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  1. 1. Time
  2. 2. Telling time The short hand shows the hours. The long hand shows the minutes. Remember: There are exactly sixty minutes in one hourIt´s eight o’clock Short hand Long hand It’s one thirty
  3. 3. Different ways of telling time in English  We use o’clock only at the full hour: 9: 00 11:00 7:00It’s nine o’clock It’s eleven o’clock It’s seven o’clock
  4. 4.  We use “half past” to say thirty minutes , or 30minutes past the hour. 1:30 2:30 7:30 It’s half past one or It’s half past two or It’s half past seven or It’s one thirty It’s two thirty It’s seven thirty
  5. 5.  We use “to” to say times before the hour, from 31minutes until the full hour 7:50 3:35 3:50It’s ten to eight It’s twenty five to four It’s ten to four We use “past” to say times after the hour, until 30 minutespast the hour 3:20 3:10 3:20It’s twenty past three It’s ten past three It’s twenty past seven
  6. 6. We use quarter past and quarter to say 15 minutes:A: Quarter past: 12:15 1:15 11:15It’s quarter past twelve It´s quarter past one It’s quarter past eleven B: Quarter to: 12:45 4:45 8:45 It´s quarter to one It´s quarter to five It´s quarter to nine
  7. 7.  You can also tell the time in general like this way: 3:05 7:50 12:45 It`s three five It’s seven fifty It’s twelve forty five  When speaking about the different times of the day we often use: in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, at night 8:00am 12:15 pm 8:30pm 11:45 pmIt’s eight o’clock It’s quarter past twelve It’s half past eight It’s quarter to twelvein the morning in the afternoon in the evening at night
  8. 8. How can you ask the time? What time is it? It´s nine o’clockWhat’s the time ? It’s quarter past elevenWhat time do you have? It’s half past two