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GCCISD Technology Plan

  1. 1. Goose Creek Consolidated School District Technology PlanCreated by Michella Joseph EDLD 5362-8011
  2. 2. GOOSE CREEK CISDTECHNOLOGY PLAN According to the GCCISD website
  3. 3. GOOSE CREEK CISD Technology Plan forE-Rate Year 12 - 2009 - 2012• Goose Creek CISD will provide technology for literacy, integration and transformative learning to prepare students to successfully live, learn and work in the Digital Age.• Our wireless infrastructure provides connectivity for ultra mobile devices, laptops, smart tablets, interactive white boards, classroom performance systems, iPods, document cameras, and more.• Technology will be incorporated in all areas of the curriculum.
  4. 4. GOOSE CREEK CISD Technology Plan forE-Rate Year 12 - 2009 - 2012• Staff development will focus on teaching the existing curriculum with technology.• Curriculum and Instruction will continue to build the Information Management System that will provide stakeholders information on student performance and align the curriculum vertically and horizontally.• This technology will be used to collect data and to analyze it to best serve each students individual needs.
  5. 5. GOALS FOR GCCISDTECHNOLOGY PLAN According to the GCCISD website
  6. 6. Goals for Technology Plan• GOAL I: PROVIDE EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY FOR STUDENT LEARNING – Expand the use of 1:1 ultra mobile devices for students. – Provide teachers with additional classroom interactive hardware and software.
  7. 7. Goals for Technology Plan• GOAL II: THE DISTRICT STAFF DEVELOPMENT MODEL WILL BE TEACHING WITH TECHNOLOGY. – All instructional staff will receive training in teaching with technology.
  8. 8. Goals for Technology Plan• GOAL III: CONTINUE TO BUILD AND REFINE THE DISTRICTS CURRICULUM MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (SCHOOLNET)TO PROVIDE REAL-TIME DATA FOR DATA- DRIVEN DECISION MAKING. – Ensure SchoolNet data is accessible to all district personnel on a need-to-know basis.
  9. 9. Goals for Technology Plan• GOAL IV: ALIGN INSTRUCTIONAL GOALS WITH TECHNOLOGY GOALS TO IMPROVE TEACHING AND LEARNING. – Working in collaboration with Staff Development and Educational Technology, revise instructional planning to incorporate the use of 1:1 ultra mobile devices and laptops for students and teachers. – Include technology planning in all planning for executives, curriculum directors, curriculum specialists, content specialists, principals and teachers.
  10. 10. Goals for Technology Plan• GOAL V: Provide Technology Infrastructure for student learning. – Improve the wide area network router distribution and wireless modules – Increase wireless access points and network electronics for greater instructional device coverage. – Consolidate instructional servers into a centralized location to provide student data storage and retrieval.
  11. 11. GOAL V continued – Provide network electronics for video conferencing to increase educational and library technologies. – Provide network electronics for distance learning with video and audio capabilities to allow students to interactively participate – Consolidate instructional servers into a centralized location to provide student data storage and retrieval.
  12. 12. Goals for Technology Plan• Goal VI: Improve school telecommunications coverage. – Complete BDA "build outs" for all campuses to improve daily Nextel service and emergency communications.
  13. 13. NEW NATIONAL TECHNOLOGY STANDARDSAccording to the National Education Technology Plan website
  14. 14. New Technology Standards• Learning: Engage and Empower – Focus what and how we teach to match what people need to know – How they learn – Where and when they will learn – Who needs to learn
  15. 15. New Technology Standards• Productivity: Redesign and Transform – Rethink the way we organize students into age- determined groups – Restructure separate academic disciplines – Reorganize learning into classes of roughly equal size with all the students in a particular class receiving the same content at the same pace
  16. 16. New Technology Standards• Infrastructure: Access and Enable – Provide every student, educator, and level of our education system with the resources they need when and where they are needed – Provide people, processes, learning resources, policies, and sustainable models continuous improvement; also broadband connectivity, servers, software, management systems, and administration tools.
  17. 17. New Technology Standards• Teaching: Prepare and Connect – Teams of connected educators replace solo practitioners – Classrooms are fully connected to provide educators with 24/7 access to data and analytic tools – Educators have access to resources that help them act on the insights the data provide
  18. 18. New Technology Standards• Assessment: Measure What Matters – Requires new and better ways to measure what matters – Diagnose strengths and weaknesses in the course of learning when there is still time to improve student performance – Involve multiple stakeholders in the process of designing, conducting, and using assessment.
  20. 20. Improvements to GCCISD Plan• Increase access to educational technology for all students.• Provide additional educational technology hardware and software for all campuses.• Replace aging teacher workstations with interactive whiteboards.
  21. 21. Improvements to GCCISD Plan• Align curriculum and instruction staff development with technology staff development.• Improve media retrieval and communications systems.
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