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Exploration PowerPoint that can be used to complete study guide and help you study for unit test

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Exploration PowerPoint

  1. 1. Warm-up 10/6/11If you were given achance to travel to outerspace, would you go?Why or Why not?
  2. 2. Exploration Factors God Glory Gold
  3. 3. Prince Henry the Navigator In 1419, Henry founded a navigation school and gathered mapmakers, instrument makers, shipbuilders, scientists and sea captains to help him.
  4. 4. Bartholomew DiasIn 1487, this Portuguesecaptain reaches the tip ofSouth Africa, originallynamed Cape of Storms.Named later changed toCape of Good Hope.
  5. 5. Portuguese Cross planted byBartholew Dias
  6. 6. Vasco de GamaIn 1498, this Portugueseexplorer sails aroundAfrica on his way toIndia.
  7. 7. Christopher Columbus Italian sea captain who would sail for Spain in 1492. Columbus claimed land in the Caribbean for Spain.
  8. 8. Student Response With Columbus Day approaching, how do you think he should be remembered?
  9. 9. Warm-up 10/7/11Think of a time when youand a sibling or friend hadan argument. How didyou resolve the conflict?
  10. 10. Treaty of Tordesillas Pope Alexander VI draws an imaginary line of that divides land in the new world between Spain and Portugal.
  11. 11. QuickTimeª and aTIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  12. 12. Student Response Draw a map outlining the conditions of the Treaty of Tordesillas.
  13. 13. Spanish Empire
  14. 14. Warm-up 10/11/11 Please take out your homework sheet and read directions for the Colonial Business Plan Project
  15. 15. Warm-up 10/20/11 What impact did the Europeans colonists have on the Native people?
  16. 16. AztecsHighly developed nativecivilization in Tenochtitlan(Modern Day Mexico City).Led by Montezuma II.
  17. 17. Tenochtitlan
  18. 18. Hernando Cortez Spanish Explorer who lands on the shores of Mexico in 1519 and conquers wealthy Aztec Empire.
  19. 19. Conquistadors Spanish explorers who conquer the native people.
  20. 20. Warm-up 10/24/11 Please prepare for colonial business project presentations.
  21. 21. Incas Highly developed ancient civilization in Peru. Ruled by the Incan ruler, Atahualpa.
  22. 22. Francisco Pizarro In 1532, Francisco Pizarro and his army of 200 men met 30,000 mostly unarmed Incas. Pizarro kidnaps the Inca ruler, Atahualpa, hold him for ransom then kill him and conquer the Incas.
  23. 23. Name 3 ways the Spanish ableto conquer native tribes. Superior Weapons Other Native tribes help Cortez European diseases wipe out Aztecs.(measles, mumps)
  24. 24. Warm-up 10/17 Please take out Mission Movie Questions and answer through question 2
  25. 25. Warm-up 10/18 Please take out your Mission Movie Questions and answer through question 5.
  26. 26. Warm-up 10/20 Please take out your Mission Movie Questions and answer through question 7.
  27. 27. Warm-up 10/21 Please sit with your Colonial Business Project group. Review your project checklist. Make a list what you need to accomplish to finish your project.
  28. 28. Warm-up 10/22 What effect did exploration have on racism?
  29. 29. Spanish ConquestMestizo- marriages betweenSpanish settlers and Nativewomen. Often set up tocontrol native people.
  30. 30. Spanish ConquestEncomienda- labor system (farming and mining)set up to force native to work for the Spanish as slaves
  31. 31. Student Response Brainstorm ways native people resisted conquest.
  32. 32. Native Resistance Native people resisted by physically fighting and refusing to trade.
  33. 33. Warm-up 10/13/10 Please sit with your group and set goals for the Colonial Business Plan Project that you will work on today.
  34. 34. Warm-up 10/25 Please prepare to share Colonial Business Plans.
  35. 35. Warm-up 10/26 Name one new product introduced from Europe to the Americas.
  36. 36. Columbian ExchangeThe global transfer offoods, plants, and animalsduring the colonization ofthe Americas was knownas the ColumbianExchange.
  37. 37. From America  To EuropeTobacco, Corn, PotatoesPeanuts, Tomatoes, PineapplesPumpkins, Turkey
  38. 38. To America  From EuropeOranges, Grapes, Bananas,Live stock: Horses, Sheep,Pigs, CattleDiseases: Small pox,Influenza, Measles, Malaria
  39. 39. CapitalismEconomic system based onprivate ownership and theinvestment of wealth forprofit.
  40. 40. Joint Stock Companies The Joint Stock Companieswas basically number of peoplepooling their wealth for acommon purpose. In the1500-1600, the commonpurpose was Europecolonization in America.
  41. 41. MercantilismThe economic policy ofmercantilism stated that acountry’s power dependedmainly on its wealth. The goalof each country is make as muchmoney as possible.
  42. 42. Atlantic Slave Trade Slaves from Africa were sold by Europeans and shipped to the Americas. Africa lost approximately 9-10 million people to slavery.
  43. 43. Middle Passage Voyage that brought captured Africans to West Indies and the Americas. A very harsh journey where slaves were crammed in, beaten and had to live in their own waste.