Johns Hopkins SAIS IRP Gatekeepers Talk - Min Jiang


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Invited talk on Chinese Internet given to US media gatekeepers ( The talks briefs editors on how Internet is changing China and how China is changing the Internet.

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Johns Hopkins SAIS IRP Gatekeepers Talk - Min Jiang

  1. 1. How is the Internet Changing China? How is China Changing the Internet? INTERNATIONAL REPORTING PROJECT SAIS, JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY WASHINGTON DC (MAY 7, 2010) Min Jiang (Ph.D.) | Twitter: @mindyjiang Assistant Professor, Communication, UNCC 2009-2010 Annenberg Fellow, Center for Global Communication Studies University of Pennsylvania
  2. 2. Internet Adoption in China
  3. 3. Chinese Internet: An Overview  400 million Internet users (CNNIC, 2010; Reuters, 2010)  2/3 under age 30  182 million bloggers (almost ½ of China’s netizens)  700 million mobile phone users (½ of Chinese population)  117 million Internet mobile phone users Photos courtesy of MinnPost.Com,
  4. 4. Fragile Superpower Photo TOP: content/uploads/2008/08/beijing-olympics080808.jpg Photo MIDDLE: Photo BOTTOM: 72157594475249707/
  5. 5. Fragile Superpower Online
  6. 6. “We Chinese Need to be Controlled”? Jackie Chan: Media quoted me out of context Dai Qincheng: (HK) Netizens demand Jackie Chan be sent to North Korea (reprint) Han Han: Read the Emperor’s mind like Jackie Chan ChinaNet, douban, Sina Blog (April 23, 2009)
  7. 7. Authoritarian Deliberation Patriotism + Legitimacy-based Performance Photo LEFT: Photo RIGHT:
  8. 8. Premier Wen Jiaobao Online Chat 知屋漏者在宇下, 知政失者在草野。 He who knows the leakage of a house lives under the roof. He who knows the mishandling of a state is among the populace. Online chat with Chinese netizens: February 27, 2010
  9. 9. Net Advantage vs. State Advantage Photos TOP: The Prospect Magazine Photo BOTTOM LEFT: MediaBistro Photo BOTTOM RIGHT:
  10. 10. Control 1.0 & 2.0
  11. 11. Regulating Commercial Sites Image TOP LEFT: Image BOTTOM LEFT: XinhuaNet Image RIGHT: Heredict Q blog
  12. 12. River Crabs vs. Grass Mud Horse
  13. 13. Online Grassroots Discourse  Rights  Exposure  Nationalism
  14. 14. Rights: Chongqing Nail House 2007 Image TOP : Eastwood Image RIGHT: CBC
  15. 15. Rights: Deng Yujiao 2009 Punish Sex Offenders Release Deng Yujiao Shame on Badong Police Sources: The Guardian, EastSouthWestNorth, Tianya BBS
  16. 16. Rights: Taking a Stroll in Xiamen 2007 Guard Harmonious Xiamen Reject Petrochemical Pollution
  17. 17. Rights: Panyu “We Are Not to Be Represented” 2010 Anti-Garbage Incineration
  18. 18. Rights: Green Dam Youth Escort 2009
  19. 19. Exposure: Cat Abuser 2006 “Human Flesh Search” Sources: Photos TOP: Top 15 Amazing ly Fat Cats Photos RIGHT: Netease BBS
  20. 20. Exposure: Housing Administrator Sacked 2008 What is he smoking?! It’s Nanjing Tobacco Co.’s most expensive cigarettes! 1500 RMB per carton! Sources: TOP: XinhuaNet, RIGHT:
  21. 21. (Self-) Exposure: Guangxi Tobacco Chief Sex Diary 2010 Sources: TOP: Yahoo! CN News, RIGHT: eChinaCities
  22. 22. Nationalism Online: Anti-CNN
  23. 23. Who is Winning?
  24. 24. Shishou Mass Unrest 2009: If Suppression Is Not The Way Forward… Photo TOP: 07/09/content_8403394.htm Photo Middle: Video BOTTOM: TFDY0&feature=player_embedded
  25. 25. Ethnic Riots in Xinjiang 2009: Telecom Disconnect Sources: TOP: BBC
  26. 26. Google Inc. vs. Chinese Gov. Photo TOP: PortlandMercury Photo RIGHT: Reuters
  27. 27. Is “Scaling the Wall” the Ultimate Solution?
  28. 28. Getting “Real” on CN Internet 2010 “The Internet is an open information system. As long as Chinese Internet connects with the international web, harmful information of all kinds will find its way to our domestic websites. So long as Chinese Internet is open to the public, all sorts of netizen remarks will emerge.” -- Wang Chen, State Council Information Office
  29. 29. The GFW & The Real Wall Photos LEFT: 11/ff_chinafirewall?currentPage=all Photo Above:
  30. 30. Micro Power, Big World Source: Photo TOP & RIGHT: