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IT Solutions & Services
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Strategic Services    ITSS helps client organisations align their IT decision    making to business strategy and business ...
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IT Solutions and Services (ITSS)


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ITSS can help you make the right investment choices in IT Solutions and Services and implement them effectively. We can help you choose the right partners and achieve the right IT service levels and support for your business at the best possible price.

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IT Solutions and Services (ITSS)

  1. 1. IT Solutions & Services
  2. 2. About Expense Reduction Analysts IT Solutions & Services Expense Reduction Analysts IT Solutions and Services (ITSS) provides strategic IT services to Expense Reduction Analysts’ clients and delivers effective strategies and policies for the use of Information Technology within their businesses. ITSS helps its clients evaluate the organisation (e.g. OJEU). ITSS uses its skills, effectiveness, associated risks and value market knowledge and leverage to negotiate for money of current IT solutions and the best possible contract on the client’s services and identifies opportunities for behalf. improvement. We help clients eliminate waste, manage IT related business risk, Once a new IT solution or service is procured operate to best practice and build and ITSS can provide the expertise for client side evaluate business cases for change. project management of delivery, working with the supplier and client staff to ensure projects Once a decision is made to procure a new are properly planned, managed and controlled IT solution or service ITSS can manage that through to implementation. Finally ITSS can procurement for the client, working with their help monitor and manage the delivery of the team to ensure requirements are agreed and expected business benefits of the solution or Quick Reference specified. Expense Reduction Analysts then uses its extensive knowledge of the IT service. Solutions and Services market to identify ITSS is managed by Michael Hully and Chris About Expense Reduction Analysts Procurement & Delivery Services 8 capable suppliers and include them in the Brown. Michael has previously directed IT Solutions & Services 3 Funding IT Solutions and procurement process. IT for an Irish PLC and been a Managing Managing Consultants 4 Services projects 10 Director within an international IT Solutions IT Health Check 5 Accelerate savings and efficiencies 11 We run the procurement process in line with and Services group, whilst Chris has directed Strategic Services 6 best practice and in line with any existing IT for both a leading e-gaming company and procurement guidelines within the client a national public transport company.2 Expense Reduction Analysts Quick Reference About IT Solutions & Services Expense Reduction Analysts 3
  3. 3. Managing IT Health Check Consultants Michael Hully Chris Brown Michael Hully Chris Brown Effective use of Information Technology is a critical A highly qualified business professional An entrepreneurial business professional with with 25 years analysing, developing, 30 years experience of delivering cutting edge success factor for almost every business. A business procuring and delivering IT business IT solutions in the travel and gaming industries. that is not leveraging IT in a way that best supports its solutions. Director level experience in both With director level experience of analysing current operation and future strategy will fail to excel a leading IT Solutions and Services vendor problems and delivering solutions in both online and a manufacturing Plc. and offline environments in the UK and Europe. or may even fail to survive. Qualifications and Areas of Experience Qualifications and Areas of Experience An initial health check from Expense Process • BSc in Computer Science and MBA qualified • BA in Business and Transport Reduction Analysts will give you an easy Interviews with a selection of key directors and • 25 years in the field of selling, building and • 30 years of building and delivering IT solutions to understand assessment on how well managers in the business and inspection of delivering IT solutions and related business and managing the related business change your organisation is currently directing current working documents and procedures. change processes • 10 years directing IT and Telesales for a major IT investment, delivering IT solutions, • 5 years directing Processes & IT for an Irish PLC division of a UK PLC infrastructure and services to the business. Deliverable • 10 years at Board level in an international IT • 6 years at Board level in an international An overview report comparing current practice Solutions and services group online and offline gaming group Benefits with best practice and recommendations as • 10 years in Project Management, Quality • 3 years delivering profound business change Know at a summary level how your appropriate for organisational development. Management, Systems Analysis and for a legacy gambling business; moving the organisation’s approach to IT compares Software Development for one of the largest product portfolio online and fundamentally against best practice in the following areas: IT Solutions and Services companies in the UK. redefining the future IT strategy • Strategic management • Policies Expertise • Structure and skills Experience in a wide range of sectors including Manufacturing, Retailing, Wholesale & Distribution, • IT operational and financial management Transport, Betting and Gaming, Financial Services, Local Government and Professional services in • Service delivery processes both online and offline environments. • Service support processes Services offered • IT service availability and continuity • IT Strategy development planning review • IT policy and governance consultancy • Online marketing and strategy audit • IT solution procurement & negotiation • IT service support review • IT services outsourcing consultancy • IT departmental structure and process audit • Project Management & Troubleshooting4 Expense Reduction Analysts Managing Consultants IT Health Check Expense Reduction Analysts 5
