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App a-day vste-island


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VSTE Island Mobile App Night December 2011

Published in: Technology, Education
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App a-day vste-island

  1. 1. Today’s Documents (Free)
  2. 2. Pass the Past (Free)
  3. 3. Early Jamestown (Free)
  4. 4. US Westward Expansion(Free)
  5. 5. History: Maps of World(Free)
  6. 6. Tip: Use the iPad as a mini-whiteboardInstall a painting appsuch as the freeDoodle Buddy.Students can then usethe iPad to draw theiranswers to questionsas they would on amini-whiteboard, butwith less mess and noneed for pens.
  7. 7. This Day in History (Free)
  8. 8. Constitution for iPad (Free)
  9. 9. Declaration for iPad (Free)
  10. 10. Civil War Today ($6)
  11. 11. Google Earth (Free)
  12. 12. Tip: Create mind maps to brainstorm and think creativelyUse a mind mapping appsuch as Idea Sketch (freeand simple to use) to createmind maps.Ideal for revision of subjects,but can also be used to planout projects. Can be viewedin both diagram and listviewsYou can save each sketch ofan idea as an image onceyouve finished.
  13. 13. Star Walk ($5)
  14. 14. The Elements ($14)
  15. 15. Science 360 (Free)
  16. 16. Mathematricks HD ($1)
  17. 17. Calculator for iPad (Free/$1)
  18. 18. Tip: Use the iPad for group research projectsOne iPad goes a long way whenstudents are working in a group. Itgives them instant access to theinformation they need to succeed- either through apps, storeddata, or the internet.Its far more dynamic than alaptop - it can be shared, passedaround, propped up, gatheredaround - it quickly becomes a keytool for enabling group work.This instant, shared, tactile accessreally keeps student groupprojects flowing!
  19. 19. Math Ref (Free/$1)
  20. 20. Math Ref (Free/$1)
  21. 21. Number Line (Free)
  22. 22. Word Magic ($1)
  23. 23. PocketPhonics (Free/$3)
  24. 24. Tip: Use DropBox to get work on and off the iPadOne of the challenges of usingthe iPad in a classroom isgetting work onto or off thedevices without relying oniTunes. Investigate the use ofDropBox for this purpose.A DropBox account willautomatically sync fileswirelessly from a teacherlaptop to a set of iPads usingthe same account. You couldset up a folder in DropBox foreach student in the class.
  25. 25. Puppet Pals (Free)
  26. 26. Dragon Dictation (Free)
  27. 27. Word Lens (Free/$10)
  28. 28. Art HD (Free)
  29. 29. ArtRage ($7)
  30. 30. Tip: Use Skype to make the iPad a phoneDiscover virtual filedtrips, meet otherteachers, discover newcultures, and connect withclasses from around theworld, all without leaving theclassroom.
  31. 31. Virtuoso (Free)
  32. 32. Pianist Pro ($5)
  33. 33. Selene HD ($7)
  34. 34. GarageBand ($5)
  35. 35. Flashcards Deluxe (Free/$4)
  36. 36. Tip: Charging, synchingand storing multiple iPadsIf a purpose built iPad storageunits are too expensive, a$4.50 dish drying racks maybe a useful alternative. For adust free alternative, placethe dish rack with iPads in alarge Rubbermaid container.
  37. 37. ChoiceBoard Creator (Free)
  38. 38. Outline OneNote Reader (Free)
  39. 39. VoiceThread (Free)
  40. 40. Whiteboard Lite (Free)
  41. 41. Tip: Collaborative WhiteboardsCollaborative whiteboard appsallow you to share iPad screensacross a number of iPads.Once you open the app it asks ifyou want to share your screen.When shared, writing anddrawing on the iPads will be seenon the other iPads that it hasbeen shared with.Great for sharing ideas andkeywords during reading times.Also any other time where youwant students to workcollaboratively to write/shareideas.