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M tarnow hw410_u5_journal


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M tarnow hw410_u5_journal

  1. 1. HW410: Unit 5 Journal Writing AssignmentMelanie Tarnow<br />Exercise 8.1 Reframing: Seeing a Bigger, Clearer Perspective<br /><ul><li>Situation: Have to drive home everyday at lunch to let the dog out.
  2. 2. Reframed Perspective: Even though I have to drive home to let the dog out, I get a chance to get away from work and get some food at home, rather than spending money for lunch at the hospital. My dog Jake also appreciates the company for a little while.
  3. 3. Situation: I have to vacuum the house every other day because of dog hair.
  4. 4. Reframed Perspective: I am quite anal regarding the cleanliness of my home, and I have to remember that every time I get upset because I have to vacuum due to dog hair, that I love my dog and that he is a part of the family. Also, if it were truly a concern, I should have thought about it a little more thoroughly before we got him.
  5. 5. Situation: I get tired of all the aquatic therapy that I have to do with patients at
  6. 6. work.
  7. 7. Reframed Perspective: Despite my dislike of doing aquatic therapy, I have to remember that I am helping people to recover from injury and am doing it for the betterment of the patient, and it also changes the atmosphere from my daily regular routine and gives me something different to do.
  8. 8. Exercise 9.1 Value Assessment and Clarification
  9. 9. Core Values:
  10. 10. HonestySupport
  11. 11. IntegritySupport
  12. 12. LoveBasic
  13. 13. FaithBasic
  14. 14. MoralsBasic
  15. 15. DisciplineSupport
  16. 16. Responsibility Support
  17. 17. HealthBasic
  18. 18. It is hard to say how my values are represented by my possessions. I guess possessions don’t have to be materialistic. So, my family represents love, faith and morals. Because of them I feel that I live a better life, want to be a better person, love better, be strong for my son in faith and my beliefs. My morals are a strong part of my life and influence a lot of my decisions. Some decisions are more important than other, so I rely on my strong sense of self, my faith and my integrity to guide me in the right direction.
  19. 19. If I had to analyze my values and say as to whether or not there are any that compete with each other…I would say that discipline and responsibility sometimes. I am a firm believer that a person is responsible for their actions, right or wrong, and a certain amount of discipline weighs right in with that. If I am able to recognize this conflict, no matter if it is when it is occurring or a short time after, what I try to do is try to rationalize out to myself that is the situation in relation to the discipline directly related to the responsibility of the person involved, even if the person is me. I try to self-discipline with things. Say for example, if I forget to pay a bill on time, I will not allow myself to get my favorite treat in the whole world to me…a Starbucks latte. I know it’s stupid, but it works.
  20. 20. Exercise 15.1 The Time-Crunch Questionnaire
  21. 21. 2
  22. 22. 1
  23. 23. 2
  24. 24. 3
  25. 25. 3
  26. 26. 1
  27. 27. 3
  28. 28. 3
  29. 29. 3
  30. 30. 1
  31. 31. 2
  32. 32. 1
  33. 33. 1
  34. 34. 3
  35. 35. 2
  36. 36. 2
  37. 37. 3
  38. 38. 1
  39. 39. 3
  40. 40. 2
  41. 41. 1
  42. 42. 2
  43. 43. 3
  44. 44. Total Score: 47
  45. 45. I hope that got scored right, because the numbers on the scale I think were wrong. But, according to my score, I have fair management skills. I guess I would have to agree with that. It depends on what I am doing and how I prioritize my activities. I will do first what I want to do, not necessarily what should be done first.