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Mobile Brand & User Experience For Nonprofits


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Mobile Brand and User Experience for Nonprofits

Published in: Technology
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Mobile Brand & User Experience For Nonprofits

  1. 1. Mobile for Nonprofits Mobile Brand and User Experience Jasmine Sante, Sante Strategies @mjsante
  2. 2. Alignment the proper positioning or state of adjustment of parts in relation to each other @mjsante
  3. 3. Alignment of: [INTERNAL] Business Goals Technology [USER RELATIONSHIP] Your Goals User Objectives [CAPACITY] Budget/Staff/Etc User Expectations @mjsante
  4. 4. Expectation is the root of all heartache. - Shakespeare @mjsante
  5. 5. @mjsante
  6. 6. @mjsante
  7. 7. @mjsante
  8. 8. @mjsante User Experience the overall experience of a person using a product such as a website or application, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use. - Google
  9. 9. @mjsante
  10. 10. Mobile vs Desktop •Screen Size •Portable •Always On •Interrupted Engagement •Single Window •Refresh Pages •Download speeds & variable connectivity @mjsante
  11. 11. @mjsante Easy Updates to Enhance UX: Homepage & Navigation  Prioritize content based on user needs  Evaluate against user needs & adjust  Highlight functional elements (give, help, search)  Include important elements in the footer *  Test navigation menus **
  12. 12. @mjsante Easy Updates to Enhance UX: Content & Links  Use lists, bullets, bolding and links to make pages scannable  Make links easily clickable (48px says Google, 55px is better)  Make buttons large with clear text  Leave spacing between links  Fonts should be 16px for standard text  Use whitespace to guide the eye
  13. 13. @mjsante Easy Updates to Enhance UX: Forms & Graphics  Forms: Simplify & shorten your forms Forms : Test spacing and form entry  Use text in place of any graphics that communicate information (i.e. phone numbers) Speed: Optimize images, CSS, etc
  14. 14. @mjsante A word on the hamburger menu
  15. 15. @mjsante
  16. 16. @mjsante
  17. 17. Brand: A shorthand for what people should KNOW about you, THINK about you & FEEL about you. @mjsante
  18. 18. You too are a brand. Whether you know it or not. Whether you like it or not. - Marc Ecko @mjsante
  19. 19. People use brands as shortcuts to make purchasing decisions - Allen P Adamson, BrandSimple
  20. 20. @mjsante McDonalds and Starbucks
  21. 21. Mobile Crucial Brand Elements Logo Terminology Colors Typography Images & Icons @mjsante
  22. 22. Overall: - Visual - Succinct - Compelling - Clear @mjsante
  23. 23. Ecosystem: A complex network or interconnected system. @mjsante
  24. 24. @mjsante
  25. 25. @mjsante Plan for Mobile EVERYWHERE • Website • Newsletters • Calls to Action • Advocacy Information • Facebook • LinkedIn • Twitter • Print materials • Etc
  26. 26. @mjsante Mobile User Experience It isn’t just your website. It’s also your -emails -newsletters -tweets -posts on Facebook Anything that might be opened on mobile.
  27. 27. @mjsante Mobile UX Anything that might be opened on mobile and has a link to your website or a digital property. Whether you sent it or not.
  28. 28. @mjsante Integrated Brand Tips Newsletters •High contrast colors (within your brand identity) • Include your tagline or short mission in the header • Include additional brand identity in the footer • Make images clickable • Subject Lines & From addresses are crucial
  29. 29. @mjsante
  30. 30. @mjsante ← iPhone clips Android Wraps →
  31. 31. @mjsante Integrated Brand Tips Twitter, Facebook, Etc • Include brand identity when possible • logo in images & video • URL • Consistent fonts and colors • Consist language • Consistent link naming & usage
  32. 32. @mjsante
  33. 33. @mjsante Integrated Brand Tips TEST TEST TEST Test every link. On as many devices as possible.
  34. 34. Memorable: worth remembering or easily remembered, especially because of being special or unusual @mjsante
  35. 35. @mjsante
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  37. 37. @mjsante Jasmine Sante Sante Strategies @mjsante Web Content Mavens @wcmdc