2nd wireless asia summit


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2nd wireless asia summit

  1. 1. X Ray, CT, MRI  Mobile MIM, will allow physicians to view CT (computerized tomography), MRI and nuclear imaging scans that have been taken elsewhere, compressed, then sent on a secure network to the mobile device.  The app is not intended for diagnostic viewing of traditional X-rays or mammograms, which require a much higher resolution.  Images can now be pulled from a server based storage and shown on iPad2 or iPhone4. It can pull images from a variety of medical image storage formats.  MIM workstation can be used at a facility to transmit the images to Mobile MIM.  MIM Cloud TM (www..mimcloud.com) is an internet based service which allows upload/download of images.  Mobile MIM features data set interaction using standard tools, such as zoom, pan, window and level, and it displays volumetric data with multi-planar reconstruction.
  2. 2. X Ray, CT, MRI XRAY  Mobile MIM allows the physician to measure distance and intensity values, annotate, and display regions of interest.  MIM Software Inc (www. mimsoftware.com) provides practical imaging solutions in the fields of radiation oncology, radiology, nuclear medicine, neuro imaging, and cardiac imaging  MIM viewer software readily integrates with MIM cloud to view uploaded studies  Mobile MIM provides portable access to the same core functionality as MIM viewer  Multi-modality image fusion  Multi –planar reconstruction.  Data streaming for quick display  MIM is diagnostic imaging app for use by the doctors when they are away from their workstations .
  3. 3. Ultra Sound Mobisante’s Smartphone- Powered Ultrasound  Computer Engg’rs at Washington University, St. Louis have coupled the USB based Ultrasound probe technology with a smartphone  USB Ultrasound probes compatible with Microsoft Windows mobile based smartphones  Researchers optimised every aspect of probe design and operation : from power consumption and data transfer rate to image formation algorithms.  Smartphone compatible USB ultrasound probes for imaging the  kidney, liver, bladder and eyes,  endocavity probes for prostate and uterine screening and biopsy; and  Vascular probes for imaging veins and arteries for starting IV’s and Central Line US
  4. 4. Medtronic CareLink Monitor Medical management of cardiovascular disease has become increasingly reliant upon the use of implanted electronic devices for management of bradycardia, tachycardia and congestive heart failure. Medtronic CareLink Monitor & Medtronic CareLink Network are indicated for use in the transfer of patient data from some Medtronic ICD.  Sends data from cardiac device over a standard phone line for the doctor or clinic to review  Enables the doctors to have access to the most current information from patient device to ensure that it continues to provide the best treatment for patient heart condition. How does it work?  Connect the Medtronic CareLink Monitor to a standard telephone line and press the power button.  The monitor antenna is placed over the implanted device, to read & store information. for transmission.  The monitor automatically dials a toll-free, pre-programmed telephone number & sends the data to a secure server  The clinic will use the internet to view & analyse the from the patient’s device.
  5. 5. Sending Information from Your Heart Device Sending Information from a Heart Device with Conexus Automatic Monitoring Applications
  6. 6. MED ECG HRM Medtronic CareLink Monitor On average, Medtronic CareLink remote follow-ups took 7.8 minutes versus 22.2 minutes for in-office visits, an average efficiency increase of 65% for all sites. The efficiency increases ranged from 44% to 80%,
  7. 7. The Beginning Glucose Monitoring First Glucose Meter
  8. 8. The Growth Glucose Monitoring – The Changes
  9. 9. Glucose Meter - iPhone Connecting Blood Glucose Meter to an Iphone Data Collection & Transfer Testing of Blood Sugar with iPhone Multinational pharmaceutical giant Sanofi Aventis just unveiled it’s latest diabetes technology: a standalone blood glucose monitor that can plug directly into the iPhone and iPod Touch. The device, known as the iBGStar, would allow diabetics to test their blood sugar levels on the go, record notes, and send information to their healthcare providers via a free iPhone App. The innovative iBGStar is the first available blood glucose meter that seamlessly connects to the Apple iPhone and iPod touch for the flexibility to manage your diabetes whenever, wherever.
