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U Arts Farm


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Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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U Arts Farm

  1. 1. UArts Farm This project will explore the role design and our University plays in making gardens meaningful to community members and in minimizing the redundancy of separate efforts taking place throughout the city.
  2. 2. Local Food Resources Within Philadelphia Kensington City Hall
  3. 3. 19133 Area of Interest UArts
  4. 4. Villa Africana Colobo
  5. 5. Opportunities for Problems = Design Interventions
  6. 6. Lack of personal investment in the appearance of the community by both the City and residents.
  7. 7. Maintaining neighborhoods creates a sense of community pride.
  8. 8. Lack of knowledge about the existing gardens.
  9. 9. Connecting existing gardens through advertising and signage directs residents to local food.
  10. 10. Lack of contact between gardens leads to limited idea exchange.
  11. 11. Networking existing gardens offers opportunities to save time and money.
  12. 12. Lack of funding for gardens destroys potential community benefits beyond planting.
  13. 13. Nurturing the mind cultivates a healthy community.
  14. 14. Lack of volunteers and time to train those who would volunteer.
  15. 15. Rejuvenating the meaning of “volunteer.”
  16. 16. Lack of responsibility creates a void in the learning process.
  17. 17. Creating educational materials and workshops ensures continuing garden and community growth.
  18. 18. This is a project about connecting separate cultures, communities, and neighborhoods through sustainable living and education.
  19. 19. In the next five weeks we will: 1. Deconstruct the existing and predictable solutions. 2. Brainstorm new possibilities. 3. Design strategies for tackling the problems behind the problems.