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Enterprise 2.0 - Join the bandwagon (and the rollercoaster ...)


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A deck of slides I used at a talk at T-Systems, Stuttgart - not really an overview of Enterprise 2.0 but a helter-skelter ride with excursions into knowledge management and implementation lifehacks and models.

Most of the slides are in English, with some german ones scattered in between. Let's call it Denglish.

Published in: Business, Technology
  • Präsentationen ohne Text/Ton sind ja immer nur eingeschränkt nachvollziehbar. Sehr inspirierend fand ich allerdings die Unterscheidung zwischen Durchsetzung und Anpassung als Implementierungsstrategien! Ist mir nicht bewusst gewesen. Gruß aus München, Ludwig
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Enterprise 2.0 - Join the bandwagon (and the rollercoaster ...)

  1. 1. Enterprise 2.0 – getting up to speed Bandwagon or Rollercoaster? Vortrag bei T-Systems SI, LE 23.7.2009 Martin Koser frogpond _ enterprise collaboration consulting Ask Lab
  2. 2. Social Web - potentials for enterprises? Emerging technologies - more than IT tools? Knowledge Management 2.0 - WTF or FTW? Implementation - strategies and pitfalls Q&A Ask Lab
  3. 3. Ask Lab
  4. 4. frogpond? Ask Lab
  5. 5. frogpond! Ask Lab
  6. 6. I'm a Blogger Ask Lab
  7. 7. Bloggers – they are so cute Ask Lab
  8. 8. I'm a Blogger Consultant Ask Lab
  9. 9. Ask Lab
  10. 10. Web 2.0 Expert Ask Lab
  11. 11. What do I do? Consulting, organizing and facilitating ... Aufgabe ... mit (Enterprise) Social Software Organisationen bei der Erfüllung ihrer Aufgaben helfen Beratung ... „hands on“ Projektarbeit statt „hit, bill and run“ Leistung ... Fragen beantworten und stellen, analysieren, konzipieren, Projekte begleiten und managen ... Ask Lab
  12. 12. I am not alone Ask Lab
  13. 13. Ask Lab Ask Lab
  14. 14. Ask Lab
  15. 15. Ask Lab
  16. 16. Ask Lab
  17. 17. Web 2.0 Bandwagon Ask Lab
  18. 18. Web 2.0 Rollercoaster Ask Lab
  19. 19. Social Web - potentials for enterprises? Emerging technologies - more than IT tools? Knowledge Management 2.0 - WTF or FTW? Implementation - strategies and pitfalls Q&A Ask Lab
  20. 20. Potentials … for Enterprises? Ask Lab
  21. 21. nobody wants to see any more slides with the Gartner hype cycle ... Ask Lab
  22. 22. … or psychedelic 2.0 colours Ask Lab
  23. 23. … but quite often they're worth the deal Ask Lab
  24. 24. … but quite often they're worth the deal Ask Lab
  25. 25. Web 2.0 ! Ask Lab
  26. 26. Web 2.0 and Enterprise Portals Ask Lab
  27. 27. Nothing new under the sun? Ask Lab
  28. 28. Living in public can be embarrassing ... Ask Lab
  29. 29. It's about the conversations, as it ever was Ask Lab
  30. 30. Hmm, informal conversations brewing ... Ask Lab
  31. 31. One idea: It's about the fabrics of social networks Ask Lab
  32. 32. Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning Ask Lab
  33. 33. Social Web - potentials for enterprises? Emerging technologies - more than IT tools? Knowledge Management 2.0 - WTF or FTW? Implementation - strategies and pitfalls Q&A Ask Lab
  34. 34. More than IT tools … ahh, but do we need to forget about all those nifty shiny cute fabulous tools? Ask Lab
  35. 35. Tools are cool Ask Lab
  36. 36. Cool tools?! Intranet 1.0 Ask Lab
  37. 37. Cool tools?! Enterprise Apps Ask Lab
  38. 38. All tools are cool (Well, almost all tools) Enterprise Content Management Einfachere Erstellung und Verwaltung von Inhalten und Dokumenten Zusammenarbeit Persönliche Produktivität Wissens-Findung Mit Kollegen, Partnern, Kunden Verbesserte Effizienz und und Verständnis Eigenständigkeit Bereitstellung der richtigen Informationen für mehr Menschen Information Worker Grundlagen Solutions Sicherer, verwaltbarer, Client- und webbasierte Anwendungen zuverlässiger mit Workflow und Line-of-Business Interoperabilität Ask Lab
  39. 39. aber Web 2.0 ist mehr ... einige Trends der digitalen Wirtschaft Digitale Wirtschaft Weblogs Wikis Web 2.0 Tagging und Folksonomy Social Software Social Software Soziale Netzwerke Social Media Enterprise 2.0 Architecture of Participation neue bzw. andere Organisationsformen "User-generated" Content Wisdom of the Crowd "Do It Yourself"-Wirtschaft Long Tail RIA Rich Internet Apps Office 2.0 APIs & Web As Connected Platform (Mash-ups) Online-Gemeinschaften AJAX, RSS, RDF, XML etc. SOA, SaaS, ... Perpetual Beta Open Innovation ... Ask Lab
  40. 40. Web 2.0 in/between Enterprises - way more than tools Ask Lab
  41. 41. Enterprise 2.0 - way more than tools Enterprise 2.0 = freeform social software adapted to organizations Andrew McAfee: SLATES Search Links Authoring Tags Extensions Signals Ask Lab
  42. 42. Social Web - potentials for enterprises? Emerging technologies - more than IT tools? Knowledge Management 2.0 - WTF or FTW? Implementation - strategies and pitfalls Q&A Ask Lab
