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This is a presentation I gave about Adaptive Case Management at conference in Washington. The subject is covered in the book I co-authored: 'Mastering The Unpredictable'. It is available in Amazon, also as a Kindle edition.

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  1. 1. ELEMENTS  OF  ADAPTIVE  CASE   MANAGEMENT   Max  J.  Pucher   Chief  Architect  ISIS  Papyrus  So>ware  
  2. 2. READ ABOUT ADAPTIVE CASE MANAGEMENT IN Mastering the Unpredictable Max J. Pucher is a co-author and writes about how Adaptive Case Management supports the dynamics of knowledge work.
  3. 3. MODEL  OF  A  PROCESS  VALUE  CHAIN   Infrastructure   Human  Resource  Management   Product  Development   Procurement   ©  2010  Max  J.  Pucher   AdapMve  Case  Management   3  
  4. 4. EXPLOITATION  (BPM)  AND  INNOVATION  (ACM)   ALSO GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS ARE BUDGET/COST DRIVEN ... CITIZENS ARE CUSTOMERS ... Management Development   Service   Service Execu;on Logis;cs Innova;on            Exploita;on   ©  2010  Max  J.  Pucher   AdapMve  Case  Management   4  
  5. 5. ORTHODOX  BUSINESS  PROCESS  METHODOLOGY   Establish  ”As-­‐Is”   Review   Conduct  fact   Create ”As-Is” exis;ng   finding   Process  flows     informa;on   sessions   Validate  ”As-­‐Is”   Distribute  ”As-­‐ Is”  flows  and   Conduct  Data   Revise  ”As-Is” ques;ons   Analysis   flows     Establish  ”To-­‐Be”   Understand   Create  ”To-­‐ Perform     Conduct  Data   Be”  Process   Business     Benchmarking   Analysis   flows   Objec;ves   Create  ”To-­‐ This  is  just  the   Be”   Perform  Gap   suppor;ng   complete  analysis  cycle   Analysys   Narra;ve   and  there  is  NOTHING   yet  implemented.   ©  2010  Max  J.  Pucher   AdapMve  Case  Management   5  
  6. 6. BUSINESS  PROCESS  MANAGEMENT   PROCESSES  ARE  A  WAY  TO  MANAGE  RELIABLY  –  LESS  RISKY  -­‐  EXPLOITATION   Design  &  Analysis Configura;on • IdenMficaMon   • System   • Modeling   • ImplementaMon   ConfiguraMon   • ValidaMon     • Test   • SimulaMon   • Deployment   • VerificaMon   Process   Enactment   Admin   Design  &  Analysis   Owner   INNOVATION?   Enactment EvaluaMon   Evalua;on • OperaMon   • Process  Mining   • Monitoring  Adherence   • Business  AcMvity  Monitoring   • Maintenance   • Key  Performance  Indicators   ©  2010  Max  J.  Pucher   AdapMve  Case  Management   6  
  7. 7. BPM  PROJECT  OVERHEADS   THE  OVERHEAD  OF  PROCESS  ANALYSIS  IS  RECURRING  FOR  INNOVATION   Source: BPTrends 2006 ©  2010  Max  J.  Pucher   Adaptive Case Management 7  
  8. 8. WORK  FLOW  PROCESS  OR  KNOWLEDGE  WORK   DESIGN EXAMPLE: SOCIAL BENEFITS PROCESSING Request Contact Gather  info    Verify  Eligibility Knowledge  work:   These  are  just  the  core   Pay  Benefit elements  of  the  general   acMviMes  but  they  do  not   consMtute  a  flowing  process. ©  2010  Max  J.  Pucher   AdapMve  Case  Management   8  
  9. 9. BPM  MODELING  TO  IMPLEMENTATION   End  User   Focus   Drawing  Tools   BPMN   ImplementaMon   BPEL,  XSD,  ...   Process   Enactment   System     Deployment   Technology   Source:  AIIM   Focus   System  to   Human  to   System  focus   Human  focus   ©  2010  Max  J.  Pucher   AdapMve  Case  Management   9  
  10. 10. PROCESS  MANAGEMENT  ENHANCEMENTS   DEAL  WITH  EXCEPTIONS  AND  VARIATIONS  CAUSED  BY  FLOWCHARTS   •  AD-­‐HOC:  Users  start  a  new  process  for   collaboraMon  without  feedback  to  a  template.   •  AGILE:  Drawing  tools  are  usable  by  non-­‐technical   analysts  and  methodology  ensures  a  well   defined  cycle  of  monitoring  and  improvement.   •  DYNAMIC:  Users  can  make  free  choices  of  sub-­‐ processes  at  certain  points  in  the  process.   •  SOCIAL:  Users  collaborate  in  a  social  network   about  creaMng  process  flowcharts  drawings.   ©  2010  Max  J.  Pucher   AdapMve  Case  Management   10  
  11. 11. ADAPTIVE  CASE  MANAGEMENT   InnovaMon  requires  evaluaMon  of   needs  versus  results.  
