M J Mor Builder, Inc.


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M J Mor Builder, Inc.

  1. 1. M J MOR BUILDER, INC G E N E R A L C O N T R AC T O R Lic#611634 C O N S T RU C T I O N M A N AG E M E N T About M J Mor Builder, Inc. M J Mor Builder, established in 1991, is a full service building contractor, with 30 years combined experience and education. We are licensed in the states of California, and we carry general liability insurance, plus all applicable workers’ compensation. We provide construction services from concept to close-out to the commercial and residential sectors from additions, renovations, tenant improvements, to new ground-up construction.
  2. 2. M J MOR BUILDER, INC What We Offer We offer you and your business a wide range of services for small to mid-   Negotiated or Competitive Bidding   Owner Representation size projects from concept   Project Management to completion, placing an   Site Assessment emphasis on   Design Assist communication, team   Value Engineering work and professionalism.   Budgeting and Schedule   Consulting M J Mor Builder can   Documentation handle every aspect of   Cost Control your new or improvement   Quality Control project including:   Procurement   Safety Standards   Project Close Out
  3. 3. M J MOR BUILDER, INC M J Mor Builder works with you, becoming an invaluable partner to plan, build, and manage your facilities for the duration of your construction project form day one to close-out and beyond. Project Coordination & Management M J Mor Builder will provide a turn-key operation. We will collaborate closely between the architect, landlord, and tenant to ensure that the project runs smooth. We will work to achieve costing, quality, and scheduling objectives of the project. Project Scheduling M J Mor Builder can provide you with an aggressive and easy to understand project schedule. Competitive Project Costing our cost estimating and our value-engineering process yields the best solution based on lifetime value. We carefully solicit competitive bids to achieve the best quality from reliable resources.
  4. 4. M J MOR BUILDER, INC Tailored Services M J Mor Builder will tailor its services to your individual needs which may include design support, preliminary budgeting, resource & logistics planning, scope management, project scheduling, project administration, and supervision. Post Construction services   eceive and coordinate all closeout items including as-built R drawings, operation and maintenance manuals, and warranties as required   ssist in resolving all outstanding contract issues, warranties, and A bonds at project closeout   repare a final closeout report with recommendation regarding P final payment, notice of completion, and file system for retrieval of closeout documentation   ssist with obtaining occupancy permit A   ssist with commissioning the building and owner training, if A desired.
  5. 5. M J MOR BUILDER, INC Job Site Standards and Procedures Our worksites are kept clean and safe. Field workers and subcontractors are provided with, and expected to comply with, job site standards, rules and procedures, emphasizing safety and proper behavior, achieving minimal disruption to other tenants. Customer Satisfaction Our clients receive enormous benefits from our dedication, experience, high quality standards, and scheduling. We are committed that our clients' needs are met throughout the entire process. We assure an on-time, on-budge, and high quality project.
  6. 6. M J MOR BUILDER, INC Our Business Strategy M J Mor Builder’s conservative and pragmatic business strategy for growth continues to expand on it’s scope of projects in target markets, all the while, dedicated to creating value by delivering and maintaining, efficiency, quality of work, strict work ethics, and consistently providing extraordinary customer service. We base our strategy on the following key principles:   ntegrity I   uality Q   erformance P   eam work T   xcellence E   afety S   uilding Relationships B
  7. 7. M J MOR BUILDER, INC Negotiated vs. Competitive Bidding We begin this process by M J Mor Builder promotes a customer-driven team approach to the art of building, tailoring a PROVIDING ADVICE cooperative partnership AND RECOMMENDATION with you on a “negotiated basis.” We collaborate w i t h yo u u n t i l yo u r budget, schedule, and DEVELOP BUDGET  ASSIST THE  quality goals are met. We AND SCHEDULING  DESIGN TEAM  invest time and effort into this process with you and the design team, This process continues until your intergrading cost control project goals are met. and estimating into the design phase bringing your project to reality.
  8. 8. M J MOR BUILDER, INC When the project scope and your goals are met we I.  Prepare trade bid packages II.  Invite pre-qualified subcontractors III.  Adjust and Finalize a)  Plans b)  Pricing c)  Schedule IV.  Execute and Implement a)  Final Contract Agreement b)  Begin Construction
  9. 9. M J MOR BUILDER, INC Partnering for Success Our collaborative partnership effort creates a basis of understanding that best serves the interests of the owner and our team, facilitating the delivery of your project for a smooth and successful building experience. We work with the owners and the design team during pre-construction to identify changes and cost saving opportunities; identify potential inconsistencies in the design and greatly reduce the possibility of an adversarial and contentious relationship often encountered in the competitive bid approach. We are committed to treating all of our clients with equality and respect. We will always do our best no matter how large or small the project may be.