  43. 43. Knowledge Management 2.0 WTF or FTW? Ask Lab
  44. 44. Why KM fails ... (sometimes, too often, always) Knowledge Management is not an end in itself. Companies do not exist for the purpose of propagating and advancing knowledge - they exist to sell products and services. But to the extent that competitive advantage relies on informed decision making within the business - knowledge management has a crucial role to play. Ask Lab
  45. 45. A history of disappointment – but what do we expect? shrink-wrapped naïve technology solutions that ignore people, process, and change management ... Ask Lab
  46. 46. 2.0 – modified knowledge processes Knowledge - its content and its organization - is becoming a social act. David Weinberger, Everything Is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder Ask Lab
  47. 47. Theory (1): Spatial Distance in E-Collaboration ... different floor different building conventionally located teams virtual teams 15m rule of collaboration different town different countries round the globe Ask Lab
  48. 48. Theory (2): Emergent levels of interaction ... FIT LINK Ask Lab
  49. 49. Hunting experts in social networks ;) Metcalfe's Law is helping Netzwerk- Attraktivität 8 2 Attraktivität = Teilnehmerzahl 2 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Netzwerk- Teilnehmer 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Ask Lab
  50. 50. Expertise Location Emergent Properties of Workstreams? … allow people to make their own decisions, enabling “wisdom of crowds”, creating greater job satisfaction that translates to greater flexibility, creativity, innovation … by supporting informal social networks, information flows (think Twitter), and leveraging people's interests throughout the enterprise (and beyond) Ask Lab
  51. 51. Klassisches Wissensmanagement als Top-Down-Approach vgl. Probst/Raub/Romhardt Ask Lab
  52. 52. Wiki als Bottom-Up-Approach ohne Management-Overhead Wissens- bewahrung Gardening Wissens- erwerb Wissens- nutzung Feedback- Schleife Wissens- entwicklung Ask Lab
  53. 53. Social Web - potentials for enterprises? Emerging technologies - more than IT tools? Knowledge Management 2.0 - WTF or FTW? Implementation - strategies and pitfalls Q&A Ask Lab
  54. 54. Implementation Strategies and Pitfalls Ask Lab
  55. 55. I say there's no magic bullet You need to start with a clear understanding of your goals ... then learn which tools (make that platforms) can help you achieve those … right, this happens through various and mysterious ways (adoption is key) … while you need to push longer than the organizational attention span … and then ... Ask Lab
  56. 56. Balance the discussion Ask Lab
  57. 57. Go for all - 100-100-100 1% generieren 10% reagieren 100% konsumieren Ask Lab
  58. 58. Yet, all kinds of participation can be cool Creator - Publish a blog/web page, upload music and video Critic - Post ratings or a product, comment on a blog, contribute to a forum, edit a wiki Collector - Use RSS, vote for websites, add tags Joiner - Maintain a profile on a social media website, visit networking sites Spectator - Read blogs, listen to podcasts, watch video, read forums and ratings Inactive - None of the above Ask Lab
  59. 59. Engagement of all kinds ... Ask Lab
  60. 60. Implementation takes time Ask Lab
  61. 61. Useful Model? No, really ... Ask Lab
  62. 62. Vorgehensmodelle (1) Ask Lab
  63. 63. Vorgehensmodelle (2) Organisatorische ORGANISATORISCHE Organisatorische Zielbildung PLANUNG Planung ORGANISATORISCHE Organisatorische DIAGNOSE Diagnose ORGANISATORISCHE Organisatorische Organisatorische REALISATION Realisation Implementierung Ask Lab
  64. 64. On with implementation ... Enforcement Concept Context Problem-adequate Context-adequate solution solution Adaption Ask Lab
  65. 65. Implementation Durchsetzung Angleichung = Anpassen des Kontexts = Anpassen des Konzepts Kontext sensibilisieren Konzept sensibilisieren Personal - Fit Kommunizieren Technologie - Fit Qualifizieren Strategie - Fit Motivieren Struktur - Fit Organisieren Kultur - Fit ... Kontext substituieren Konzept substituieren Ask Lab
  66. 66. Pick areas large enough to matter Concept (Modules) Whole Pilot - America - concept Strategy Strategy Part of Cuba - Module - concept Strategy Strategy Context (Arenas) Part of Whole company Company Ask Lab
  67. 67. Pick battles small enough to win Konzept Kontext einpassen ... Ask Lab
  68. 68. Innovate for the future present Ask Lab
  69. 69. Innovate for the future present - cntd. Ask Lab
  70. 70. Let's spell integration play ... Ask Lab
  71. 71. Innovate for the future present – Open Source Ask Lab
  72. 72. Innovate for the future present – Open APIs, open everything Ask Lab
  73. 73. Need some Catalyst? err, Consulting? Ask Lab
  74. 74. Consultant = Storyteller Ask Lab
  75. 75. Consultant = Change Facilitator Ask Lab
  76. 76. That's it, folks Contact: Enterprise Collaboration Consulting Skype: mk.frogpond Ask Lab