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IT Solutions and Services Brochure

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IT Solutions & Services

  1. 1. IT Solutions & Services
  2. 2. Quick Reference About IT Solutions & Services 3 IT Director Service 13 Managing Consultants 4 Procurement & Delivery Services 14 IT Health Check 5 IT Situation Report 16 Strategic Services 6 IT Solution Procurement 17 IT Governance & Strategy Review 8 IT Service Procurement 18 IT Strategy Development 9 IT Solution Delivery 20 IT Policy Development & Audit 10 Supplier Management 21 IT Service Support Review 11 Funding IT Solutions and Services projects 22 IT Service Availability and Continuity Review 12 Accelerate savings and efficiencies 232 Expense Reduction Analysts Quick Reference
  3. 3. About Expense Reduction Analysts IT Solutions & ServicesExpense Reduction Analysts IT Solutions and Services(ITSS) provides strategic IT services to ExpenseReduction Analysts’ clients and delivers effectivestrategies and policies for the use of InformationTechnology within their businesses.ITSS helps its clients evaluate the organisation (e.g. OJEU). ITSS uses its skills,effectiveness, associated risks and value market knowledge and leverage to negotiatefor money of current IT solutions and the best possible contract on the client’sservices and identifies opportunities for behalf.improvement. We help clients eliminatewaste, manage IT related business risk, Once a new IT solution or service is procuredoperate to best practice and build and ITSS can provide the expertise for client sideevaluate business cases for change. project management of delivery, working with the supplier and client staff to ensure projectsOnce a decision is made to procure a new are properly planned, managed and controlledIT solution or service ITSS can manage that through to implementation. Finally ITSS canprocurement for the client, working with their help monitor and manage the delivery of theteam to ensure requirements are agreed and expected business benefits of the solution orspecified. Expense Reduction Analysts then service.uses its extensive knowledge of the ITSolutions and Services market to identify ITSS is managed by Michael Hully and Chriscapable suppliers and include them in the Brown. Michael has previously directedprocurement process. IT for an Irish PLC and been a Managing Director within an international IT SolutionsWe run the procurement process in line with and Services group, whilst Chris has directedbest practice and in line with any existing IT for both a leading e-gaming company andprocurement guidelines within the client a national public transport company. About IT Solutions & Services Expense Reduction Analysts 3
  4. 4. Managing Consultants Michael Hully Chris Brown Michael Hully Chris Brown A highly qualified business professional An entrepreneurial business professional with with 25 years analysing, developing, 30 years experience of delivering cutting edge procuring and delivering IT business IT solutions in the travel and gaming industries. solutions. Director level experience in both With director level experience of analysing a leading IT Solutions and Services vendor problems and delivering solutions in both online and a manufacturing Plc. and offline environments in the UK and Europe. Qualifications and Areas of Experience Qualifications and Areas of Experience • BSc in Computer Science and MBA qualified • BA in Business and Transport • 25 years in the field of selling, building and • 30 years of building and delivering IT solutions delivering IT solutions and related business and managing the related business change change processes • 10 years directing IT and Telesales for a major • 5 years directing Processes & IT for an Irish PLC division of a UK PLC • 10 years at Board level in an international IT • 6 years at Board level in an international Solutions and services group online and offline gaming group • 10 years in Project Management, Quality • 3 years delivering profound business change Management, Systems Analysis and for a legacy gambling business; moving the Software Development for one of the largest product portfolio online and fundamentally IT Solutions and Services companies in the UK. redefining the future IT strategy Expertise Experience in a wide range of sectors including Manufacturing, Retailing, Wholesale & Distribution, Transport, Betting and Gaming, Financial Services, Local Government and Professional services in both online and offline environments. Services offered • IT service availability and continuity • IT Strategy development planning review • IT policy and governance consultancy • Online marketing and strategy audit • IT solution procurement & negotiation • IT service support review • IT services outsourcing consultancy • IT departmental structure and process audit • Project Management & Troubleshooting4 Expense Reduction Analysts Managing Consultants
  5. 5. IT Health CheckEffective use of Information Technology is a criticalsuccess factor for almost every business. A businessthat is not leveraging IT in a way that best supports itscurrent operation and future strategy will fail to excelor may even fail to survive.An initial health check from Expense ProcessReduction Analysts will give you an easy Interviews with a selection of key directors andto understand assessment on how well managers in the business and inspection ofyour organisation is currently directing current working documents and procedures.IT investment, delivering IT solutions,infrastructure and services to the business. Deliverable An overview report comparing current practiceBenefits with best practice and recommendations asKnow at a summary level how your appropriate for organisational development.organisation’s approach to IT comparesagainst best practice in the following areas:• Strategic management• Policies• Structure and skills• IT operational and financial management• Service delivery processes• Service support processes IT Health Check Expense Reduction Analysts 5