  12. 12. CONCEPTS  OF  ADAPTIVE  CASE  MANAGEMENT   repetitive emergent straight   produc;on   dynamic   human  ad-­‐hoc   case   through   processes   processes   processes   management   processes   PROCESS   PEOPLE   cost outcome ADAPTIVE   PROCESS   ©  2010  Max  J.  Pucher   AdapMve  Case  Management   12  
  13. 13. REPETITIVE  WORK  FLOW  PROCESS   DESIGN EXAMPLE: LOGISTICS Key performance indicators control actual versus expected. Ship Bill  Customer Produc;on  &  Manufacturing   Pack There  is  a  small  percentage  (20%)   of  processes  related  to  physical   enMMes  that  benefit  from   reducing  the  amount  of  variaMon   and  errors  in  handling. Order ©  2010  Max  J.  Pucher   AdapMve  Case  Management   13  
  14. 14. EMERGENCE  IN  COMPLEX  SYSTEMS   ANALYSIS,  UNDERSTANDING,  MODEL,  LEVERAGE,  CONTROL   uncertain   uncertain   outcome   outcome   probability   probability   esMmated   unknown   uncertainty   risk   The Double-Pendulum unpredictable, chaotic movement ... ©  2010  Max  J.  Pucher   AdapMve  Case  Management   14  
  15. 15. BPM  VERSUS  ADAPTIVE  CASE  MANAGEMENT   Requirements Planning Implement Review Complex  requirements   Process  interacMons,   interfaces,  GUI,  rules     Complex  changes  have   gathering. excepMons,  events.   and  content  coding   to  be  reviewed/tested.   USERS CREATE user  defined   PROCESSES INTERACTIVELY iteraMon   FROM ELEMENTS IN A TEMPLATE. User  create  templates   Templates Actors   and  can  also  change   the  process  on  the  fly.   ©  2010  Max  J.  Pucher   AdapMve  Case  Management   15  
  16. 16. FIVE  ELEMENTS  OF  AN  ACM  TEMPLATE   ALL  PROCESSES  REQUIRE  ALL  ELEMENTS  –  MOST  ARE  CODED  TODAY   Central  Virtual  Metadata  Repository   KEY  COMPONENTS  OF  ADAPTIVE  PROCESSES   1.  Concept   2.  Ac;vity   3.  Case   4.  Boundary   5.  User     Metadata   Templates   Content   Rules   Interface   ApplicaMon  and  Resource  Deployment   AUTHORIZATION   DEPLOYMENT   Project  and  Change  Management     OrganizaMon,  AuthorizaMon  and  Security   ©  2010  Max  J.  Pucher   AdapMve  Case  Management   16  
  17. 17. INCLUSIVE  ADAPTIVE  PROCESS   Real  world  processes  do  not  assume  models  and  gather  staMsMcal  illusions   that  then  are  used  to  predict  customer  behavior,  but  they  act  and  interact   with  the  customer/ciMzen  in  reality  and  react  to  it  in  real-­‐Mme.   Business  Strategy   1   creates  a  real  world  organizaMon   of  process  owners  who  act.   BBusiness  Strategy   Involve  Customer   Business  Architecture   2   A  library  of  enMMes  to  model  the   processes  is  provided  to  actors.   Process  Execu;on   3   Using  the  adapMve  plaqorm   processes  are  created  interacMvely.   Business   Execute  Process   Architecture   Involve  Customer   4   In  lieu  of  staMsMcal  CRM  analysis   customers  are  involved  directly.   ©  2010  Max  J.  Pucher   AdapMve  Case  Management   17  
  18. 18. ADAPTIVE  CASE  MANAGEMENT   Repository   Actors   Metadata   content   Process   enMMes   GUI   Content   rules   GUI   Rules   Architecture   CASES   recommend   needs   process   template     Legal  servic docs     e   verif train copy   invoic y   e   User-­‐Trained  Agent   Process  Owner   ©  2010  Max  J.  Pucher   AdapMve  Case  Management   18  