  10. 10. M J MOR BUILDER, INC CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT AND CONSULTING Construction Management is the most viable, cost–effective alternative to General Contracting, the traditional approach for delivery of a construction project. Using the Construction Management approach, Owners realize greater control of their project and visibility into the project’s status. Likewise, because the MJMB’S objective is a successfully completed project, within the Owner’s budget, and not a greater profit based on excessive change orders, the relationship between MJMB, project designers and the Owner is a mutually beneficial one. TAILORED AGREEMENTS FOR CLIENT FLEXIBILITY AND PROJECT REQUIREMENTS Under the terms of our Owner/Construction Manager Agreement, your project is scheduled into three separate phases: ♦  lanning and Design Phase P ♦  re-Construction Phase P ♦  onstruction Phase C
  11. 11. M J MOR BUILDER, INC THE PLANNING AND DESIGN PHASE M J Mor Builder encourages our early involvement in the planning phase to work with you and the design team in setting up budgets, estimates, construction schedules and site development and permitting. We evaluate materials and procedures and work with the design team to determine which material or procedural alternative is least costly and will give optimal quality within your budget. THE PRE-CONSTRUCTION PHASE M J Mor Builder works on your behalf, along with the design team, in arranging specifications into coordinated scopes-of-work, along with budgets, for each category of work to be bid by individual specialty trade contractors. We then prepare pre-qualification criteria for the invited bidders and conduct pre-bid conferences to acquaint the bidders with the extent of their portion of the work, what facilities are available for them at the jobsite and what they must furnish for themselves. As the bids are received, we evaluate them and submit our recommendations to you for approval. THE CONSTRUCTION PHASE When construction starts, we coordinate all work on the site, develop and maintain schedules, budgets and quality standards. We maintain an office at the jobsite and set up a computer-based project management system which will report on project cost status, payment status, lien releases and track project progress.
  12. 12. M J MOR BUILDER, INC Procurement Pre-construction planning ♦  Constructability reviews ♦  Project delivery selection ♦  Preparation of trade bid package ♦  Pre-qualification of bidders ♦  Trade bid analysis & recommendations ♦  Ensure insurance and bonding is in place ♦  Interview proposed construction team ♦  Procurement of Owner purchased materials ♦  Construction Coordination of project team members ♦  Attendance at Owner/Architect/Contractor meetings ♦  Monitor progress of the project ♦  Environmental impact control ♦  Construction Closeout Monitor quality of construction ♦  Monitor adherence to the construction schedule ♦  Assist with punch list development ♦  Monitor adherence to the contract documents ♦  Ensure all warrantees are submitted properly ♦  Monitor safety compliance ♦  Ensure O&M manuals are submitted properly ♦  Monitor RFI process ♦  Training coordination ♦  Furniture, Fixture & Equipment coordination ♦  Review of As-Built drawings ♦  Administer and recommend progress payment requisitions ♦  Project closeout support ♦  Review change order proposals ♦  Assist in procuring the certificate of occupancy ♦  Prepare contingency plans ♦  Financial reporting ♦ 
  13. 13. M J MOR BUILDER, INC Project Controls You will be kept informed of the progress of your project every step of the way. M J Mor Construction Builder will develop and maintain the construction schedule and progress reports and assist you with evaluating the validity of 1.  Conduct pre-construction meetings the estimated completion dates. M J Mor with trade contractors Builder uses a variety of tools to evaluate the 2.  Review safety procedures of individual progress of a project, including: contractors 3.  Update construction schedule 1.  Cash Flows Analysis 4.  Manage contractor quality control 2.  Work Units Accomplished vs Plan 5.  Manage contractor pay requests 3.  Construction Schedule process 4.  Trend Forecasting 6.  Conduct weekly job site meetings 5.  Equipment and material delivery 7.  Manage change order process 6.  Percent complete versus Plan 8.  Provide construction observation and 7.  Photographs daily job site field reports 9.  Manage punch list and close-out
  14. 14. M J MOR BUILDER, INC Advantages of Construction Management vs. General Contracting Accountability We advise you and represent your interest only. We work directly for you, the client. Over the course of the project, we offer suggestions/recommendations to you for your consideration; you make the final decisions. Visibility You are guaranteed access to the project records, including project cost status, at any time during the project. At the completion of the work, these records will be turned over to you. Cost Savings With an agreed upon fixed fee or a fee as a percentage of the project cost, independent of the construction cost, all cost savings that are realized during construction will accrue to you, the Owner, not become part of a general contractor’s profit; cost savings that will more than offset our fees.
  15. 15. M J MOR BUILDER, INC COMMITMENT FOR SUCCESS (1) OUR VISION: M J Mor Builder is committed to delivering high quality, cost effective services to our clients; to add value through foresight and innovation; to build on our clients and our associate relationships by maintaining high standards of conduct and professionalism. (2) OUR STRATEGY: M J Mor Builder practices a pragmatic approach to establishing accountability and responsibility; building commitment and ownership of company goals. (3) OUR CORE VALUE: M J Mor Builder is about loyalty and trust; serving our clients and interacting with our associates professionally with integrity and respect; understanding client needs; delivering accountability, quality and value.
  16. 16. M J MOR BUILDER, INC Executive Bio Mittry Mor, President of M J Mor Builder, Inc. started working in construction as a grunt in 1978. With a passion to build, he began his career in 1984, after earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management Technology from Oklahoma State University School of Engineering. Mittry’s educational and professional background awarded him the opportunity to be involved on numerous high profile projects for leading commercial building contractors as an estimator, field project engineer and project manager, expanding his knowledge and field experience in the commercial construction industry. In 1991 he took his career to a new level by forming M J Mor Builder. Mittry's education and considerable practical commercial job site experience contributes a level of excellence and knowledge serving as an invaluable partner, working with our clients to provide comprehensive cost and project controls to accomplish the goals of the project and our clients. Mittry also shares a passion for family, fishing and golf.