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Know where the fire is


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Monitor your Drupal Infrastructure with Nagios

Published in: Technology, Design
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Know where the fire is

  1. 1. Know where the fire isMike Hathaway
  2. 2. A little about me• I am the lazy administrator• Others should do the work• Monitoring should never interfere with other activities
  3. 3. Why Monitor? Things do go wrong Act on problems sooner Minimize downtime Increase sales Do you want your customer to inform you when things go wrong?
  4. 4. Besides:Do you really trustthe geniuses atyour ServiceProvider?
  5. 5. Three Monitoring MethodsYour Site Tells You (cronscript orplugin)You check your site, Your customerscheck your siteAn external system checks (Nagios)
  6. 6. Your site tells you Watchdog Log EntriesDownsideIf its not there how does it tell you?Logging affects page rendering speed
  7. 7. Your Customers check How do you look to your customers when they find the problems How often is anything really checked? If your site has 10,000 pages and 1 has an issue, thats the one they land on. Drupad (Helpful Option)
  8. 8. DruPadiPhone App $4.99Drupal Plugin 6 & 7 Run Cron Backup database View recent log entries Moderate Run Status Report
  9. 9. An externalsystem checksNagiosAcquia and other paid sites
  10. 10. What is NagiosNagios Ain’t Gonna Insist On Sainthood(netsaint)GPL Licensed Network MonitoringPlatformChecks and AlertsBasically a bunch of perl scripts
  11. 11. What can it do, What do I need Anything (plug in architecture) Run Options Old Box Virtual Machine (Me) Cloud Machine (AWS)
  12. 12. How it worksNagios runs a scriptEvaluates the resultsSets a state and notifies if needed OK Warning Critical
  13. 13. Out of the box (non drupal specific) Server Website MySQL (add third party nagios plugin)
  14. 14. Drupal Specific Run the plugin on your site Drupal 5.x (really?) Drupal 6.x
  15. 15. What is monitored? Core releases Security releases Cron Permissions Database SchemeThink Status Report
  16. 16. My NOCOpen Tech Support TicketsClockNagios Problems Queue No those are not the actual servers
  17. 17. Nagios SetupUbuntu Nagios Quickstart’t use apt-get nagios
  18. 18. Nagios uses config files, first define a server
  19. 19. Then Define a Service
  20. 20. Service runs a command
  21. 21. Based on returned status Nagios canEmail you (out of the box)SMS (add on)Twitter (add on)Notify someone else (Optimal)
  22. 22. Nagios will let you Watch your worldmelt down
  23. 23. Check_MYSQL_HEALTH
  24. 24. Check Drupal
  25. 25. Nagios can monitoryour world.It monitors Mine
  26. 26. Know where the fire isMike Hathawaymike@mikehathaway.comGet the links and notes