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Fifty shades of Serverless


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Serverless is the new black, right? And yet there are so many nuances - different vendors and different ways of making use of serverless. In this talk we look at the options available to developers in general and Java developers in particular. We also look at some caveats to consider before going serverless.

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Fifty shades of Serverless

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  9. 9. Copyright©SolidBeansAB Mattias Jiderhamn AWS Lambda Azure Functions Google Cloud Functions Supported languages /runtime Java Node.js C# Python (Go, Rust via Apex) Java (preview) Node.js, TypeScript C#, F# Python PHP Batch, Bash, PowerShell Node.js Python Offering Cloud Cloud (Consumption vs Dedicated) On Premise (Azure Stack) Cloud Free tier (per month) 1 M requests 400 k GB-s 1 M requests 400 k GB-s 2 M requests 400 k GB-s, 200 k GHz-s 5GB traffic Pricing (August 2018, Europe) $0.20 / 1M requests $0.00001667 / GB-s $0.20 / 1M requests $0.000016 / GB-s $0.40 / 1M requests $0.0000025 / GB-s $0.00001 / GHz-s $0.12 per GB traffic The Big Three
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  19. 19. Copyright©SolidBeansAB Caveats
  20. 20. Copyright©SolidBeansAB Mattias Jiderhamn Cost management • Pay-as-you-go • Estimate memory usage and invocation time • More expensive = cheaper? • Async operations/ background threads • Low max time
  21. 21. Copyright©SolidBeansAB Mattias Jiderhamn Logging • ExecutionContext.getLogger() • AWS: Log4j 2 appender AWS Lambda Log4J appender CloudWatch Logs
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  23. 23. Copyright©SolidBeansAB Mattias Jiderhamn Cold start • 20-45 minutes of inactivity • 30+ seconds start for Java • Keep alive ping requests –Azure: per Function App
  24. 24. Copyright©SolidBeansAB Mattias Jiderhamn Vendor lock-in • Vendor specific method signature • Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) working on standard • Abstract the vendor specific … or not
  25. 25. Copyright©SolidBeansAB Mattias Jiderhamn Spring Cloud Function • Decouple business logic and deployment –Plain Old Function (POF) • Spring Boot –IoC etc • On the fly string compilation • Reactive Streams (Flux)
  26. 26. Copyright©SolidBeansAB DEMO
  27. 27. Copyright©SolidBeansAB Mattias Jiderhamn Ask not what you can do with
  28. 28. Copyright©SolidBeansAB fifty-shades-of-serverless @mjiderhamn