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5 types of Law


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Mrs. Jones goverment class
5 types of laws

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5 types of Law

  1. 1. John Locke’s ideas State of Nature- life without laws, rules, or government. Survival of the fittest Natural rights-All persons are guaranteed life, liberty, and property Social Contract Theory- in order to be a part of society and enjoys safety each person must give up some rights and freedoms this includes following laws.
  2. 2. The Harm Principle • THESE LAWS PROTECT PEOPLE FROM BEING HARMED BY OTHERS. • Examples include • Violent crimes such as murder and rape • Property crimes such as vandalism and robbery
  3. 3. • These laws act as the parent and prevent self-harm • Examples • Compulsory attendance ( education) • Child neglect laws • Illegal drugs
  4. 4. • Law that promote personal morality they can be grounded in religious beliefs. Example -Hate speech laws in Europe -Prostitution and other sex industry
  5. 5. Donation Principle • This law donates or grants goods or services of some kind to its citizens. • These goods or services are not free as they come from taxes that citizens are mandated to pay. • Examples • Social Security • Free education • Tax breaks for purchasing energy efficient products
  6. 6. The Statist Principle • Laws that are intended to protect government from harm, these can be the most dangerous to civil liberties. • These may be essential for stability and national security. Examples -Laws against treason and espionage -Patriot Act- giving government the opportunity to spy without a search warrant on suspected terrorist -Japanese Internment camps