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6 4

  1. 1. 6.4 Should the rich help the poor?
  2. 2. How can the rich help the poor? Aid What is aid? Aid is the help given by a rich country to a poor country. Governments What are the main sources of aid? _____________ and __________ ______________. Can you give some examples of voluntary organizations? voluntary organizations
  3. 3. Short-term aid: Emergency relief It is given to help during… ________________: flood, drought or earthquake. Disasters caused by _______: civil war. people Emergency housing and shelter, _____, __________, etc. food medicines There are two kinds of aid. life What form of aid will be given? What is the aim of such aid? How can the rich help the poor? Natural disasters To save _____.
  4. 4. What is the aim of such aid? Long-term aid: Development aid The aid includes… Small-scale: improve ___________ and ______ supply. Large-scale: building dams and developing __________. health care water industries Low interest loan. I am an officer of the United Nations. We fund development aid. To help the poor countries enhance their ability to _________. develop
  5. 5. Transfer of new technology I don’t need aid. I just want to develop. We can transfer new technology to help you develop faster. Would someone help me? This farming machine can help you improve farm output. How can the rich help the poor?
  6. 6. Can aid always help? The rich countries said they have already given us a lot of help. Why am I still so poor? Aid (is / is not) often given to countries with the greatest poverty and need. Aid is given to the political friends of the rich countries.
  7. 7. Can aid always help? The aid-receiving countries have to buy the goods and services from the aid-giving countries. These products may not be suitable for the aid-receiving countries. Some aid-receiving countries cannot even pay the ________ of the loans. interest
  8. 8. What is the best way to help the poor? A fish for you. You can catch more fish in this way. Which way can really help? It is better to help people to acquire the ______ needed to make a better living. skills
  9. 9. Help the poor to help themselves send _________ to train local people. advisors build schools and improve __________ _____________. This can improve people’s ____________ and earn more. productivity Rich countries can… What is the best way to help the poor? (Source: World Vision Hong Kong) education opportunities
  10. 10. Appropriate help No, thank you. These high-tech machines are not suitable for us. We need simple technology that is really helpful to our people and our country. What is the best way to help the poor? Take this. It will help you develop.
  11. 11. If rich countries can _________ and ____________ what each poor country needs, aid can be used better. respect understand (Small / Large)-scale developments and lead to far higher ____________ may be more helpful to the people of the poor country. employment Every country has its own ________, _______ and _________ backgrounds. cultural social economic Appropriate help What is the best way to help the poor?
  12. 12. The end