11 20 12 leccion


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11 20 12 leccion

  1. 1. Español I – Sr. Johnston martes, el veinte de noviembre del 2012
  2. 2. PARA EMPEZAR  Completen la hoja de trabajo “Gustos”  Trabajen solos o en grupos.  Más trabajo: “Desear versus necesitar”  Look at your 20 verbs.  Which verbs do you wish to do?  Which verbs do you need to do?  In notebook, make a list of 6 verbs in each category, like this:1. Deseo escuchar música en la clase de español. 1. Necesito trabajar el sábado.2. Deseo… 2. Necesito…3. Deseo… 3. Necesito…4. Deseo… 4. Necesito…5. Deseo… 5. Necesito…6. Deseo… 6. Necesito…
  3. 3. ACTIVIDAD EN EL CÍRCULO Write a verb on one post-it note or index card. Mr. Johnston will call on students one by one, and hold up a card with a pronoun. When he calls on you, conjugate your verb for the pronoun as quickly as possible.
  4. 4. ACTIVIDAD EN EL CÍRCULO In groups of 4-5, take a stack of pronoun cards, facedown, and take turns picking up a pronoun card. Everyone in the group should conjugate their verb as quickly as possible. Stack the verb card face down, and take turns picking one pronoun and one verb card each, conjugating the verb to match the pronoun.