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HKERA 2017 - Designing and Delivering Inviting Online Education


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Barbour, M. K., Palacios, L., Wong, P., & O’Connor, J. (2017, November). Designing and delivering inviting online education. A paper presentation at the Hong Kong Education Research Association International Conference, Hong Kong.

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HKERA 2017 - Designing and Delivering Inviting Online Education

  1. 1. Michael K. BARBOUR, Touro University California, United States Lisa PALACIOS, Touro University California, United States Peter WONG, Hong Kong Education Bureau, Hong Kong Jim O'CONNOR, Touro University California, United States Designing and Delivering Inviting Online Education
  2. 2. Announcing the first and only Master’s Programme in the world in Invitational Education® exclusively offered to Hong Kong and mainland China Teachers. This fully online programme is offered by Touro University California; a fully accredited US institution.
  3. 3. Touro College and University System • Private, non-profit, Jewish sponsored higher education system founded in NY by Dr. Bernard Lander in 1970 • Approx. 19,000 students worldwide • Alan Kadish, MD, President • Campuses in CA, NV, NY, FL, Berlin, Jerusalem, Moscow, and Paris • 4 medical schools, 2 pharmacy schools, 1 law school, UG & Grad degree programs, and religious schools
  4. 4. • Founded 1997 in San Francisco as COM • Moved to Historic Mare Island in 1999 • 44 acre property, 23 buildings and historic structures; 6 have been renovated and support instructional mission
  5. 5. What is Invitational Education®? Invitational Education® is the process by which people are cordially summoned to realize their potential in all areas of worthwhile human endeavor.
  6. 6. Invitational Education offers concrete, practical, democratic, and successful ways for educators and leaders to gain the voluntary and enthusiastic support of others as they work together to realize their personal and professional goals. Inviting educators and leaders choose words and actions that intentionally demonstrate optimism, respect, trust, and care as they invite others to share in vision.
  7. 7. • Fully Online – does not require immigration • Asynchronous – meaning education on their own time • Project-Based Assessments – to provide a more practical experience for students
  8. 8. • course content will be hosted in a learning management system to intentionally invite students into a positive experience (Cain, Abell, & Cindric, 2016) • provides a clean and clear path for the learner to begin their online learning (Swan, 2003), and a welcoming introduction to the course content and the online learning environment with greetings in both text and video format (Plante & Asselin, 2014; Thomas, West, & Borup, 2017)
  9. 9. • the “purpose of online learning is to engage the learner in meaningful ways in order to achieve deep, authentic and applicable learning” (Northcote, 2008, p. 676) • intentionality of the instructor, as well as the students in the course to be personally inviting to each other, can assist in the creation of both a teacher presence (Anderson, Rourke, Garrison, & Archer, 2001) and a social presence among all of the participants (Garrison, 2009)
  10. 10. • faculty will also utilize social media tools to provide students interactive personal and social experiences (Di Petta, Novak, & Marini, 2002) • allow learners a more immediate and higher level of interaction with the instructor and each other, which should serve to assist in their construction of meaning through sustained reflection and discourse (or cognitive presence) (Garrison, Anderson, & Archer, 2001)
  11. 11. Your Questions and Comments
  12. 12. Associate Professor of Instructional Design Touro University, California