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Website Conversion Workshop Presentation by Maggie Barr of Power Start Media


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Website Conversion Workshop Presentation by Maggie Barr of Power Start Media

  1. 1. Conversion Marketing:Website improvements to move morecustomers to purchaseby Maggie BarrPower Start Media4-24-13
  2. 2. Agenda• Customer Conversion Process• Reverse-Funnel Conversion Strategy• Customer Segmentation• Three Phase Groups– Purchase-Ready Customers– Research Customers– Awareness Customers• Testing Strategy• Conclusion4/23/2013 2Power Start Media
  3. 3. Customer Conversion ProcessAll website visitors canbe grouped into thesecategories:• Just looking, buying later• Researching choices• About to buy, got questions• There to purchase NOW4/23/2013 3Power Start Media
  4. 4. Reverse-FunnelConversion StrategyProduct or Service DetailsCTA: See examples, contact usPain Statements to relate toCTA: download paper or email sign-upSummary of What You Do BestCTA: see service/product details$LimitedTime OffersPricing &PackagesCTA: contact us4/23/2013 4Power Start Media• For each group, have a goal and CTA• Include messaging for all groups onhome page– Primary targets’ messaging comesfirst• Be ready for low-hanging fruit!– Ready-to-buy customersshould have easy, obvious nextsteps to complete theirpurchase decision process
  5. 5. Customers SegmentationYou have many different groups of customers to address withyour home page: 16!4/23/2013 5Power Start MediaJustLookingResearchingFinalQuestionsPurchasingNowGroup AGroup BGroup CGroup D
  6. 6. Customers Segmentation• To maximize your conversion rate, make sureyou have a easy-to-find path for eachcustomers group– Need ‘who we are’ and ‘why we’re better’ foreach Group– Need CTA for each phase of the decision processfor each group– All while maintaining a clean look on your website4/23/2013 6Power Start Media
  7. 7. Purchase-Ready Customers• Every page needs a ‘Buy Now’ button or link• Every page needs a phone number and email• Pricing should be obvious– If not on the home page, make sure visitors can searchfor “Pricing” and find it, or have pricing listed on your‘Services’ or ‘Products’ page– Mention any bulk discounts if you have any– Limited time offers really work! Change monthly• Consider a “Spring Special” or “Fall Special” etc.4/23/2013 7Power Start Media
  8. 8. Research Customers• These customers are looking for somethingspecific that differentiates you– What do you compete on?– Is it Price? Years in business? Company size? Visualappeal?– This requires competitive research if you don’talready know what you competitors are offering• What are the alternatives customers are considering?4/23/2013 8Power Start Media
  9. 9. Research Customers• Study at least 5 alternate service/product providersusing at least 5 decision criteria4/23/2013 9Power Start MediaCriteria#1Criteria#2Criteria#3Criteria#4Criteria#5YouCompetitor #1Competitor #2Competitor #3Competitor #4Competitor #5
  10. 10. Research Customers• Testimonials & Customers Quotes are critical!– We all need “proof” to make a decision, even if it’ssubconscious– Even stock photos of ‘customers’ help visitors relate toyou better than a site with no people images4/23/2013 10Power Start Media
  11. 11. 4/23/2013 Power Start Media 11
  12. 12. Research Customers• Establish your credibility– Blogs are great here – theywill read a few– Staff photos build trust– Include your companypresident or founder’scontact info, or managers….. Someone• Pages with no peoplementioned aren’t trusted• The more staff photos youhave the better!• NOT info@business.com4/23/2013 12Power Start Media
  13. 13. Salon #14/23/2013 13Power Start Media
  14. 14. Salon #24/23/2013 14Power Start Media
  15. 15. Research Customers• Demonstrate that you care about customer satisfaction4/23/2013 15Power Start Media
  16. 16. Awareness Customers• What ‘Pain’ do you resolve? Talk about it!– You want them to say, “I have that pain!” and read on• Why we’re better info should repeat EVERYWHERE– Home page top and bottom– About us & Contact Us– Top and bottom of ‘Services’ or ‘Products’ page• Site flow optimization– Use Google Analytics or to see which pages onyour site are most visited• Where to visitors who stay the longest go after the home page• Make sure you have “why we’re better” information there4/23/2013 16Power Start Media
  17. 17. Awareness Customers• Educate awareness customers about your productor service category– Whitepapers, articles, or just text blogs that explain“What is ______?”• Get email names before you allow a download!• Use email for newsletters, or product offers• is good for sending emails– Don’t assume they know anything – basic info needs tobe there• Don’t bring up objections they won’t think of!4/23/2013 17Power Start Media
  18. 18. SEO.com4/23/2013 Power Start Media 18
  19. 19. Awareness Customers• More competitive analysis on best practices– Find other websites that offer something similar andlook for the ones you think convert better• Do they have more text on the home page than you? Or less?• Do you they have more detail pages that you do?• Is there color scheme more pleasant? Or relaxing? Or exciting?– Sometimes just seeing a site you like can give youinspiration you can’t find elsewhere– Ask your friends and customers what other companiesthey’ve considered – check out those websites4/23/2013 19Power Start Media
  20. 20. Awareness Customers• Find ways to continue the relationship throughsocial media, content, email4/23/2013 20Power Start Media
  21. 21. Testing Strategy• A/B testing lets you discover which messaging ororder of information wins more customerresponses• Try version A for one week and measure howmany calls or orders you get. Then try version B.– Test whether a guarantee works– Test pricing– Test special incentive offers4/23/2013 21Power Start Media
  22. 22. Conclusion• Every customer group needs a path to morefrom Awareness to Ready-to-Buy• Focus on Ready-to-Buy at the top of eachpage….people who want to read more willkeep reading!• Different pages for different customers is ideal• Test everything!4/23/2013 22Power Start Media
  23. 23. Your Presenter:Maggie BarrPower Start MediaBoulder Creek, CA408-454-6488Maggie.anne.barr@gmail.comwww.powerstartmedia.com4/23/2013 23Power Start Media“Your online publicity experts”