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Nfi b2 b_customerfacing_011212_final

  1. 1. Fatherhood Program Planning Services national fatherhood initiativeFATHERSERVICES™ Offerings: How can1. ompression Planning® (CP): CP is an interactive C planning session facilitated by NFI staff to help organizations that are seeking to start a fatherhood program or enhance an existing one. • P helps leaders make better decisions faster, C we help you connect with through pure-form thinking, which separates creativity from analysis • esults in more effective collaborative time, leading to identifiable R fathers? and achievable results • ession output includes design, ideas, and action steps delivered S in an easy to use document for organizations to act on session results2. ommunity Engagement and Mobilization Planning™: NFI can C conduct a training/workshop to help organizations create a Community An Overview of NFI Products Services Mobilization Approach™ (CMA) or consult on and assist with conducting any of the components of the CMA. CMA consists of: • Needs and Assets Assessment • Creating a Fatherhood Initiative • eadership Summit on Fatherhood (i.e. NFI can consult on a L FATHERSOURCE™ embodies how we help you and your Leadership Summit plan and could send a NFI staffer to facilitate organization and our partners “Educate Your Fathers discussions or deliver a keynote) using fatherhood skill-building resources from our3. ather-Readiness Assessment and Planning™: Consists of a 1 or 2-day F FATHERSOURCE™ Resource Center” site visit, where NFI staff deliver on-site to assist with creating the best combination of NFI resources and offerings to meet the organization’s fatherhood programming objectives. During the site visit, NFI staff will: FATHERSOLUTIONS™ includes how we help you • dentify/assess the organization’s “readiness”; leverage the I and your organization and our partners “Educate Father Friendly Check-Up™ (FFCU) to develop recommendations your staff through training institutes and webinars” for increasing father readiness • ocus on core issues that every organization faces (e.g. marketing F and recruitment and fundraising) • rovide the organization with the foundation for their selected P FATHERSERVICES™ incorporates how we help FATHERSOURCE™ and FATHERSOLUTIONS™ Tracks your organization and our partners “Engage NFI and the Community through planning and outreach services” Questions about your fatherhood program? Contact our Program Support Staff at 240-912-1290 or 20410 Observation Drive | Suite 107 | Germantown, MD 20876
  2. 2. Ready to Begin? Or take it the next level? Choose your Intensity. FATHERSOURCE™, FATHERSOLUTIONS™, and FATHERSERVICES™ consists Medium Intensity Resources: of tracks, or intensity levels, including the ability to customize programs to 7 Habits™, Doctor Dad™, Why Knot?™ Workshops; Power Hour™ engage fathers in a way that is unique to your organization and setting. Men’s Ministry Remodeled; FatherTopics™ Workshops as a program You choose your implementation strategy — NFI simply provides you with add-on or stand-alone workshop. an approach and tools to create a cohesive and effective fatherhood program.Virtual Resources:Virtual resources are easily accessible by all organizations,no matter your budget or staff capacity. NFI virtual 7 HABITS™ DOCTOR why knot?™ 24/7 DAD™ Men’s Ministryresources include: OF A 24/7 DAD DAD™ POWER HOUR Remodeled™ • resources for dads (e.g. articles) • Twice-weekly Dad E-mail™ ALSO… • Drop Dad a Line™ military dad messages • est Practices Social Marketing Workshops B • Father Factor Blog, Twitter, and Facebook • ustomized workshops via webinar or on-site C • Periodic campaigns (e.g. Fit2Father) • Why Knot?™ Training Institute • Dad’s Club™ • 7 Habits™ online training Fathertopics™ • Fatherhood Today™ online workshops • resources for facilitators (i.e. online community/ies for facilitators) The following describes the three FATHERSOURCE™ intensity levels:Low Intensity Resources: High Intensity Resources:Brochures; Posters; Kiosks/Fatherhood Resource Center; Interactive 24/7 Dad™, IoD™, and IoD Christian™ Curriculum; FatherTopics™Programs (CDs); A Guide to Strengthening Fatherhood in Your Community. Workshops as add-on enhancements to comprehensive fatherhood programs. BES T SEL POSTERS LE R! STRENGTHENING FATHERHOOD BROCHURES GUIDE 24/7 DAD™ INSIDEOUT DAD™ INSIDEOUT DAD™ Fathertopics™ CHRISTIAN workshopsALSO…• ather Friendly Check-Up™ (FFCU) F ALSO…1 or 2-Day Facilitator Training Institutes: at • 24/7 Dad™• FFCU webinar or on-site workshop BROCHURES • InsideOut Dad™• ustomized webinars to raise staff C KIOSK • InsideOut Dad Christian™ awareness about the importance of engaging fathers INTERACTIVE