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Formalism photography


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Published in: Business, Real Estate
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Formalism photography

  1. 1. Formalism Photography Margaret Johnson
  2. 2. Paul Caponigro Title: Trees and fog, Location: Redding Connecticut Year: 1968 LINE
  3. 3. Brett Weston Title: Inlet Location: Japan Year: 1970 SHAPE
  4. 4. Boris Ignatovich Title: On Construction Location: Year: 1929 LINE
  5. 5. Ann Woo Title: Playing Cards Location: unknown Year: 2007 LINE
  6. 6. Zoe Leonard Title: 453 West 17th Street Location: Year: 2012 LINE
  7. 7. Cornell Capa Title: The funeral of William “Bojangles” Robinson. Location: New York Year: 1949 LINE
  8. 8. Janine Harrison Title: Practicing Landscapes Location: unknown Year: 2013 TONE/VALUE
  9. 9. Alexander Rodchenko Title: Pioneer with a Horn Location: Russia Year: 1930 TONE/VALUE
  10. 10. Roger Ballen Title: Blind Woman Location: unknown Year: 1916 SHAPE
  11. 11. Loomis Dean Title: For Sale Location: Las Vegas Year: 1952 TONE/VALUE