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Startup Secrets - Vision, Mission, Culture

Ideas are worth very little without a culture to guide the selection of talent and a big, bold vision to attract and unify the team. Human capital is what separates great from good companies – which is why establishing a strong culture to attract and retain the right people, while unifying them behind an inspiring vision and mission is essential to any significant venture.

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Startup Secrets - Vision, Mission, Culture

  1. Proprietary and Confidential START UP SECRETS An insider’s guide to unfair competitive advantage Vision, Mission, Culture Foundations for Growth & Endurance @underscorevc
  2. Proprietary and Confidential Have a Question? Tweet it! 2startupsecrets.comRoadmap to Success @underscorevc @underscorevc @mjskok #startupsecrets
  3. Proprietary and Confidential Building an enduring company: Simplification: Vision / Mission Value Prop People Execution Cultural Consistency Enduring Company Startup 3
  4. Proprietary and Confidential Why?  Why are Vision, Mission, Culture important to a startup? 4
  5. Proprietary and Confidential Why? Many, many reasons. Simplified:  Ideas are worth little to nothing without… • People to execute • Culture to select the right people & empower them • Vision to attract, retain & unify all stakeholders  Execution • Focus • Alignment • Empowerment 5
  6. Proprietary and Confidential Agenda: Vision / Mission Vision / Mission Value Prop People Execution Cultural Consistency Enduring Company Startup
  7. Proprietary and Confidential “Give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly without barriers”
  8. Proprietary and Confidential Vision impact?
  9. Proprietary and Confidential Vision – development…  Vision • How the market will evolve? • How will you will lead it?
  10. Proprietary and Confidential Mission?
  11. Proprietary and Confidential Mission – development…  4 Ms of Mission Statements* • Memorable • Manageable • Measurable • Motivational
  12. Proprietary and Confidential Kayak Mission “THE BEST PLACE TO PLAN AND BOOK TRAVEL”
  13. Proprietary and Confidential Check: Vision or Hallucination? Visions and hallucinations look the same… ...until you try to realize them Try to tell the difference early BIG visions may not be much harder to achieve than smaller ones From Startup Secrets workshop on “Have you got what it takes?” Jon Hirschtick, founder Solidworks, Onshape
  14. Proprietary and Confidential The only difference between vision and hallucination is two letters: P.O. (Purchase Order) P.O. (PURCHASE ORDER)
  15. Proprietary and Confidential Agenda: Culture Vision / Mission Value Prop People Execution Cultural Consistency Enduring Company Startup
  16. Proprietary and Confidential Culture: What is it? For the techies among you:  It’s like the Operating System to run your Apps on  EG the Platform to empower your People
  17. Proprietary and Confidential Culture: What is it? Multi faceted… Simplified:  It’s HOW you do business  The organizational embodiment of things like: • Personality • Style • Heart & Soul • Sub conscience & conscience
  18. Proprietary and Confidential Culture – example framework  Shared Values • Beliefs • Guiding Principles  Living • Leading • Modeling  Executing • Responsibility, Accountability • Success & Failure
  19. Proprietary and Confidential Values • Team First • Customer Second • Revenue per Employee Third • Have fun. Engage people. • Get results. Output matters. • Be cool. Be kind, and honest. • Be efficient – in person, in email, and in code.
  20. Proprietary and Confidential Startup Secret: Culture  Comes from YOU  Comes from the top  Is modeled CultureStartup Enduring Company
  21. Proprietary and Confidential Startup Secret: Culture  Comes from YOU  Comes from the top  Is modeled  Is valued by consistency Cultural ConsistencyStartup Enduring Company
  22. Proprietary and Confidential Jeff Bezos and the “door desk” which came to symbolize Amazon’s frugal culture
  23. Proprietary and Confidential Can culture have a physical manifestation?
  24. Proprietary and Confidential Physical Manifestation OFFICE CAN RAVE DESKS CAN ROLL DJ CAN ROCK
  25. Proprietary and Confidential
  26. Proprietary and Confidential
  27. Proprietary and Confidential