  19. 19. THE  ADAPTIVE  'SCRUM'  SUPPORT   Daily  Improvements   WEEKLY  CHANGES   People  assignment   Daily  TODO  lists   PREPARATION   User  requirements   Architecture  verificaMon   -­‐  metadata   -­‐  templates   USER   ADAPTIVE   INTERACTIVE   -­‐  content   PROJECT   CHANGES   -­‐  rules   -­‐  GUI   RELEASE   NEW   TEMPLATES   LEARNING   SYSTEM  MONITORING   ARCHITECT   AND   BACKLOGS   CUSTOMER   TRAINING   SATISFACTION!   IN-­‐PROJECT   DOCUMENTATION   PROCESS  OWNER   ARTEFACTS   Process   ROLES   Team   PROJECT   OVERLAPS   TODO  BURNDOWN   ACTORS   EXECUTIVE   DELAYED  TODOS   TRANSPARENCY   ©  2010  Max  J.  Pucher   AdapMve  Case  Management   19  
  20. 20. THE  ROLE  OF  METADATA  FOR  PROCESS   ALL  CUSTOMER  RELATED  PROCESSES  USE  THE  SAME  METADATA   Claim   Supplier   CRM   Campaign   Bank     PaMent  Mgt   Policy  Mgt   Mgt   Sales  Mgt   Mgt   Client   Core  Business     Account   Industry  Specific  Processes     Processes   RelaMon     Contract     Product     Sales   Procure-­‐   HR   Invoicing   Mgt   Mgt   Mgt   Mgt   ment   Client   Mgt   Common  Business  Processes   Company   Partner   Address   Calendar   Project   Contract   Client   Company   Partner   Address   Calendar   Project   Contract   Client   Base  Layer   Metadata   Abstract  Business  Classes   Domain     AcMvity     Rules     Records     Persistency   Security   Archiving   Object   Object   Object   Mgt   FoundaMon  Layer  and  UMliMes   Virtual  Metadata  Repository   ©  2010  Max  J.  Pucher   AdapMve  Case  Management   20  
  21. 21. DYNAMIC  STATE-­‐EVENT  MODELS  WITH  RULES   Case   Rules link to data item family   Event mechanism father   rule   •  Any item combination •  State changes mother   quesMon   •  Process summary states •  Includes all documents child   rule   •  Documents from case data •  Reports from case data TODO   Add items at any docs   time ©  2010  Max  J.  Pucher   AdapMve  Case  Management   21  
  22. 22. THE  ROLE  OF  BUSINESS  CONTENT   PROCESS order customers claim external INBOUND DOCS offer partners memo OUTBOUND DOCS co ma mass contracntr sales mail s mailing t copy ing internal Se serv rv service copy accounting service comm invoice PROCESS ©  2010  Max  J.  Pucher   AdapMve  Case  Management   22  
  23. 23. SMART  SYSTEMS  AND  APPLICATIONS   A. Bartels (2009), Forrester Research – ACM is a smart system.  ACQUISITION  OF  REAL-­‐TIME  DATA   Systems  and  people  provide  more  just-­‐in-­‐Mme  informaMon  that  does  not   have  to  be  processed  staMsMcally  and  can  be  used  locally  and  Mmely.   ANALYSIS   Real-­‐Mme  data  can  be  routed  into  the  relevant  data  context  and  made   visible  to  decision  makers.  Data  have  to  be  filtered  to  avoid  noise.   ALTERNATIVES   Using  causal  system  models  and  past  data,  decision  makers  can  evaluate  the   various  alternaMves  and  use  various  means  of  weighMng.   ACTION   The  system  model  enables  direct  and  interacMve  enactment,  while   monitoring  the  impact  of  decisions  in  real-­‐Mme.   AUDITABILITY   The  improved  and  faster  decision-­‐making  requires  also  improved   monitoring  to  increase  transparency  and  berer  learning  from  the  past.     ©  2010  Max  J.  Pucher   AdapMve  Case  Management   23  
  24. 24. ADAPTIVE  PROCESS  PLATFORM   Customers   Distributed  Nodes  with  Enterprise  Service  Bus   Repository   Metadata,  Templates,  Content,  GUI,  Rules   AdministraMon   Partners   SECURITY   Security,  Monitoring,  Audi;ng,  Repor;ng     Portal     email  fax  lerer  SMS  print  Web   email  fax  lerer  SMS  scan  Web Sales   Outbound   Inbound     Content   Content   OperaMons   Service   CRM   BPM   ECM   processes   processes   processes   Archive   AccounMng   Adapters Archive   CRM   ECM   SOA   Archive   MQ   ERP   BI   Management   ©  2010  Max  J.  Pucher   AdapMve  Case  Management   24  
  25. 25. THANK  YOU!   maxjpucher@isis-­‐   hrp://www.isis-­‐