  6. 6. Strategic Services ITSS helps client organisations align their IT decision making to business strategy and business priorities. It helps them manage IT related business risk and achieve best value from their available IT budget. Without effective IT governance that A lack of strategic planning may place the fully involves key business leaders, the business at risk of failure in the event of a benefits offered through the use of IT major IT problem. will not be realised. Without a clear understanding of the Ineffective or non existent policies increase return generated by current IT investment risk to the business from the mismanagement any strategic planning decisions may or misuse of IT. be suboptimal.6 Expense Reduction Analysts Strategic Services
  7. 7. Services Offered IT Governance & PolicyGovernance and Strategy Review IT StrategyImplement effective forums, steeringprocesses and policies for managing ITstrategically IT Service SupportStrategy Development IT Solutions & ToolsAlign IT to business strategy, declareagreed priorities and direction for IT IT InfrastructuresPolicy Development & AuditDevelop policies on IT usage andmanagement and audit complianceService Support ReviewEnsure best value from the mix of internaland external support servicesService Availability & continuity reviewKnow the real risk to your business as aresult of IT failureIT Director serviceHave Director level IT steering on anongoing basis as needed Strategic Services Expense Reduction Analysts 7
  8. 8. IT Governance & Strategy Review An organisation that does not have a clear direction for IT that firmly aligns investment priorities to business strategy will fail to maximise the opportunity that IT offers and waste valuable resources. Without a clear process for gaining Benefits agreement and commitment within the • Identify how the current process of IT organisation it is likely that technology strategic management and governance is centred business change initiatives will viewed by the different stakeholder groups fail to deliver. in the organisation • Know how well current IT strategy is aligned An IT Strategy review considers existing to business strategy processes and structures within the Expense • Know if director stewardship responsibilities Reduction Analysts client company for are being fulfilled for IS&T compiling, agreeing and steering all aspects of • Identify potential gaps in areas as such as Information Systems and Technology (IS&T) business continuity, information security Strategy. It also reviews current policies and and data protection. governance against good practice and the stewardship responsibilities of directors. Process Through interviews with senior management and staff and a review of existing business strategy, IT strategy and IT policy documentation against best practice, the IT strategy review compiles a picture of the current situation identifying gaps and making recommendations for improvement. Deliverable A detailed IT strategy review report covering IT strategy, IT steering, IT policies and governance, IT management control and reporting.8 Expense Reduction Analysts IT Governance & Strategy Review
  9. 9. IT Strategy DevelopmentWithout a detailed, published IT strategy an organisationwill often fail to consistently focus efforts and resourceon the right IT initiatives and will end up with a mixof systems and technologies that fail to fully supportthe business.An IT strategy review works with senior Processmanagement, Information Systems and Through interviews with senior managementTechnology (IS&T) staff and other relevant and staff and a review of existing businessstakeholders to develop, agree and strategy, IT strategy and IT policypublish an IT strategy that aligns with the documentation against best practice, the ITcurrent needs and future direction of strategy review compiles a picture of thethe organisation. current situation, identifies gaps and makes recommendations for improvement.Benefits• Align IT strategy and focus to business Deliverable strategy An IT strategy document that comprises• Set the direction and framework for future the following key elements: IS&T decision making • Business strategy extracts• Agreement on the direction and priorities • Systems delivery and technical strategies of IS&T • IS&T key principles • Infrastructure & solutions architecture overviews • IS&T steering processes • Current and planned projects • Vision and priorities for each function and stake holder group • IT management processes IT Strategy Development Expense Reduction Analysts 9
  10. 10. IT Policy Development & Audit Without a set of best practice based IT policies that clearly set out the principles and way in which people in the organisation are to procure, manage and use IT what happens in practice will be at best inconsistent and at worst severely damaging to the business. An IT policy development project works Process with senior management, Information Through interviews with senior management Systems and Technology (IS&T) staff and and staff a set of IT policies are compiled, other relevant stakeholders to develop, agreed and published for the organisation. agree and publish a set of IT policies for Policies are developed with reference to the the organisation. Expense Reduction BS7799/ISO17799 standard for IT Security Analysts then provides an audit service policies. Audit records are defined and, if to periodically check and report on required, Expense Reduction Analysts compliance. provides a periodic audit service that checks and reports on compliance. Benefits • Direction provided to all staff on what is Deliverable acceptable use of IT An IT policy document that details the • Clarity on responsibilities and accountabilities organisation’s stance on all the main areas for IT management and IT usage of IT usage and management (e.g. securing • Compliance with best practice on IT Security hardware, controlling access to information, Management and Data protection internet usage). Defined audit records and • Protect the organisation in the event of HR processes. disputes about misuse of IT • A guidance framework from which detailed Periodic audit reports documenting policy IT procedures can be developed compliance and recommending any policy changes or corrective actions.10 Expense Reduction Analysts IT Policy Development & Audit
