No Bullshit Social Media Book Review


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A review of No Bullshit Social Media, writen by Jason Falls and Erik Deckers.

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No Bullshit Social Media Book Review

  1. 1. No Bullshit Social MediaThe All-Business, No-Hype Guide to Social Media Marketing
  2. 2. The Authors• Jason Falls • Erik Deckers • Principal of Social Media • Owner and VP of Creative Explorer in Louisville, Services at Professional Kentucky. Blog Service in • Brand Experience: Indianapolis, Indiana. – Jim Beam • Coauthor: Branding – Maker’s Mark Yourself: How to Use – Humana Social Media to invent or – The National Center for Reinvent Yourself. Family Literacy • 17 years experience in: • Former VP of interactive – Marketing and social media at Doe- – Sales Annderson. – PR – Crisis Communication
  3. 3. After reading you will understand…• Social media is the wave of the future. It’s not going away.• The companies that will succeed over the next 10 years are the ones that embrace social media marketing.• The companies that will fail over the next 10 years probably won’t embrace social media marketing (mainly due to the fear)• Social media marketing can be real. It can be actionable. And it can be measured.
  4. 4. What Social Media Marketing can do for an organization. • Enhance branding and awareness • Protect brand reputation • Enhance Public Relations • Build Community • Enhance customer service • Facilitate Research and Development • Drive leads and sales
  5. 5. What is Social Media Marketing?• “Exceeding customer expectations, often but not always, in the online world, through human connection and relationship” – Falls, Decker
  6. 6. ROI (Return on Investment)• Don’t concern yourself with ROI – Rather, what social media marketing can do for your business.• Can’t judge social media success with ROI• Start out by setting goals to me measured notyour ROI
  7. 7. Social Media Marketing Is NOT About Technology, It’s About COMMUNICATION• “Social media platforms are about technology. Social media, and thus, social media marketing, are about communication.”• Don’t think about the websites, widgets, and apps, but think about: listing, participating in conversations, developing talking points, and providing information.
  8. 8. Planning and Measuring• Set Goals and Objectives • Measure the Results – The end result and how you’ll – Web Analytics get there – Easy and Accurate – Be specific with your goals (numbers, or percentages) – Example: Increase band profile views by 20% in 3 months• Create a Strategic Plan • Commit to the Process - What tools will you use? - Don’t rush, results take time -Who do you need to make this - Allow 1 year at least happen ?
  9. 9. Branding and Awareness• Marketing never controlled your message; your customer did.• Brand is how the image or name makes the person feel.• It is why they chose your product over the other
  10. 10. Social Media Marketing Will Protect Brand Reputation• Anticipate negative comments and have a plan to deal with them.• Be transparent in your communication with the media and the public• “If putting out fires is one execution of reputation protection on the social web, then fanning the flames of good fires is another.”• Reputation applies to search engines as well.
  11. 11. Social Media Marketing Will Build Community• Building community • Informal Communities draws the public in and – Open forums makes them invested, – Often not official and builds trust. company connection• Formal Communities • Be customer-centric – Registration • Once you make – Logins “friends” you have to – Passwords keep them with communication.
  12. 12. How Social Media Marketing Drives Customer Service• Changed how customers repot and handle problems• Such instant and accessible interaction shows that an organization is being responsive, responsible, and concerned.• “Take care of the old customers.”• Check out complaint history – Are they always negative and never pleased?
  13. 13. Social Media Marketing Drives Research and Development• Your customers know your product better than you.• Listen to what the public has to say.• Four Steps to Conducting Research – Set the goals for the research – Establish the important questions to ask – Research and collect answers to the important questions – Analyze the answers to make decisions.
  14. 14. Social Media Marketing Drives Sales• “Social media marketing • Measure can have an impact on – Leads your bottom line.” – Cost per lead – Lead value• “Stop thinking like a – Non-sales Conversations traditional marketing – Cost of Conversation nimrod!” – Repeat Purchase Value – Retention Rate – Average Order Value• “It’s not about ROI, but – Time to Close what you get out of social – Referrals media marketing”
  15. 15. Who should read No Bullshit Social Media?• If your asking yourself “Why should I use social media?”• People that know social media platforms but are not sure about implementing it into and organization.• Want to expand your current social media campaign.
  16. 16. Likes Dislikes• Very conversational read, as if you were listening to them lecture.• Very informative in the concepts of why social media is vital to marketing • Not very much how-to.• Entertaining read, with right to the point concepts.• Good case studies and examples that were very resent.