  4. 4. Strategic Services ITSS helps client organisations align their IT decision making to business strategy and business priorities. It Services Offered IT Governance & Policy helps them manage IT related business risk and achieve Governance and Strategy Review IT Strategy best value from their available IT budget. Implement effective forums, steering processes and policies for managing IT Without effective IT governance that A lack of strategic planning may place the strategically IT Service Support fully involves key business leaders, the business at risk of failure in the event of a benefits offered through the use of IT major IT problem. Strategy Development IT Solutions & Tools will not be realised. Align IT to business strategy, declare Without a clear understanding of the agreed priorities and direction for IT Ineffective or non existent policies increase return generated by current IT investment IT Infrastructures risk to the business from the mismanagement any strategic planning decisions may Policy Development & Audit or misuse of IT. be suboptimal. Develop policies on IT usage and management and audit compliance Service Support Review Ensure best value from the mix of internal and external support services Service Availability & continuity review Know the real risk to your business as a result of IT failure IT Director service Have Director level IT steering on an ongoing basis as needed6 Expense Reduction Analysts Strategic Services Strategic Services Expense Reduction Analysts 7
  5. 5. Procurement & Delivery Services ITSS helps organisations procure IT solutions that meet Procurement & Delivery... business needs at the best possible price. It helps them effectively manage implementation, realise business St benefits and manage ongoing supplier partnerships. e6 ent Curr age ag nagem t a ent Po 1 S M sit ier Without agreeing, documenting and Services Offered Check io defining the business IT need poor pl ongoing Document n the p service Su buying will result. Situation report delivered position Dashboard Identify A detailed view of how the business Management gaps Without market knowledge and selecting benefits from the current IT spend Iden fits realisation the right partner the best solution or KPI Identify tify Opportunities service will not be chosen Solution procurement reporting potential Stage 2 Stage 5 Without having professional project Buy solutions that work for your business and achieve best value IT solutions management on the client side chosen Co-ordinate S Strategy Develop solutions may be implemented poorly. Service procurement benefit business Bene delivery cases Partner with IT service vendors that Without close ongoing management of supply the required service levels at Manage Specify supply partners high levels of service and the best price supplier the need good value for money will not continue. interface Co-ordinate Manage Solution delivery client selection Client side project delivery and benefits Im Sta resource process on e 3 ut i em g e 4 pl a g e s ol realisation professionally managed en St th tat re Supplier management io n u Proc Ongoing professional management of external supply partners8 Expense Reduction Analysts Procurement & Delivery Services Procurement & Delivery Services Expense Reduction Analysts 9
  6. 6. Funding IT Solutions Accelerate savings and Services projects and efficiencies ITSS enables organisations to immediately identify and Existing Expense Reduction Analysts clients can move push forward IT enabled business improvements whilst forward now to improve their business. keeping within existing revenue budgets. Expense Reduction Analysts clients already In the example below the Expense Reduction enjoying operational savings from Profit Analysts client reinvested savings to identify Through innovative commercial • Existing clients can draw on future savings Improvement Programmes have the and then implement IT solutions that resulted agreements it enables them to share the streams from their supply side Expense opportunity through IT Solutions in accelerated savings over the medium and investment risk of IT initiatives and be Reduction Analysts Profit Improvement and Services to immediately leverage long term. confident that consultancy effort is 100% Programme to immediately fund ITSS services those savings to drive further operational focused on maximising bottom line returns. In the example below the client takes advantage savings, increased revenues or service • Initial exploratory engagements can often be of our shared savings opportunity and with improvements. provided at reduced rates no up front investment a cost reduction programme on supplied goods and services • Partial benefit share or 100% pay by results generates savings. These savings are then arrangements are often possible partly used by ITSS to help the client identify and procure IT solutions and services to drive further operational efficiencies and savings. Keep within revenue budget Accelerate savings through IT solutions and services investment 800,000 300,000 600,000 250,000 200,000 400,000 150,000 200,000 100,000 0 50,000 0 -200,000 Q1 Q3 Q5 Q7 Q9 Q11 Q13 Q15 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 Q10 Q11 Q12 Q13 Q14 Q15 Q16 Actual expenses with Actual expenses with ITSS Cumulative supply savings with Cumulative supply Cumulative total Expense Budget expenses Expense Reduction Analysts savings with ITSS Reduction Analysts savings Expense Reduction Analysts10 Expense Reduction Analysts Funding IT Solutions and Services projects Accelerate savings and efficiencies Expense Reduction Analysts 11
  7. 7. find extra profitFor more informationUK: 0845 519 9021Ireland: 048 90 292759Email: Expense Reduction Analysts