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BC DL Conference 2010 - Teacher Education and Virtual Schooling


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Barbour, M. K. (2010, April). Teacher education and virtual schooling. A presentation at the British Columbia Partners in Online Learning Conference,

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BC DL Conference 2010 - Teacher Education and Virtual Schooling

  1. 1. Teacher EducationandVirtual Schooling Michael Barbour Wayne State University
  2. 2. What Is Available?Limited Canadian opportunities focused on K-12Growing number of US-based opportunitiesSome online resources
  3. 3. Memorial University of NewfoundlandDiploma in TeleLearning and Rural School TeachingTeleLearning in a Rural School IntranetEffective Teaching Strategies for Multi-grade/Multi-age ClassroomsSpecial Needs in the Context of Rural SchoolsLeadership Perspectives in Rural SchoolsContemporary Educational Issues in Rural SchoolsResource-based Learning in the Context of Rural SchoolsChoose four of the following:Curriculum Connections in Multi-grade/Multi-age ClassroomsRural Schools and Community RelationsRural Schools as Community Learning CentresCurriculum Implementation in All-grade Rural SchoolsStudent Assessment in the Context of Rural SchoolsGeneral Classroom MusicSpecial Topics Courses in TeleLearning and Rural School Teaching
  4. 4. Queens UniversityTeaching and Learning OnlineCourse Aims and Objectivesto critically examine present and proposed uses of the Internet/Web in teaching and learningto collaboratively construct images of what effective online learning could befor each class member, to increase understanding and skills related to the development, presentation, and delivery of online content and learning resourcesIncludes an alternate practicum to allow students to dosome student teaching online
  5. 5. Plymouth State UniversityFramingham State CollegeNorthwest Nazarene UniversityGraduate Certificate in Online Teachingand Learning (in partnership with VHS,Inc.)21st Century Teaching and LearningWeb-enhanced ClassroomOnline-extended TeachingWeb 2.0: Collaborative InstructionBecoming an Online Teacher
  6. 6. Boise State UniversityGraduate Certificate in Online TeachingOnline Teaching in the K-12 EnvironmentAdvanced Online Teaching MethodsChoose one of the following:The Internet for EducatorsOnline Course DesignTeaching and Learning In Virtual WorldsEducational Games and Simulations
  7. 7. University of FloridaGraduate Certificate in Online Teaching andLearningChoose three of the following:Designing and Delivering Online ContentDistance Teaching and LearningVirtual Schools Philosophy and PedagogyDistance Education Leadership and Management
  8. 8. Wayne State UniversityGraduate Certificate in OnlineTeachingFoundations of Distance EducationFacilitation of On-Line and Face-To-Face LearningPracticum in Instructional TechnologyChoose two of the following:Designing Web Tools for theWeb-Based Courseware DevelopmentInternet in the ClassroomMultimedia for InstructionAdvanced Multimedia for Instruction
  9. 9. Teacher RolesVirtual School Designer: Course Developmentdesign instructional materialsworks in team with teachers and a virtual school to construct the online course, etc.Virtual School Teacher: Pedagogy & Class Managementpresents activities, manages pacing, rigor, etc.interacts with students and their facilitatorsundertakes assessment, grading, etc.Virtual School Site Facilitator: Mentoring & Advocatinglocal mentor and advocate for student(s)proctors & records grades, etc. Davis (2007)
  10. 10. What Resources Available?Limited Canadian opportunities focused on K-12Growing number of US-based opportunitiesSome online resources
  11. 11. Teacher Education Goes Into Virtual Schooling
  12. 12. Iowa Learning Online Case Studies
  13. 13. Elizabeth Murphys Online Teaching Videos
  14. 14. Michigan Online Teaching Case Studies
  15. 15. Virtual School Meanderingshttp://virtualschooling.wordpress.comTags:• IT6230• professional development• teacher education• teacher training
  16. 16. Contact Information Michael Barbour