  11. 11. IT Service Support ReviewIT delivery and support is often a mysterious black boxto many directors. Without an insight into whether thestructure and mix of internal IT staff and external ITpartners is optimal and whether IT services are beingmanaged in line with best practice, it is impossible to assessif improvements could be made or better value obtained.An IT Service support review evaluates performance measures against thecurrent IT service delivery and support organisational needs of the company andactivities within Expense Reduction Analysts industry best practice in IT service deliveryclient companies against current industry and practice. DeliverableBenefits A detailed IT service support review report that• Independent assessment on the size and benchmarks performance against best practice structure of an internal IT department and recommends a development roadmap and• Evaluation of current internal IT function key performance indicators for IT service delivery processes & tools against industry best practice and support for the organisation.• Independent assessment of key performance indicators in place and related performance• Evaluation of current management processes for external supply partners• Identification of potential areas for better value through internal or external changeProcessAn IT service support review engages withthe company’s IT team, business users andexternal IT service partners to assess thestructures, resource levels, processes and IT Service Support Review Expense Reduction Analysts 11
  12. 12. IT Service Availability and Continuity Review Without a clear understanding of the business risks inherent within the current IT architecture and the adequacy of plans to address those risks or recover should the risk becomes reality directors are potentially failing in their obligation to provide sound stewardship of the business. An IT service availability and continuity Process planning review helps Expense An IT business availability and continuity Reduction Analysts clients uncover how planning review engages business resilient their business is to potential stakeholders, IT team members, existing failures in IT services and if the capability and potential IT service partners to: to recover is in line with business need. • Identify risks to IT services and their business impact Benefits • Assess the likelihood of occurrence and • Clearly identify where the risks are to the risk priorities business operations from service failure • Identify and cost proactive measures to • Identify opportunities for risk mitigation, reduce the likelihood of IT failure risk avoidance or risk transference • Assess plans for maintaining business • Know if current IS&T plans for continued operation in the event of IT failure business continuity are adequate • Reduce business insurance through Deliverable demonstrable risk management A detailed service availability and continuity report detailing current risks and identifying opportunities for counteracting these risks as well as an evaluation of the adequacy of current IT resilience and business continuity plans.12 Expense Reduction Analysts IT Service Availability and Continuity Review
  13. 13. IT Director ServiceOnce the IT strategy for a business is defined andprogrammes of work are in place to deliver the strategythat is not the end game. Business changes, businessstrategy changes and IT strategy must reflect thesechanges. Also, the pace of change in InformationTechnology is rapid. It is essential that IT is representedat the top table in the organisation to make sure thatthe IT strategy remains current and effective.Expense Reduction Analysts can offer BenefitsIT Director level expertise to help guide • Director level expertise on an as required basisa client’s business. This can be provided • Expertise used to bridging the gap between ITon a basis that suits the client. For and the businessexample, attendance at scheduled board • Keep business strategy aligned with ITmeetings or senior management strategy on an ongoing basismeetings, a programmed annual orbi-annual review of status or a number Processof days per annum to call off as required. An Expense Reduction Analysts IT Consultant; • Agrees the support or review process and period that meets your need • Provides support or completes review assignments as agreed Deliverable IT director level expertise made available to provide strategic level input on an agreed basis. IT Director Service Expense Reduction Analysts 13
  14. 14. Procurement & Delivery Services ITSS helps organisations procure IT solutions that meet business needs at the best possible price. It helps them effectively manage implementation, realise business benefits and manage ongoing supplier partnerships. Without agreeing, documenting and Services Offered defining the business IT need poor buying will result. Situation report A detailed view of how the business Without market knowledge and selecting benefits from the current IT spend the right partner the best solution or service will not be chosen Solution procurement Buy solutions that work for your Without having professional project business and achieve best value management on the client side chosen solutions may be implemented poorly. Service procurement Partner with IT service vendors that Without close ongoing management of supply the required service levels at supply partners high levels of service and the best price good value for money will not continue. Solution delivery Client side project delivery and benefits realisation professionally managed Supplier management Ongoing professional management of external supply partners14 Expense Reduction Analysts Procurement & Delivery Services
