Reported speech b


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Reported speech b

  1. 1. Larisa said thatthe new teacherhad given all thestudents an Alast semester.Really! Victortold me thatstudentscould eat inhis class.No, what is it?Rumors and GossipHave you heardthe latest gossipabout the newteacher?Wow! Yeah, Iheard he wasan easyteacher.Maria said thatthe new teacherdidn’t give anyhomework.
  2. 2. Reported Speech 1The table below presents the changes in verb forms:Direct Speech Reported SpeechSimple PresentPresent ContinuousSimple Past TensePresent Perfect Simple Past Past Continuous Past Perfect Past Perfect
  3. 3. Example 1“Theteacheris strict.”She saidthe teacherwas strict.“The teacheris givingeveryone anA.”He saidtheteacherwasgivingeveryonean A.
  4. 4. Example 2“Somebodyput the finalexam on theInternet.”She saidsomebodyhad put thefinal examon theInternet.“Theteacher hasgraded ourgrammartests.”Joe said theteacher hadgraded ourgrammar tests.
  5. 5. Reported SpeechThere are other changes in the Reported SpeechDirect Speech Reported SpeechHereThis /TheseIMyOurWeThereThat / thoseHe / SheHis / HerTheirThey
  6. 6. Direct Speech Reported SpeechNowTodayTonightTomorrowYesterdayLast weekAgoThenThat dayThat nightThe next day / Thefollowing dayThe day beforeThe week beforeBefore
  7. 7. Exercise 11. “The library is closed.” He said…2. “We have registered for classes.” They said…3. “She got an A on the test.” You said…Rewrite the followingsentences into theReported Speech:“My friend is helping me study.” She said…Example:She said her friend was helping her study.He said the library was closed.They said they had registered for classes.You said she had gotten an A on the test.
  8. 8. Reported Speech 2Modal verbs also change in the Reported SpeechDirect Speech Reported Speechwillcanmaymust would could might had to
  9. 9. Example 1“The testwill bedifficult.”He said the testwould bedifficult.She said wecould useour noteson the test.“You canuse yournotes onthe test.”
  10. 10. Example 2She said wehad to studyhard for thefinal exam.“You muststudy hardfor the finalexam.”“We mayhave asubstituteteacher.”She said wemight have asubstituteteacher.
  11. 11. Exercise 21. “We’ll help you with your homework.” They said…2. “Anna must finish her paper.” He said…3. “She may take a different class.” You said…Rewrite the sentences intothe Reported Speech.“You can relax about the exam.” She said…Example:She said I could relax about the exam.They said they would help me with my homework.He said Anna had to finish her paper.You said she might take a different class.
  12. 12. Reported Speech 3The following verbs don’t change in the ReportedSpeech: should, could, might, ought to.“Youshouldn’ttell thissecret toanyone.”She said Ishouldn’t tellthis secret toanyone.“You oughtto tell this toa friend.”! He said Iought to tellthis to afriend.
  13. 13. “I could have gotten helpfrom a tutor.”He said he could have gottenhelp from a tutor.He said if he had studied, hewould have gotten an A.“I thought I had chosenthe easy teacher.”“If I had studied, I wouldhave gotten an A.”He said he thought he hadchosen the easy teacher.Reported Speech 4The Past Perfect and the 3rd Conditional don’tchange in the Reported Speech
  14. 14. Exercise 31. “If I knew, I would tell you.” She said…2. “I might have known the test was difficult.” He said…3. “She had had that teacher before.” We said…Rewrite the sentences intothe Reported Speech“We ought to study some more.” He said…Example:He said we ought to study some more.She said if she knew, she would tell me.He said he might have known the test was difficult.We said she had had that teacher before.