Gdbcc presentation revised & edited 12


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Revised GDBCC Cooperative Opportunity Presentation (CoOP)

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Gdbcc presentation revised & edited 12

  1. 1. Republic Act No. 9520
  2. 2. Cooperative seven (7) Principles;1. Voluntary and open membership. Cooperative are voluntary organizations, open to all persons able touse their services and willing to accept the responsibilities of membership, without gender, social, racial,cultural, political or religious discrimination.2. Democratic Member Control – Cooperatives are democratic organizations that are controlled by theirmembers who actively participate inn setting their policies and making decisions. Men and women serving aselected representatives. Directors or officers are accountable to the membership. In primary cooperative,members have equal voting rights of member, one-vote cooperative at other levels are organized in the samedemocratic manner.3. Member Economic participation – Members contribute equitably to and democratically control, thecapital of their cooperative. At least part of that capital is the common property of the cooperative. They shallreceive limited compensation or limited interest, if any, on capital subscribed and paid as a condition ofmembership. Members allocate surpluses for any or all of the following purposes; developing the cooperativeby setting up reserves, part of which should at least be indivisible; benefitting members in proportion to theirpatronage of the cooperative business; and, supporting other activities approved by the membership.4. Autonomy and Independence - Cooperative are autonomous, self-help organization controlled by theirmembers. If they enter into agreements with other organization, including government, or raise capital fromexternal sources, they shall do so on terms that ensure democratic control of their members and maintain theircooperative autonomy.5. Education Training and Information – Cooperative shall provide education and training for theirmembers, elected and appointed representatives, managers, and employees, so that they can contributeeffectively and efficiently to the development of their cooperatives.6. Cooperation among Cooperatives – Cooperatives serve their members most effectively and strengthenthe cooperative movement by working together through local, national, regional and international structures7. Concern for Community – Cooperatives work for the sustainable development of their communitiesthrough policies approved by their members.
  3. 3. The goal of this cooperative is to help improve the quality of life of itsmembers and in furtherance thereto shall aim:1. To attain increased income, savings, investments, productivity, and purchasing power, andpromote among themselves equitable distribution of net surplus through maximum utilization ofeconomies of scale, cost-sharing and risk-sharing;2. To provide optimum social and economic benefits to its members;3. To teach members efficient ways of doing things in a cooperative manner;4. To propagate cooperative practices and new ideas in business and management;5. To allow the lower income and less privileged groups to increase their ownership in the wealth ofthe nation;6. To actively support the government, other cooperatives and people oriented organizations, bothlocal and foreign, in promoting cooperatives as a practical means towards sustainable socio-economic development under a truly just and democratic society;7. To institutionalize a dynamic savings mobilization and capital build-up schemes to sustain itsdevelopmental activities and long-term investments, thereby ensuring optimum economic benefitsto the members, their families and the general public;8. To implement policy guidelines that will ensure transparency, equitable access to its resourcesand services, and promote the interests of the members; and9. To adopt such other plans as may help foster the welfare of the members, their families and thecommunityfollowing duties:
  4. 4. ARTICLE 2 SECTION 7 of Cooperative By-LawsDuties and Responsibilities of a Member. Every member shall have thefollowing duties:a. Pay the installment of his/her share capital subscription as it falls due and toparticipate in the capital build-up and savings mobilization activities of theCooperative;b. Patronize the Cooperative’s businesses and services;c. Participate in the membership education programs;d. Attend and participate in the deliberation of all matters taken duringgeneral assembly meetings;e. Observe and obey all lawful orders, decisions, rules and regulationsadopted by the Board of Directors and the general assembly; andf. Promote the purposes and goals of the Cooperative, the success of itsbusiness, the welfare of its members and the cooperative movement ingeneral.
  5. 5. IS ALL YOU NEED! ! !and you will get all this benefits! ! !
  6. 6. Benefits of being a member inGLOBAL DOLLAR BUILDER CREDIT COOPERATIVE Dollar & Peso Network income GDBCC benefits Housing/Condo Assistance Globaldollarclix Investment CF Wellness product & income opportunity – monthly dividend Car Assistance
  7. 7. Benefits of being a member inGLOBAL DOLLAR BUILDER CREDIT COOPERATIVE GDBCC benefits SHARE Capital SHARE Dividend  GDB Wealth Fund - $2  Life Accident Insurance  Medical Assistance from P250 to P2500  CASH Loan  P2.5k-5k – (1st Loan 20 days processing- 3M to pay/ minimum)  P6K -10K – 2nd Loan 1 week processing- 3M to pay/ minimum)  P11K-20K – (3rd Loan 1 week processing- 3M to pay/ minimum)  P21K-40K – (4th Loan 1 week processing- 5M to pay/ minimum)  P50,000 – (5th Loan 1 week processing- 5M to pay/ minimum)  P80,000 to 500,000 – (Business Loan 1M processing- 6M - 2 yrs to pay)
  8. 8. 15
  9. 9. 2 Direct Referral System Left Right A BLeft Side Right Side 16
  10. 10. 20
  11. 11. 22
  12. 12. 23
  13. 13. 24
  14. 14. 25
  15. 15. www.globaldollarbuilder.netAll GDBCC members are required to view PMES thru Webinar or YouTube
  16. 16. GDBCC globaldollarclix
  17. 17. Note: Other PTC payout is less 30% ADS INCOME No. of Capital Accounts in USD Profits in Monthly 8 Months 8 Months 1 $350 $340 $2,040 $1,690GDC 3 $1,050 $1,020 $6,120 $5,070 6 $2,100 $2,040 $12,240 $10,140 9 $3,150 $3,060 $18,360 $15,210 12 $4,200 $4,080 $24,480 $20,280
  18. 18. GDBCC CLIX GDBCC Option to STP online encash 24/7 Member can sell directly Local E-cash CoopSTP Buy e-pin Debit card Bank member
  19. 19. and Wellness Company 45
  20. 20. SEC Registration Certificate BIR Certificate of Registration
  21. 21. BFAD License To Operate Business Permit
  22. 22. Health & Beauty Products 48
  23. 23. MERALCO BILLFrom 1800 1300+ 800+ 25pesosBy: pastor LINO caloocan
  24. 24. FOR APPLIANCES MERALCO BILL From 5,819 2,300+ 1,200+ by: ester of Antipolo
  27. 27. FOR MOTORCYCLES* Put 2sachet in CDI box
  29. 29. YOU1 2
  30. 30. Direct ReferralReward L R P100 P100 P100 P100 P100 P100 Unlimited income as long as you want to direct. Get Php100 every time you directly refer someone who purchase the cf wellness package worth Php 2,500. No time frame.
  31. 31. Matching Reward YouPairing Reward L R1. Php 5002. Php 5003. Php 5004. Php 5005. Php 500 Php 5,000 per day Php 35,000 per week 10 pairs Php 140,000 per month per day / head
  32. 32. Contact or Visit us at: 4th floor Victoria 1 bldg. 1670 Quezon Ave., Quezon City Webs ite: