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Western newspaper (hannah)


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Published in: Education
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Western newspaper (hannah)

  1. 1. The Old Times UnionThursday, February 28, 1860 Hannah Gross, LA 7Farmer Boy ¸By Laura Ingalls Wilder Today’s Weather: Cloudy with an estimated snowfall of 6-8 inches High: -1ºThis book is based on the childhood of husband,Almanzo Wilder, who grew up in the 1860s near thetown of Malone in upstate New York. The book isjust one year in Almanzo’s life. It starts just beforehis ninth birthday, and describes the endless choresthat are happening in the Wilder family farm.  Almanzo  wakes  up  before  5  a.m.  everyday  to  milk  a  lot  of  cows  and  feed  stock.  In  the  growing  season,  he  plants  and  yends  crops,  and  in  winter,  he  hauls  logs,  helps  fill  the  ice  house,  trains  a  team  of  young  oxen,  and  sometimes,  he  goes  to  school.    Farmer  Boy  is  all  about  his  growing-­‐up  years.  Including;  getting  used  to  school,  getting  along  with  his  siblings  (as  well  as  getting  in  trouble   The Boys Are Back!with  them  a  few  times)  and  finally  getting  his   By Hannah Grossvery  own  horse.       They are big. They are scary. And they are back. These are the five boys from Hardscrabble Settlement. No one knows his or her names. Everyone is too afraid to ask. These sixteen and seventeen year old boys come to school only in the winter term. They come to thrash the teacher and break up the school. What will happen this year to the new slim, young teacher, Mr. Corse?Photo of Upstate New York during this time
  2. 2. Hannah’ Helpful HintsTown Hall By Hannah Gross I think the book, “Farmer Boy”, by Laura Ingalls Wilder wasn’tHard Working Almanzo a great book, but wasn’t aGets What He Wants! horrible book. It has some parts that really kept me wanting toBy Hannah Gross read more. Then, it had parts that made me want to stop.Hard working Almanzo Wilder finally gets a rewardfrom his parents. Almanzo works at his chores from I would recommend this book todawn to dinner mostly everyday, no matter what the 5th grade and up. It is an easyweather is. reader, but some words may be to advanced forAll he has every wanted was to be a father and have under 5th grade. Honeslty, if you are someone whohis own colt. On March 5th, his very strict father doesn’t really like to read, but will only read booksfinally gave him what he wanted: his own colt. The that are amazingly good, I would not recommend tocolt was the father’s, but now it is Almanzo’s. This read this. But if you love to read anything, this bookshows that hard work does pay off. is a good choice!Advice Column Unscramble the Words!Hannah’s Helping Now! Directions: Unscramble the followingDear Hannah, wordsMy name is Almanzo. I go to school in UpstateNew York. During winter, these teenage, scary 1. AMREFR; __ __ __ __ __ __boys, come to school and tear our school up. Theymake kids be mean to each other. I’m only nine andI don’t know what to do when I’m the next one they 2. OYB; __ __ __try to get. Can you pleas give me some advice?From, Almanzo 3. EWN ROKY; __ __ __ __ __ __ __In Reply; Dear Almanzo,Have you tried asking your parents or teachers?Grown ups around you can certainly help with these 4. LMNAZAO; __ __ __ __ __ __ __bullies. Well, I assume they are bullies. If they try tocome near you, try and protect yourself. Just walkaway and stand near other groups of kids, or near 5. RM. ROCSE; __ __. __ __ __ __ __an Adult. If they try to talk to you, just say that youdon’t want to fight and that you are just a little boy.You can either say that, or something along thoselines. I hope this helped! From, HannahAnswers: 1. Farmer 2. Boy 3. New York 4. Almanzo5. Mr. Corse