  10. 10. iBGStar Blood Glucose Meter Innovative Technology  Samples are analyzed using Dynamic Electrochemistry  Meets today’s stringent industry standards for accuracy and features plasma equivalent calibration for assurance with each and every reading.  An innovative blood glucose meter with a compact, stylish body that can be used on its own or connected to an Apple iPhone or iPod touch to easily display, manage and communicate your diabetes information. Connectivity  The App provides you with the ability to record, track and manage your information in an intuitive format.  Data can be printed or emailed to share with your healthcare professional for greater flexibility in managing your diabetes together.  Single-point support services* for all your diabetes questions IBG-STAR
  11. 11. Injectable Sensor Injectable Continuous Osmotic Glucose Sensor- LIFECARE A.S. Ltd – Bergen, Norway  The SENCELL technology will provide persons with diabetes with continuous, accurate glucose data.  A size of approximately 2x7mm allows to be injected under the skin of the wrist through a pre filled syringe and operate independently to provide continuous glycemic information.  Subcutaneous location. No need for surgery – when injecting or removing of sensor  The alarm functions of the SENCELL will warn of high and low glucose levels.  The wrist watch displays the glucose information and operates the alarm functions.  Wireless transferring of glucose data from the injected sensor to the wrist watch & to the cell phone and further on to doctors, hospitals or next of kin  Read the glucose data as often as you want –  The SENCELL is reading the osmotic pressure caused by variation in the glucose levels.  A long life span of the SENCELL will provide additional comfort.  Self sustained with energy, working on energy pulses received from the reader.  The SENCELL is reading the fluctuations in the interstitial fluids, not in the blood.
  12. 12. Wireless Sensors in Neuro-Modulation Care (Parkinson’s Tremors & Epilepsy Kinesia Home View Device  Kinesia HomeView is intended to monitor physical motion and muscle activity to quantify kinematics of movement disorder symptoms  Kinesia HomeView is a data acquisition system capable of recording, analyzing, and displaying kinematic and diary data from movement disorder patients  The purpose of this system is to provide clinicians with a detailed report of motor symptom fluctuations and patient diary information throughout the day.  Kinesia HomeView consists of three hardware components: A) a tablet PC, B) a docking station, & C) a finger sensor  The two software components are the patient application and the web application  The pre-installed software on the tablet PC allows patients to enter diary information and perform video-guided motor tasks.  The web application is used by the clinician to create study definitions, upload patient data, and view patient reports.
  13. 13. Wireless Sensors in Neuro-Modulation Care (Parkinson’s Tremors & Epilepsy Patient Application The patient application is the primary interface that patients interact with while using Kinesia HomeView. This application has three main features: 1) ‘my Symptoms’ allows the patient to choose from two options: various symptoms (i.e. tremor, rigidity, and slowed movements) as well as various activities (i.e. getting dressed, sleeping, and walking) Red and green ratings correspond to high and low impairment, respectively. 2) ‘my Meds’ contains a list of the patient medications the clinician is interested in evaluating. Patients can select medication type and time of use. 3) ‘my Tests’ allows patients to perform a motor test session at any time or in order to make up a missed or cancelled test session. KINESIA
  14. 14. Wireless EEG Sensor Wireless Full-Brain Electroencepaphalography (EEG) Sensor  Neuro Focus’ aptly named Mynd, a full-brain wireless EEG sensor headset  Records your thoughts whilst gazing at logos and lusting after products  Captures brain activity 2000 times per second and a Bluetooth radio to transmit the thoughts to the smartphone or PC of choice. Full brain coverage with dense array EEG sensors  Tools for Brain –Computer Interaction (TOBI) consortium will utilise Mynd as their core platform for dev’ng med tech. technology.  Within sec’s of wearing the head set, a consumers brain activity is captured across the full cortex  Wireless Tx of brain wave signals capable of interfacing with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile communications device.  Headset made of dry electrodes eliminating the use of any Gel, enhancing.  Researchers will be able to capture highest quality data on consumers’ deep subconscious responses in real time
