The raspberry


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The raspberry

  1. 1.  Cost Saving Tips Buy frozen TIPS FOR DAILY USE Look for sales on fresh raspberries Grow your own at   Add to Smoothies Topping for desserts like frozen Raspberries home! yogurt, pudding or pound cake A Superfood Check out local  Topping for a salad or make Farmer’s Markets a vinaigrette  Use in breakfast items like Nutritional Content muffins, pancakes, waffles, and yogurt  Freeze fresh raspberries by washing them, placing themGreat source of Vitamin C on a cookie sheet and freezing Excellent antioxidant them until frozen. Once frozensource, which help prevent cancer! place in a zip-lock bag untilGreat source of riboflavin, folate, niacin, magnesium, ready to use.potassium, copper, and manganese—all needed What is a Superfood?for a health body! A natural food that is especially Jacqueline Barnwell beneficial because of its level ofPlentiful source of Jaclyn Dickriede antioxidants and health-protecting dietary fiber (Fiber binds to bad cholesterol Rachel Duqueand gets rid of it!) Neda Kashenian qualities.
  2. 2. er ry pbHistory of the Growing Packaging R asThe raspberry   Grow in full sunlight and in well-drained, sandy soil. Watering the plants frequently will improve   Make sure the berries are not packed too tightly. Fresh berries are packaged in clam-shell originated in Asia, fruit size and increase production. containers  Do not grow raspberries within 600 feet of Europe and North  Make sure that the container is not wet wild berries to America. Their growing prevent diseases or stained when purchasing. season is in the summer spreading between and the fall. your berries When to Buy Fresh! and the wild ones.  Purchase in the store or market two Raspberries are a very flexible fruit days prior to use. and are easy to grow at home; however  Choose raspberries that are firm, plump they are very fragile. One berry is actually Harvesting Raspberries are ready for and deep in color. many tiny fruits that are held together by  Avoid the berries that are mushy, or harvest when they can be easily pulled from the tiny hairs. It is recommended to use fresh moldy. raspberries quickly because that is when vine without being damaged and are bright red How to Eat they have the most Vitamin C. in color. Raspberries can be harvested from mid-summer  Right before eating wash the raspber- until the first frost. ries gently with a sprayer or with Where to buy? light water pressure  At local grocery store or  Wash them right farmers market before eating  Raspberries can be found  Keep in refrigera- year-round, either in the tor until ready to fresh fruit section or with the use; do not leave them frozen fruit at room temperature