  15. 15. Procurement & Delivery... St e6 ent Curr age ag nagem t a ent Po 1 S M sit ier Check io pl ongoing Document n the p service Su delivered position Dashboard Identify Management gaps Iden fits realisation KPI Identify reporting potential tify Opportunities Stage 2 Stage 5 IT solutions Co-ordinate Strategy S Develop benefit business Bene delivery cases Manage Specify supplier the need interface Co-ordinate Manage client selection Im Sta resource process on e 3 ut i em g e 4 pl en a g e s ol St th tat re io n u Proc Procurement & Delivery Services Expense Reduction Analysts 15
  16. 16. IT Situation Report Without a clear and detailed picture of current IT spend, the level of IT service being delivered and the IT related risks that currently exist, directors will fail to optimise IT expenditure and take action to ensure that best in class IT services are delivered. An IT situation report reviews the current • Identifies potential cost reduction utilisation of IT within an organisation. It opportunities through downgrading capacity, identifies what services are being provided availability or through supplier negotiation and to which users, their criticality to the or market testing business, their enabling components and related costs. It identifies where service Process levels are potentially under specified leading The Expense Reduction Analysts consultant to unacceptable business risk or over engages with IT, finance, key business users specified giving opportunities for cost saving. and external suppliers and analyses current service level agreements, supplier contracts Benefits and historical expenditure to build a picture • Clarifies how IT expenditure is invested to of the current business need and usage of IT. deliver and support IT software applications, and tools to business user groups Deliverable • Clarifies which expenditure is strategic, An IT situation report detailing current IT essential or discretionary services, enabling components and services • Confirms the current IT components in use and their costs. The report maps current and which IT services they enable IT service levels to current business • An evaluation of end user experience of requirements, identifies potential mismatches internal and external IT support service levels and makes recommendations on cost • Identifies potential need to increase reduction opportunities and/or further investment in capacity, availability, continuity investment. (recovery from failure) or support services to reduce business risk16 Expense Reduction Analysts IT Situation Report
  17. 17. IT Solution ProcurementProcuring a new IT solution must be done right firsttime. It may be hard to gain agreement on what isneeded, navigate through the myriad of availableoptions to find potential solutions and then gain thebest value possible.ITSS helps client companies establish Processand manage effective project teams Where appropriate using PRINCE 2 (PRojectsto specify new IT solution requirements, in a Controlled Environment) standards ourengage with potential suppliers, certified practitioner consultant:objectively evaluate their product and • Discusses and agrees the scope and natureservice offerings and negotiate sound of the solution or servicesupply and service contracts. • Produces and agrees project initiation documentation with the clientBenefits • Work with key stakeholders to document• Select the IT solution that best meets the and agree a request for proposal your needs from an initially broad and often • Identifies potential solution providers confusing array of options • Manage the procurement process• Secure commitment and support from the • Compile and agrees the procurement key personnel in your organisation through scorecard involving them in a structured procurement • Co-ordinates marking of bids and produces project a recommendation report• Achieve transparency through clear score • Complete final negotiations and contracts carding and evaluation of options. with successful suppliers• Comply with best procurement practice such as that demanded by public procurement Deliverable through the Official Journal of the European A contracted new IT solution that meets the Union (OJEU) agreed needs of the business.• Achieve the best possible value: deliver the essential service level while minimising cost as a result of professional IS&T negotiation IT Solution Procurement Expense Reduction Analysts 17
  18. 18. IT Service Procurement Procuring services from external IT vendors is a business critical activity. Whether it be systems analysis, development, testing, support or hosting services it is essential not only that the best price is obtained but also that the suppliers have the necessary skills, resources, processes and customer service culture needed to supply the quality of service required.18 Expense Reduction Analysts IT Service Procurement
  19. 19. ITSS helps client companies find the right ProcessIT service partners at the best possible An Expense Reduction Analysts consultant:price and puts in place the necessary key • Agrees and documents the service needperformance indicators and reporting • Identifies a long list of potential solutionmechanisms ensuring that service contracts providersmeet agreed standards. • Manages the procurement process • Co-ordinates marking of bids and producesBenefits a recommendation report• Specify the right level of IT service for your • Completes final negotiations and contracts business with successful suppliers• Engage with the suppliers that can deliver the • Puts in place the necessary key performance right service at the best value indicators and contract management• Negotiate the best possible terms processes• Put in place the right ongoing contract • Manages contract compliance throughout management processes the engagement period Deliverable A contracted new IT Service that meets the agreed needs of the business. IT Service Procurement Expense Reduction Analysts 19
