presentation together. A large portion of the facts here have been taken from fellow SlideShare users sharing knowledge. Enjoy !

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Magic 1920

  1. 1. Ten tips for a great presentation
  2. 2. Episode I The Preparation
  3. 3. Creating a great presentation consists of three processes
  4. 4. Storyboards, ideas and flow
  5. 5. Design
  6. 6. Rehearse
  7. 7. Spend equal amounts of time on each process to achieve the best results
  8. 8. Episode II Design
  9. 9. Use colours that complement each other
  10. 10. Choose easy-to-read font faces
  11. 11. Keep within a family of fonts
  12. 12. Episode III Content and flow
  13. 13. Think of your content as a story with a beginning, middle and end
  14. 14. Keep this logical approach in your presentation and build momentum throughout, accelerating to the finale
  15. 15. Episode IV TheVillain
  16. 16. In every classic story, there is a villain who the hero fights
  17. 17. So, don’t be afraid to mention a competitor, especially when making a good point about your product
  18. 18. Introducing the antagonistic (the problem)
  19. 19. makes the audience rally around the hero (you)
  20. 20. EpisodeV ManagingText
  21. 21. According to Dr John Medina, your brain interoperates every letter of text as a picture
  22. 22. So, it takes longer to respond to text than imagery. Keep text to a minimum.
  23. 23. EpisodeVI Use Imagery Picture Superiority Effect (PSE)
  24. 24. After 72 hours of a presentation, only 10% of the content will be remembered
  25. 25. This increases by up to 65% if you use powerful, relevant imagery
  26. 26. EpisodeVII Numbers that count
  27. 27. If you include numbers for key figures, make them relevant so your audience can relate
  28. 28. Rather than saying this car travelled at 20 mph, you could say,
  29. 29. It travelled at the speed of a galloping horse
  30. 30. EpisodeVIII Speaking
  31. 31. Acknowledge your audience and open your presentation by being punchy
  32. 32. and don’t talk about the agenda
  33. 33. When speaking, keep your remarks grounded by avoiding buzz words and abbreviations
  34. 34. Use positive layman’s terms like “cool”, “wonderful” and “exciting”
  35. 35. Episode IX Rehearse
  36. 36. Rehearse your presentation so you know it word for word
  37. 37. This enables you to engage and make constant eye contact with your audience
  38. 38. Avoid watching your slides in order to remember what to say next or when to click
  39. 39. Well rehearsed presentations create immense confidence that shines through to your audience
  40. 40. Episode X Give yourself time, enjoy it
  41. 41. These points can only be achieved by giving yourself time to prepare
  42. 42. When presenting, keep relaxed with a light-hearted approach and . . .
  43. 43. if you have a block, deliver a humorous distraction while you compose yourself
  44. 44. Speak with passion and love for your product or pitch, let that emotion show
  45. 45. Showing emotions releases dopamine, which will attract and motivate your audience