  28. Proprietary and Confidential Can culture have a physical manifestation?  Yes! • Office layout  (open plan vs. cubes vs. offices) • Founders wall • Mascots • Etc.  … think about what else represents your culture
  29. Proprietary and Confidential Linking Culture & Execution DOING THE RIGHT THING VS. THE EASY OR OBVIOUS THING
  30. Proprietary and Confidential FOCUS ON CUSTOMER SERVICE
  31. Proprietary and Confidential SH** HAPPENS!
  32. Proprietary and Confidential New York, 9/11 => “the one way rental” FOCUS ON CUSTOMER SERVICE
  33. Proprietary and Confidential Culture as a touchstone  Fall back to it when there is no obvious • Answer • Direction • Priority  Knowing what the RIGHT thing to do is…
  34. Proprietary and Confidential Strong cultures…  = values & principals people can  RELATE to • Personalize • Internalize  ENGAGE in • Act on NOT too abstract
  35. Proprietary and Confidential Linking Culture & Execution
  36. Proprietary and Confidential Vision, Mission & DNA
  37. Proprietary and Confidential 37 The System: Shared Vision to Win! Leadership Principles Company Values Company Strategy Company Operating Plan Unit Operating Plan Execution Measurement Execution Results Unit Process
  38. Proprietary and Confidential Vision: Breakthrough endpoint security that's strong, simple, fast & affordable Mission: To create a more secure world through superior protection that can be adopted by any organization to stop modern sophisticated attackers
  39. Proprietary and Confidential © 2014 CYLENT Systems | Company Confidential 39 Our DNA • Inspire loyalty - We’re passionate about understanding our customers needs so that they achieve their goals. We’re easy to work with and we always have their back. • Play to win - We set ambitious goals and believe in them. We make and meet commitments, take ownership, and focus on what’s important. • Step up - We take charge of challenges and never blindly accept the status quo. • Get the facts - We drive decisions with data as our guide and course correct when we need to. • Be true - We tell it like it is, constructively, with a priority on listening. We earn each other’s trust and respect every day and always act with integrity. • Have fun - We attract exceptional people with a sense of humor who revel in the work they do
  40. Proprietary and Confidential Commyounikation
  41. Proprietary and Confidential Communication as an enabler  Communication is the lifeblood of your startup • Don’t assume it, even when you’re small  How do you communicate? • Inside and outside (customers, partners, suppliers)  Formal / informal, cadence? • Water cooler, Standup Scrums, Town Hall • Meetups, Customer Advisory Board, User groups etc.
  42. Proprietary and Confidential Recognition & Rewards Reinforce Culture  Form, Substance Style • Form  What does it reinforce? • EG who come to sales “club”?  Only sales people = what does this say about the rest of the org? • Substance  Alternatives to Stock, Money? • Customize to the recipient  EG Management take a day to do community work of their choice • Recognition, Acknowledgement can be powerful • Style  Management and / or peer rewards?  Public or privately given?
  43. Proprietary and Confidential Culture  Define it early, authentically, thoughtfully so it can endure • Try to find things to live by, model  Don’t Pay Lip Service • Should be consistent  Even when pivoting your business • EG Making acquisitions  It’s a good test for whether the acquisition is a fit…  Walk the talk • Defined by YOU, so lead by example
  45. Proprietary and Confidential Do it right and you can build… An enduring company Vision / Mission Value Prop People Execution Cultural Consistency Enduring Company Startup
  46. Proprietary and Confidential Company Formation Agenda: “Foundations for Building an Enduring Company”  Part I (Tonight) • Vision • Mission • Culture  Part II (See this link) • People  Hiring – we do a deeper dive in this class  Team Building
  47. Proprietary and Confidential Complete Startup Secrets Workshops 1. Startup Roadmap 2. Building a Compelling Value Proposition 3. Company Formation 1 - Vision, Mission, Culture 4. Company Formation 2 - Hiring 5. Game Changing Business Models 6. Go To Market 1: Strategy 7. Go To Market 2: Tactics 8. Getting Behind the Perfect Investor Pitch 9. Funding Strategies to go the Distance 10. Turning Products into Companies 11. Have You Got What It Takes? Full descriptions of all can be found at: