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  1. 1. VENTAJASDocument management
  2. 2. We are not only a technological ally … we get involved in your business … we design solutions … and outsource your processes Docume nt manage ment Improves quality and reduces time and costs of any process that requires consulting or filing of a document. We offer an outsourced digitalization service and a tested cloud service for document management, which optimizes the ROI of your file management projects
  3. 3. What for? Avoid delays accessing documents through a digital file  Automate document processes to save time and improve quality  Avoid misuse of resources by the use of paper files  Paperless office: improves employees output and workspace quality.  Easily obtain a 360º vision of your customers, vendors and files.  Integrate all business documentation in a single repository
  4. 4. Our Solution Gesttum is our modular solution for scanning, capturing, storing and managing files
  5. 5. How? Captura Gestor Documen tal Gestor de Procesos 1. Capture 2. Document manager 3. Process manager 4. Management portal
  6. 6. 1. Capture It’s about scanning a document to capture structured information through methods that allow character recognition, in order to extract all or part of the document information.
  7. 7. 2. Document Manager A Document Repository is an electronic document warehouse, that, in a centralized portal, allows storage, modification, consultation, version control, life cycle, security of any document type.
  8. 8. 3. Process Manager It enables standarization of business processes associated with documents . It controls the access to information and creates approval flows and automated processes.
  9. 9. 4. Management Portal It unifies access for all users to the different solution components, in a fully customizable Web environment for each company.
  10. 10. También en la NubeServices On-Cloud Online access to documents Pick-up Digitalization Capture Verification Send Information Workflow Online cloud- based query Destruction Custody
  11. 11. Benefits  Complete security and confidentiality  Integration of top technologies (FileNet, Datacap , BPM Bonita, Liferay Portal ... . ) .  Infrastructure and high availability  Support and Maintenance.  No initial investment costs .  Additional costless documentary  Unlimited users  Cloud solution
  12. 12. Technical Details  Based on a distributed architecture that can be installed on a single machine .  Scanning from any scanner or multifunction device.  Based on the most widespread technologies for Windows environment.  Windows client and Web client with identical functionalities.  Intutive programming rules by code generator .  Native connectors for IBM (Content Manager , FileNet , Lotus Domino, Quickr ) and Microsoft (Sharepoint) .
  13. 13. Success Stories Coca-Cola, outsources the management of multiple processes and business documents. Dacartec manages the whole automated process of capture and data validation for vendor invoices. Invoice management outsourcing
  14. 14. Success Stories Grupo CAT, Automotive Pan-European logistic operator, outsourced to Dacartec all the capturing process for proof of delivery documents. The access time for those documents was reduced from 5 days to hours, enhancing the invoicing process and the customer access to their documentation through the web portal. PoD and invoice management outsourcing
  15. 15. Success Stories Colsanitas, subsidiary of Sanitas International Organization , has been focusing its activity in the health sector in Columbia since 1980. Dacartec conducted the consulting, development and maintenance of document scanning processes . Processing a volume of 450,000 documents per month including custody and storage. Invoice management outsourcing
  16. 16. Success Stories HUF, manages the logistics chain of several companies in the automotive industry in Spain . Dacartec manages all shipping tests to facilitate incident management , reducing customer dissatisfaction and improving service quality Test documentation management outsourcing
  17. 17. Success Stories La Santé Group deployed with Gesttum its processes for creation, review, approval and use of documents relating to quality on drug production. Quality process outsourcing
  18. 18. Success Stories Contract Management Círculo de Viajes, travel agency which sells saving plans for future travelling, relies on Dacartec the management of all contract files and the automatization of signature validation process.
  19. 19. How toStart?  We identify your main processes and measure workloads and documents  We identify opportunities for improvement  We made a first proposal for deployment of document management  We meet again to explain the best ROI opportunities identified and our proposals for action We propose to make a documentary diagnosis:
  20. 20. CReyes magos, nº 14. 28009 Tel.: (+34) 914 583 708 Tel.: (+34) 914 583 709 Fax.: (+34) 914 573 700 Madrid CTravessera de Gràcia, nº 56 3º-1º 08006 Tel.: (+34) 931 786 890 Fax.: (+34) 914 573 700 Barcelona CArquitectura nº4- 7º, módulo 541015 Tel.: (+34) 954 468 357 Fax.: (+34) 955 412 413 Sevilla Carrera 12 nº 97-32. Edificio Golf 97 Oficina 302 – 303 Tel.: (+57) 60 130 30 Bogotá Calle 20 S # 39 A 250 Tel.: (+57) 60 130 30 Medellin Where we are?