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US Landmarks Webquest

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US Landmarks Webquest

  1. 1. Melinda Lloyd2nd GradeNational Landmarks and SymbolsHave students identify landmarks/symbols and information about them 1. What year was the Liberty Bell first cast? How long is the crack in the Liberty Bell? What is the strike note of the Liberty Bell? When was it named the Liberty Bell? 2. Underthe Experience DC tab, click on Monuments and Memorials How tall is the Washington Monument? How many columns in the Lincoln Memorial? What year was the Thomas Jefferson Memorial dedicated? 3. When was the first official flag made? Who made the first flag? How many stars are there on the flag? What do the stars represent?
  2. 2. 4. Click on Statue of Liberty fun facts. How many steps from the pedestal to the head of the Statue? How much does the Statue weigh? What year was the Statue dedicated?5. Monticello-Architecture/ How many total rooms in the Monticello? How many fireplaces on the main floor? Where did the window glass come from? When and what part of the main house was first completed? 6. Name two of the national songs from the list. Click on the Bald Eagle picture. Arrow down and click on Sound tab. Listen to two recordings of the eagle. Describe what one of the recordings sounded like. 7. Name the president who first lived in the White House. How many doors are in the White House? Which president named it the White House? How much paint is needed to cover the outside of the White House?
  3. 3. 8. How many steps to the top of Mt. Rushmore? How big are the presidents’ noses? Where is Mt. Rushmore? Name 2 of the presidents on Mt. Rushmore. 9. Click on the Flag color page. Print out and color. Click on Bald Eagle color page. Print out and color.10. Play the Symbols Match Game. Write down 2 of the pictures that you match. Write down the picture that you uncovered. Click on U.S. Flag Jigsaw Puzzle. Complete puzzle and write down your time.
  4. 4. Answers1. 1752 24.5 inches long E-flat 18392. 555 1/8 feet 38 columns 19433. 1777 Betsy Ross 50 Each state.4. 154 steps 225 tons or 450,000 pounds 18865. 33 8 Europe Dining room 17726. Two of the following: America (My Country Tis of Thee); America the Beautiful; Battle Hymn of Republic; God Bless America; God Bless the USA; Hail to the Chief; Over There; Grand Ole Flag; Yankee Doodle Boy. Varied. Description of eagle calls.
  5. 5. 7. John Adams 412 Theodore Roosevelt 570 gallons8. 506 20 feet long Black Hills, S.D. Any two: Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt9. Two coloring pages.10. Varies. Varies. Time it took to complete puzzle. Please note: Picture of flag and Mt. Rushmore taken from