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LOST and Looking for Microbiologsts


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A small presentation I designed to promote SRG and Synergy's ability to staff up on hard to fill roles. This document started as text and bullets and demonstrates how to make a dry subject a bit more exciting. Does your business have requirement for professional PowerPoint design?

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LOST and Looking for Microbiologsts

  1. 1. No content in this Area
  2. 2. Yes, this a true story, about one of one of my friends
  3. 3. Who took on a new project not long ago
  4. 4. Well . . . why not, I have plenty of time until I am found
  5. 5. mmm. . . maybe not so much time as I thought . . . so lets get started
  6. 6. It all started in Surrey, UK
  7. 7. In a microbiological testing Lab . . . . . .nothing new to these guys
  8. 8. but they had little involvement from the customer . . . z z z
  9. 9. When the project un-folded, it became obvious, this was urgent
  10. 10. Then it hit them, they had no-body to do it. . . . . .Everybody was busy on other projects
  11. 11. We could outsource the work
  12. 12. its far to sensitive, and simply, we don’t have the time
  13. 13. No problem, we can get some temporary staff to help on the assignment
  14. 14. Then the reality of the problem really kicked in
  15. 15. Where are we going to get 9-10 analysts? free to start their next assignment now?
  16. 16. mmm . . .
  17. 17. . . .and in Weybridge, its not renowned for Microbiologists
  18. 18. After a sleepless night he decided take action
  19. 19. That’s when I got the call Hello
  20. 20. Can you help me? he explained he needed staff and quickly
  21. 21. I had to get down there as quick as I could
  22. 22. This guy was really stressed, I had to calm him down
  23. 23. I explained we do this all the time and really isn’t a problem
  24. 24. Can we have onsite staff? Then a list appeared, and said, if you can help . . .
  25. 25. Yes, I said
  26. 26. and what about my Intellectual Property?
  27. 27. Don’t worry we can protect this
  28. 28. Will they be able to keep to my high KPI’s standards?
  29. 29. That’s no problem
  30. 30. One last thing we have some pretty tight Standards and Procedures here
  31. 31. Oh…Ahh
  32. 32. He paused
  33. 33. Just kidding, we make sure all the staff we provide, comply to our clients standards and procedures
  34. 34. Hmm. . .this sounds expensive
  35. 35. Un nerving him, I explained our cost effective model, on a fixed monthly fee
  36. 36. With that, in no time, he and his team were delighted to get us on-board
  37. 37. Suddenly his mood changed, to a less excited state
  38. 38. and calmly said It sounds great but I don’t have time to manage more people
  39. 39. I will get of one my best project mangers onsite right away
  40. 40. Meanwhile . . . Boss wants you in Weybridge, right away
  41. 41. I said the Project Manager will be your point of contact for everything
  42. 42. Everything? Yes, and he will do the rest
  43. 43. Also, you will have access to data and workloads, Let me show you
  44. 44. With that, my work was done . . . . . . and shot off back to the office
  45. 45. And that is pretty much it . . . and also looks like I will be getting home soon. . .
  46. 46. 6 weeks later
  47. 47. I was stuck on that island for 6 weeks, what's been happening?
  48. 48. That microbiologist assignment, we filled the positions within 3 weeks
  49. 49. and the remaining roles, just now
  50. 50. That’s great news !
  51. 51. Here's the full report
  52. 52. Outcome The Project Manager implemented a strategy to ensure the backlog was cleared and all quality and compliance issues were resolved or minimised. All compliance measures were agreed and stringent KPIs were agreed and maintained. Output and productivity was measured by key metrics driving efficiencies within the team. The Project Manager ensured all data was submitted within the specified timelines and was wholly accountable for delivery. Reporting metrics were provided at agreed intervals and at performance and quarterly reviews that included key milestone deliverables and quality service outputs. Synergy implemented the steady-state plan in the 6-week time frame required while responding to ad-hoc changes in scope, as required by the customer Quality Management team. Synergy ensured that the customer had oversight and full visibility of the controls and project in place, with appropriate involvement with the staff directly. Synergy provided an effective, consistent and comprehensive service managed by an on-site Synergy Project Manager. The implanted team enabled our customer to respond quickly to a temporary increase in workload by delivering the pre-planned testing, which enabled our customer’s scientists to focus on core activities and keep projects on track. The Synergy team successfully accomplished their objectives and enabled seamless transfer. The team were successfully re-deployed within Synergy to support other critical projects for Synergy clients. We provided a quick and flexible resource to respond to our customer’s critical deadlines when their resources were limited.
  53. 53. We are proud of what we do and hope you liked us sharing what we do best If you like this then please share this as well, after all medical research saves millions of lives everyday and we help you make it happen We help companies every day to meet there recruitment needs in every possible scenario and we always deliver, and that’s what puts us at the top of our game Any questions? Why not give us a call and we can have a chat and see how we can help you today [•] [•] [•] [•] [•]