  15. 15. CJPS Medical Systems VitalPoint® HOME Monitor is a revolutionary remote patient monitoring system that connects patients in the comfort of their own homes to their health care provider's office.  It is not an emergency response system.  Does not analyse patient information nor does it offer medical advice.  A clinical tool for remotely monitoring a patient’s health status at home.  Single unit device measures  Blood Pressure  Blood oxygen saturation  Pulse rate  Weight, Glucose level, Temperature  Collects ECG data  Helps manage post-acute care patients, as well as patients with chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, congestive heart failure, hypertension, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  Main Menu Screen displays a personal greeting and lets you know if there are activities to do right away. Activities are programmed by the clinician and they include: 1. Taking Measurements 2. Medication Reminders 3. Nurse’s Instructions  Main Menu Screen Includes Options to: 1. Report Symptoms. 2. Take Measurements 3. See Nurse’s Instructions 4. Adjust Speaker Vol
  16. 16. CJPS – VitalPoint Home Monitor CJPS VitalPoint® HOME Peripheral Accessories Self Applying Non-invasive BP Cuffs Pulse Oximetry Meter Weight Scale Temperature Probe ECG Leads Glucose Meter Prothrombin Meter Fluid Status Meter ‘Reporting Symptoms’  Breathing  Swelling  Heart  Stomach/bowel  Urine  Wound  Pain  General For each problem you choose to report, the monitor will display a series of questions. Answer each to move on to the next screen. ‘Taking Measurements’  Blood Pressure  Pulse Oximetry  Temperature  Prothrombin Time  Fluid Status  Blood Glucose  Weight  ECG
  17. 17. RHF for Congestive Heart Failure WANDA B-Weight & Activity with BP Monitoring System WANDA has four Objectives: 1) Improve a physician’s ability to monitor daily progress of a patient. 2) Provide a pervasive monitoring solution that easily integrates into the lifestyles of patients. 3) Improve a physician’s ability to make decisions making through automated data analysis of patient data. 4) Provide a modular and customizable mobile monitoring platform to meet the specific needs of patients. WANDA Monitors the following four health related measurements: i) Weight, ii) Blood Pressure, iii) Physical Activity, iv) Heart Failure Somatic Awareness Scale (HFSAS). Devices used in WANDA B
  18. 18. WANDA B System Architecture WANDA is built upon a three-tier architecture. 1. The First Tier is composed of sensors for monitoring patients’ health related measurements. These readings are wirelessly transmitted to the second tier. 2. The Second Tier consists of web servers that store sensed data and maintain its integrity. 3. The Third Tier is a back-end database server that performs backup and recovery jobs. Study shows WANDA to be an effective platform for reducing the number of notable trends in CHF risk factors. Personal Activity Monitor (PAM)
  19. 19. Ford In-car Wellness Project Ongoing Health & Wellness Research Projects Ford SYNC offers three unique ways to bring health and wellness connected services into the car:  Device connectivity via Bluetooth - medical devices can be connected to the car to share information through SYNC,  Cloud-based services - Ford created an off-board network of location-based traffic, directions and information providers that drivers can simply access via their cellphone  AppLink - latest SYNC innovation allows smartphone apps to be accessed by drivers via voice control The ongoing Ford health and wellness research projects encompassing these needs include  Glucose monitoring – developed a prototype system that allows Ford SYNC to connect via Bluetooth to a Medtronic continuous glucose monitoring device  WAllergy alerts – working with SDI Health and http://www.pollen.com/ to SYNC-enable its smartphone Allergy Alert app through AppLink,  WellDoc - Ford and WellDoc, a recognized leader in the emerging field of mHealth integrated services, have joined forces to integrate in-car accessibility to WellDoc’s comprehensive cloud-based personalized solutions for those with asthma and diabetes through SYNC Services
  20. 20. Ford Research Project Heart Rate Monitoring Seat  Ford engineers have developed a car seat that can monitor a driver’s heartbeat  The seat uses six special embedded sensors to detect electrical impulses generated by the heart.  The six-sensor system positioned on the surface of the seat backrest. The unobtrusive electrodes have been specially designed to be able to detect the electronic signature of the heart through clothing.  Data collected by the sensors, for example, could be analyzed by medical experts or onboard computer software.  A joint project undertaken by experts from Ford’s European Research and Innovation Centre in Aachen, Germany and Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) Aachen University  “This technology even has the potential to be instrumental in diagnosing conditions drivers were previously unaware they had”. Dr. Achim Lindner, MO, Ford  Latest addition in the Ford research portfolio of possible in-car health and wellness solutions aimed at helping people with chronic illnesses or medical disorders, manage their condition while on the go. IN-CAR
  21. 21. Conclusion "One doesn't discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time." - Andre Gide
  22. 22. Manosh Kumar Bose bose_m@apollohospitals.com; mkbose2005@gmail.com Mob: +919986645669; +919849128702