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Using Social Media As A Marketing Tool


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A look at social media and its use as a marketing tool.

Published in: Business, Technology, Design
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Using Social Media As A Marketing Tool

  1. 1. CONSULTING Social Media Using as a Marketing Tool
  2. 2. About MJM Consulting Virtual President Services & Strategic Management Consulting CONSULTING Michael McKay
  3. 3. Some Caveats • I’m not a social media expert • I’m not a marketing expert • I have limited experience and training • Like a teaching hospital, this is a case of see one, do one, teach one.
  4. 4. Sources • Alec Saunders ( – Presentation material blatantly plagiarized from his OCRI presentation • See original at • Social media superstars – David Armano ( – Chris Brogan ( – And anyone they link to • Photo Credits at the end.
  5. 5. Within social media, customers are media producers
  6. 6. Your customers You What are they saying?
  7. 7. It is not about the
  8. 8. quot;Social media isn't just about big networks like Facebook and MySpace, it's about brands having conversations.“ Lloyd Salmons
  9. 9. The Tools
  10. 10. Blogs
  11. 11. Blogs • Blogs have been around for 10 years – Originally web logs – a list of sites visited and comments – the weird and wonderful • Software added to automate the process of updating the list – People started adding random comments – The web exploded - the lists became un-useable but the comments remained • Search engines took over the world
  12. 12. What’s a Blog? • The old definition – A set of comments arranged in chronological order where new additions are added to the top and older comments are removed from the bottom. • The new definition (mine) – An SQL database layered under a PHP engine that enables rapid updates of posts/pages/comments and displays these in a multitude of clever ways. • Technically & practically, its a web site.
  13. 13. Blogs are Dead Long live the website
  14. 14. Blogs versus Static Sites • Web sites are largely marketing material – An electronic brochure – A tiny sales function (click here to purchase) – Trend note: Web 2.0 is adding applications to the mix • Blogs are web sites that allow feedback • Therefore, Blogs are marketing material but with feedback
  15. 15. Blogs versus Static Sites: Repeat Readers (Taken from Alec Saunders Presentation)
  16. 16. Compare with Print
  17. 17. Blogs are Publications Writing style and content create an identity Blogs are Brands Given a mission, blogs are a forum for thought leadership (Taken from Alec Saunders Presentation)
  18. 18. (Taken from Alec Saunders Presentation)
  19. 19. Lots of links! Auto SEO Must be really Big site! Must relevant!! be important! Link Love Your Blog Page Multiplier Filters pages Other Blogs tags titles The community categories acts as an echo dates chamber Single post Database
  20. 20. Google “Juice”
  21. 21. Who’s Got Juice? Bloggers “Professional Brands” • Alec Saunders • Mitel 2,230 345 • Chris Brogan • Nortel 8,620 1,870 • Problogger • Bell 10,500 1,920 • Huffington Post 45,600 • The Globe and Mail 9,780 • IBM 17,100
  22. 22. Examples
  23. 23. More Examples
  24. 24. More Examples
  25. 25. A Great Blog will work for Anything
  26. 26. Even if the Juice is not Great
  27. 27. Features that make a blog work • RSS (really simple syndication) • E-mail subscriptions • Comments – maximize opportunity for conversations • Tags • Categories • Archives • Links (blog roll) – ask for and give link love
  28. 28. How do I start? Set up a site Writing • Write often • Get a proper top-level • Use good titles domain • Use really good titles • Install good software • Make the posts meaty (wordpress) • Be controversial • Use a Google site map • Participate in the • Ping the search engines “conversation” • Link and traceback • Keep a blogroll • Tag, tag and tag • Ask for “link love” and love your friends
  29. 29. 3 posts a day!! Perhaps I should use twitter.
  30. 30. Twitter Language • Like pig-latin • Micro-blogging – Take any word, remove the first – Limited to 140 characters consonants and add “tw” • Twitter – the service • Real-time conversations • Tweet – an individual post • Analogous to CB radios • Re-tweet – reposting someone else’s post – “Hey 10-4 good buddy, what’s • Twit – a person who tweets yer 20?” • Tweople – a group of twits • Millions of users • Tweet-up – an meeting of twits organized on twitter. • Too much traffic to follow • Twitterverse • Twebinar • Twistorie
  31. 31. For Heaven’s Sake! Why?
  32. 32. Insight & Connection
  33. 33. Tweetscoop
  34. 34. Real-time information
  35. 35. Twitter Users Twitter users were among the first to hear, and so spread the news about, the Mumbai attacks, earthquakes in California and the death of the actor Heath Ledger
  36. 36.
  37. 37. In Summary • Social Media is about People and Relationships • It provides a vehicle to make connections with customers and gain insight • Connections can be leveraged to gain brand awareness, Google Juice and influence • It is a cheap but time-intensive form of marketing
  38. 38. 10 reasons to stop calling yourself a quot;bloggerquot;: 1. People are only nice to bloggers because now, they have to be. 2. Blogger sounds like quot;boogerquot;. Ew. 3. Bloggers are so 2006. quot;Microbloggersquot; are the new bloggers. 4. Most successful bloggers have written a book. That makes you an author. 5. If you haven't written a book, you're just a blogger. 6. No one really wants you to blog about what they did at last night's party. 7. Blondes have more fun. Bloggers have more fights. 8. Bloggers are now respectable, like journalists and lawyers. Except no one trusts journalists and lawyers. 9. The word blogger rhymes with quot;joggerquot;—subliminally recalling images of head bands, knee highs and short shorts. 10. Bloggers only talk about blogging. You're more interesting than that.
  39. 39. Contact Me Michael McKay MJM Consulting 613-724-8169 CONSULTING
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