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Tutorial chapter 2 robotic


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Tutorial chapter 2 robotic

  1. 1. DEK 3223 Automation System & Robotics TUTORIAL Chapter 2 Industrial Robot Technology1. What is an industrial robot?2. Name ten different areas of application of robotics.3. Discuss at least four reasons for using robots instead of humans to perform a task?4. What are the basic components of an industrial robot?5. What is the primary function of a manipulator?6. What are the three orientation axes in the wrist called?7. What is mounted on the end of a manipulator?8. List six end effector attachments.9. What kinds of actuators are used for industrial robots?10. What is the area that represents the maximum extent of the robot’s arm back to taught point called?11. What are some advantages and disadvantages of a robot’s having sensors?12. What purposes do internal sensors serve in a robot?13. What purposes do external sensors serve in a robot?14. Which is easier, gathering sensor information or interpreting sensor information?15. What device can be used to convert analog signals into digital signals?