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Power generation from flue gases


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Power generation from flue gases,ppt,latest developments in power genneration

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  • hello..can i know how did you get the electron and then change it into electricity??
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Power generation from flue gases

  1. 1. Introduction  Now a days the power consumption has increased, but the generation of power couldn’t reach that demand. So, we need to generate more power. For this purpose we need many power plants. But, it is not possible in practice, because resources are not sufficient and take more time to construct. So we are looking for new technologies.
  2. 2. Why we choose this  As per today’s scenario, we have so many factories over the world releasing the harmful gases in to the atmosphere. For the utilization of such gases this method is used.
  3. 3. Construction  To utilize the gases releasing from factories we need to place filters inside the chimney. The filters which are placed in chimney have the following characteristics.
  4. 4. Requirements of Filter  With a specific material that need to satisfy the following requirements:  It need to be an Electron acceptor.  Acceptor being conductive.  Heat resistive in nature.  Alignment of varied filters.  And,flow of electrons must be systematic.
  5. 5.  Whereas, the small pored filters are at the top of the chimney making them useful in collecting the remaining Electrons, and are free from damage because of the heat compensation that takes place due to the atmospheric interaction with heat. So, on processing these electrons we have a new production of electricity.
  6. 6. Working Process
  7. 7. Working Process  The gases releasing from industries are unstable gases, and these Gases were no more to be unstable but convert themselves into Ionic-form of Gases. Due to, huge amounts of heat evolved in the Industrial processes we have these Ionic gases ejecting their electrons. If we are able to capture these electrons and make them to flow in a systematic order, we will be able to generate Electricity from the principle saying that:"flow of Electrons is nothing but Electricity".
  8. 8. Advantages  It is very economical.  Power can be generated throughout the day & it is not depend on season.  It requires less space.  The generated power can be utilized for industrial lighting purpose
  9. 9. Dis Advantages  Less power generated by this process.  The power generation depends on flue gases releasing out from the industry.  The filters should have better efficiency, otherwise more electrons are loss.