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Western news paper

  1. 1. The Western Sun The Oldest News Paper in the WestEst. 1820 Thursday June 13, 1847 Price 50¢ The Story of a Boy By Gary PaulsonFrancis Tucket has been separated fromhis parents and has been surviving with aman named Jason Grimes. After beingseparated francis must fight his waythrough all of the troubles of the wildwest. The struggle for water, food,supplies, and survive the dangerouswolves. He was last seen at a trading postwith a wagon train. after the train leftTucket left and never came back. I t isbelieved that he was caught in a wildrampage of buffalo after he had shot andkilled one for food. He was lost after thestampede and was never found. There isstill a search going on for the boy, but hemay already be dead. A picture of the trading post where Francis Tuckett was last seen 1
  2. 2. Mr. Francis Tucket Someone even said that he stole all of our stuff and almost killed By Max M. his friend. We do not know which story to believe but there is one story that is intriguing. Id that some people have claimed that they have seen him riding an indian horse with a mule and two children riding the mule. If this is true he will be considered a hero for saving these two children from sickness and wild animals. If you find him either confront him and bring him to safety or report him to the local He is seen here riding his horse authorities. If you find the two childrenFrancis Tucket isn’t the Pounds. He has long do the same. We are He has been lost for a Middle of the desertlargest young man but blond hair and a thin doing all we can to week now and we with only trousers andhe is very brave facing face. If you see this find and rescue Tucket would like to find him. others have claimedmany struggles in the boy please report and the children Francis has been seen to have seen him withwilderness. He is small where and when a few times people 2 rifles a horse a mulefor fifteen about about because we are have claimed to have and lots of supplies.5’ 5” weight is about 130 frantically searching 2 seen him walking in for him. the
  3. 3. The Wild west is The Wild West By Francis Tucketa verydangerousplace. Withhuge desertsprairies andplanes it can bevery hard to findfood and water.Shelter is aproblembecause thereisn’t a lot ofwood to makehouses. Thereare wolvescoyotes andbuffalo to be For all of you towards the of gold near The worst of all the west isn’t always the who think the sea. The sea the rivers. So are the bandits. anythingworried about. If best decision. west is a great is like a shiny to sum up this Hundreds of canyou get lost this In the west you new society piece of gold in article the west hot head riding happenwest is so big are far away and want to a lot full of can be an on their stolenyou may never from modern move out here scrap metal. amazing horsesknow where you medicine and I suggest you Near the sea beautiful place searching forwent. Many disease is don’t, unless there have or a terrible pray. Bepeople are now rampant. you move been lots of place it carefulmoving to thewest to start a resent finds depends on because in 3new life, but it where you live.
  4. 4. Max M.’s Critique Book of Interest: Call Me Francis Tucket By Gary Paulson By Max M. CenterLast week I read a western novel called: Call Me Francis Tucket By Gary Paulson. This is the second book in theFrancis Tucket Series. I think this book could have been better. It had absolutely nothing to do with the first it was justa continuation of the first book. It was also very short with very little action. Most of the book was about Francis riding,walking, eating, or sleeping There was one instance of action, but I will not spoil it for those who would like to read it. Iwould suggest this book to a young reader 8 and up because of the length and the vocabulary used. If i would rank thisbook on a scale from 1-10 it would be a 2, because it was a short boring book that just dragged on. The book You can Call Me Francis Tucket By Gary Paulsen 4
  5. 5. Max’s Amazing Advice ColumnDear Max, Dear Max,I am in a serious jam. 2 bandits just stole everything I am scared. My daddy got water sickness and we werefrom me and all I have is an old useless mule and kicked out of the wagon train. we traveled for a day whentrousers. They have probably already gone a few miles my father said he was going for a walk. That was last nightfrom here and they have 2 rifles with them. Not to and he never came back. What should I do?mention one of the bandits is a huge brute over 7 feet Sincerely Lottietall. What should I do? Sincerely FrancisDear Francis, Dear LottieI think you should go find help from a nearby farm or I understand your hardships, but your dad wouldn’ttrading post. Once you have acquired help you can post leave you in the wilderness for a day so he probablya wanted sign and a reward or you could just try to find died of water sickness of an animal caught him. Ithem yourself. I would not suggest trying to survive on would try to find your wagon train and ask if you canyour own. That can be extremely dangerous considering join again. If they don’t let you try to find someone thatyou don’t have any thing. will take you in. If you fail to find someone there isn’t Sincerely Max much I can do for you. Sincerely Max 5
  6. 6. The Comic Page Beazer Bear 6
  7. 7. Water Bad?Cholera better known as Cholera has been seen all aroundthe water sickness has the west. When you get cholerabeen ravaging the west. sometimes people will throw you out Lancaster Riles, the bestHundreds of people have of Wagon Trains, villages or even a rifle on the market.died from it already and trading post. This will most likely Lancaster creates highmore to come. This speed the process of death. Cholera quality fire arms for asickness has no cure and is also very painful causing you to cheap price. With newwe don’t really know throw up and get diarrhea non stop. technologies with every riflewhere it comes from but People have written letters to the we guaranty satisfactiondoctors have there news paper giving stories. All ofsuspicions and we think it them are sad. Here is an example.comes from water. Notordinary water, but very Amy North Oregon Territory.dirty water. If you are My husband got Cholera he was intrying to survive and bed for a weak only getting up tocreate a living it can be Puke or to go to the bathroom. Hevery common because had been scaring me and I didn’tyou could get your water know what to do. So I figure the cityfrom a stream with lots of would help but they just threw us outpoop and trash. This like trash my husband died threesickness develops very days ago and They still won’t let mequickly and is very back into the city. I have to survivecontagious. There has my way to the next city and hopealready been reports of they accept meCholera wiping out whole From Amyvillages. 7
  8. 8. Word Scramble1. eripari2. uislvvar3. oehrs4. lemu5. tseenwr6. ngwao7. artli8. tsol9. ehtft10. dseret 8
  9. 9. Word Scramble Answers1. Prairie2. Survival3. Horse4. Mule5. Western6. Wagon7. Trail8. Lost9. Theft10. Desert 9
  10. 10. Word Scramble Answers1. Prairie2. Survival3. Horse4. Mule5. Western6. Wagon7. Trail8. Lost9. Theft10. Desert 9