  20. 20. IT Solution Delivery When an IT solution is contracted it is essential that both project and benefits delivery is professionally managed. While it is expected that a supplier will provide good project management, an essential component of success is client side project management that monitors supplier delivery, manages contractual variations, marshals client side resources and keeps project sponsors informed. ITSS provides project management • Professional management of benefits expertise to help client companies realisation post implement professionally manage their resources during the delivery of an IT solution. Process Post implementation Expense Reduction An Expense Reduction Analysts Consultant; Analysts helps drive out the expected • Sets and agrees the project management benefits of an IT Solution by liaising with processes and governance stakeholders, defining and monitoring • Works with the Supplier Project Manager performance indicators and escalating as and client stake holders to formulate and necessary to the project sponsor. deliver on implementation plans that work for the business Benefits • Produces regular progress reports and • Professional planning and management of escalates issues client side project resource • Identifies and manages resolution of change • Monitoring of overall supplier performance and risk management issues against contract • Identifies KPIs for benefits realisation and • Client interests fully represented on issues of works with stake holders to ensure expected change management and contract variation benefits are delivered • Visibility to senior client management of ongoing progress and timely escalation of Deliverable risk and issues A well managed IT solution delivery project and a visible benefits realisation programme.20 Expense Reduction Analysts IT Solution Delivery
  21. 21. Supplier ManagementWhen an IT service contract is in place there will be a needto ensure that the service being delivered is effective,as contracted and continues to meet the business need.ITSS provides the necessary expertise Processto liaise with both client side service An Expense Reduction Analysts consultant;users and the supplier to ensure that the • Agrees appropriate processes andservice operation meets the business need. deliverables for each IT supplier • Periodically reviews KPIs with both keyBenefits client stake holders and the supplier• Proper definition and management of key • Chairs supplier review meetings and agrees performance indicators actions• Service issues and risks professionally managed • Produces regular supplier performance• Ongoing visibility of service performance reports for senior management to senior client management • Acts as an escalation point for supplier• Continued validation that the service meets contractual issues current business need Deliverable A well managed IT supplier base with strong effective partnerships. Supplier Management Expense Reduction Analysts 21
  22. 22. Funding IT Solutions and Services projects ITSS enables organisations to immediately identify and push forward IT enabled business improvements whilst keeping within existing revenue budgets. Through innovative commercial • Existing clients can draw on future savings agreements it enables them to share the streams from their supply side Expense investment risk of IT initiatives and be Reduction Analysts Profit Improvement confident that consultancy effort is 100% Programme to immediately fund ITSS services focused on maximising bottom line returns. In the example below the client takes advantage • Initial exploratory engagements can often be of our shared savings opportunity and with provided at reduced rates no up front investment a cost reduction programme on supplied goods and services • Partial benefit share or 100% pay by results generates savings. These savings are then partly arrangements are often possible used by ITSS to help the client identify and procure IT solutions and services to drive further operational efficiencies and savings. Keep within revenue budget 300,000 250,000 200,000 150,000 100,000 50,000 0 Q1 Q3 Q5 Q7 Q9 Q11 Q13 Q15 Budget expenses Actual expenses with Actual expenses with ITSS Expense Reduction Analysts22 Expense Reduction Analysts Funding IT Solutions and Services projects
  23. 23. Accelerate savings and efficienciesExisting Expense Reduction Analysts clients can moveforward now to improve their business.Expense Reduction Analysts clients already In the example below the Expense Reductionenjoying operational savings from Profit Analysts client reinvested savings to identifyImprovement Programmes have the and then implement IT solutions that resultedopportunity through IT Solutions in accelerated savings over the medium andand Services to immediately leverage long term.those savings to drive further operationalsavings, increased revenues or serviceimprovements.Accelerate savings through IT solutions and services investment800,000600,000400,000200,000 0-200,000 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 Q10 Q11 Q12 Q13 Q14 Q15 Q16 Cumulative supply savings with Cumulative supply Cumulative total Expense Expense Reduction Analysts savings with ITSS Reduction Analysts savings Accelerate savings and efficiencies Expense Reduction Analysts 23
  24. 24. find extra profitFor more informationUK: 0845 519 9021Ireland: 048 90 292759Email: Expense Reduction Analysts