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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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  1. 1. One Day my Geology professor spoke two words that have since changed my relationship with Design.
  2. 2. Global Warming! At that moment I remembered that i had heard this before. When I was a child in elementary school a teacher had delivered a similar Presentation.
  3. 3. s Ice Caipg! Melt n Why had I NoT Heard About This Again SInce Then?
  4. 4. I was Now a Sophomore in College and had Just Entered the Design Program At the University of Texas At Austin. Why Weren’T My Design Professors Discussing This Issue?!
  5. 5. WHy were People In Such Denial About global Warming Actually Happening? I was Determined to Learn More About It.
  6. 6. WHy Is Human behavior dominated by the short-term rather than the We Have The long-term? Knowledge and Ability to design Systems and products to stop the current decline of ’s Our Society and the —So WHat Environment.... Stoppin g us from Taking action?!
  7. 7. My Search for answers to these questions led me to The graduate industrial design program at the university of the arts in Philadelphia. I have Since realized that so many “design solutions” fail because...
  8. 8. designers often present an end product to their audience with little explanation of the steps necessary to accomplish it. As designers we Have to learn how to develop systems that allow people to change incrementally through short-term behaviors that work in concert with the long-term goal.