Leadership: Upline-Downline Relationship


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Phoenix Infinity Online Training by Mike Lopez
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Leadership: Upline-Downline Relationship

  1. 1. Leadership: Upline-Downline Relationship by Mike Lopez Phoenix Infinity
  2. 2. Network marketing requires a VERY STRONG team relationship
  3. 3. re·la·tion·ship “the state of being connected”
  4. 4. Network Marketing! = Being Connected
  5. 5. Question: How connected are we! with our team?
  6. 6. Network Marketing is like a tree Roots - Management Trunk - Company Branches - Leaders Twigs - Distributors Leaves - Result
  7. 7. Tree Network Marketing Status Deep Roots Strong Foundation ✔ Strong Trunk Stable Company ✔ Healthy Branches Respectable Leaders ? Fresh Twigs Diligent Distributors Green Leaves Amazing Results (Uplines) (Downlines) ? ?
  8. 8. Respectable Leaders (Uplines)
  9. 9. Respectable Leaders (Uplines) Knows that he or she is not the boss Loyal to the company Loyal to his or her downlines Respects the authorities Respects all team members Source of encouragement Has no favoritism Treats the team like family Understands and forgives Focuses on relationship first, income second
  10. 10. Diligent Distributors (Downlines)
  11. 11. Diligent Distributors (Downlines) Knows that he or she is not the only downline Does not demand for support Listens and Learns Believes strongly in the company Understands that his success is his own business Respects his or her uplines Respects his or her crosslines Focuses on the goal of helping others A good team player Focuses on relationship first, income second
  12. 12. Handling Issues
  13. 13. Handling Issues COMMUNICATE
 “be in touch”
 “we all make mistakes”
 “we all need forgiveness”
  14. 14. “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” –Carl Jung