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Laptop Learning Seminars


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A presentation that I gave to all of our high school students to kick off

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Laptop Learning Seminars

  1. 1. Castilleja Laptop  Learning Seminars August 2010
  2. 7. the 'diaper skyper'
  3. 8. Why?
  4. 9. Why ...are we here?
  5. 10. Why ...laptop learning?
  6. 11. "laptop is a personal laboratory for intellectual exploration and creative expression" ~ Dr. Gary Stager
  7. 12. "...laptops are instruments of mass distraction" ~ NPR piece from last spring
  8. 13. Big Question... "how can we use our laptops (and other technologies) to personalize learning, manage complex streams of information, interrogate resource validity, engage with local and global issues, publish for a large audience, build cool stuff, have a bit of fun, develop empathy, network with others and expand our cultural competencies and awareness?"
  9. 14. "The teacher knows almost as little how to use [it] as his pupils" ?
  10. 15. "The teachers knows almost as little how to use chalk as his pupils" Image courtesy of World Bank Photo Collection. Creative Commons:
  11. 16. Historical innovations in educational technology...
  12. 17. the written word