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Job Talk: Teaching (2007) - Wayne State University


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These are the slides from my teaching-focused job talk at Wayne State University in January 2007.

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Job Talk: Teaching (2007) - Wayne State University

  1. 1. Its better because its homemade! Michael K. BarbourDepartment of Educational Psychology and Instructional Technology College of Education University of Georgia
  2. 2. Video Games & Digital Media • Today’s student has: – spent fewer than 5,000 hours of their lives reading – more than 10,000 hours playing video games – another 10,000 on their cell phones – more than 20,000 watching television Prensky (2006)Prensky, M. (2006). Don’t bother me mom – I’m learning! St. Paul, MN: Paragon House.
  3. 3. What Does School Have To Offer?Thursday - January 18, 2007
  4. 4. The K-12 ClassroomPeoria Christian School Middle School in Maine(circa 1950) (circa 2005) Images from and
  5. 5. The K-12 ClassroomMiddle School in Maine St. Marys School in NY(circa 2005) (circa 2000) Images from and
  6. 6. Why?• a team of researchers arrive in a school• greeted enthusiastically• wonderful things happen for weeks or months• the researchers leave• the school reverts to teaching as they did before the researchers arrived
  7. 7. An Exception• WebQuests -• a creative instructional strategy that guides students through a set of specific tasks, using pre-selected resources, to complete an assignment• based on what teachers already do – design instruction for students – use Internet resources – make good use of student time• teachers feel good about integrating technology into their classroom
  8. 8. Play and GamesThink back to when you were a kid…• How much time did you spend playing games?• What were your favorite games?• What characteristics made them your favorite?
  9. 9. Another Exception• schools typically have access to PowerPoint• teachers already have some facility with the tool• students are also familiar with the tool• everyone would like to be Its better because its homemade! able to use it for more than just another PowerPoint presentation
  10. 10. But First… Image from
  11. 11. PowerPoint Games• make use of hyperlink feature in PPT• have three consistent features: 1. game story or context 2. game goal 3. game rules• can be constructed by teacher for their students to play or by the students themselves
  12. 12. Creating a PPT Game1. Introduce PPT games2. Sharing game ideas and stories3. Different levels of questioning4. Create prototype of the game5. Peer review6. Share games with the class
  13. 13. Its better because its homemade! State University Class
  14. 14. Contact InformationMichael K. Barbour Doctoral Candidate Department of Educational Psychology and Instructional Technology University of Georgia